Interview With Case Authors: How to Monetize a Website?


We have realized people love reading our case studies. Which is not a surprise – success is inspiring, and every story we shared was a monetization-winning ball all of us would like to catch.

So we decided to give you a more thorough insight into some of our cases through an interview we organized with four of Monetag’s publishers. Through their own words, you will get a chance to create a clearer image of what to expect when stepping into the monetization path, and what to pay extra attention to.

You can consider this a free lesson on monetization written by successful publishers – make sure you take notes.

First things first – Authors introduction

Before we take off and start digesting and analyzing everything our publishers said, let’s properly introduce them and say a couple of words about their websites.

Ajdin comes from Bosnia and Herzegovina and owns a popular movie fan website. The ad format he chose for monetizing his traffic through Monetag is SmartLink, and with this monetization strategy, he managed to earn $1000 per month.

All the case details and campaign flow in the link below:

Max is a representative of a very successful China-based publisher that invested in a chat app extension pack. They have around 200.000 daily visitors, and have decided to monetize this outstanding traffic by using SmartLink and Push notifications. This company tripled its profits in a month.

To learn more, go through their case, we have recently published it:

Selmir managed to make money by doing what he’s passionate about – he owns a car review website, and he’s been working with Monetag since March this year. He uses Interstitials as his main monetization format, and even though his earnings are not over the top yet, they continue to grow each month.

Here you can find out more about the case:

Raphael will blow you away with his story, and teach you how to monetize Facebook traffic with SmartLink. More precisely, this case is about Facebook Sports groups, and this publisher from Kenya earned more than $1000 in three months, as soon as he started monetizing traffic with Monetag.

For more info, read the full case study:

Now, let’s move to the actual interview and see what our guests have to say.

Part I – Сhallenges, mistakes, and how to overcome them

Except for the results and actual earnings, what most of our readers want to know is the average timeframe in which they could expect their websites to start generating money.

– How long did it take to get the first profits?

Ajdin: It didn’t take long to make the first profit. Our website already had a lot of users and it was only necessary to place ads. After three weeks, we already had the profit we expected.

Max: Truthfully, it was rather fast. To be more exact, we started generating profits as soon as we incorporated SmartLink and Push.

Selmir: Earning overnight in any business is not possible. The first-ever profit from the site did not come immediately – it took 5 months from the creation of the first post. I registered the domain on September 18, 2022, and I started using the Monetag platform on February 21, 2023. After a month, I had earnings in the amount of $115. I believe that it’s very important to properly take care of a site’s content, and that you have patience. 

Raphael: Achieving profitability through Monetag was a challenging but rewarding journey for me. In three months, through continuous testing and analyzing the performance of various ad formats, I gradually honed in on the ones that resonated best with my audience, leading to improved click-through rates and higher conversions.

Additionally, experimenting with different ad placements allowed me to make sure ads are seamlessly integrated into the content without compromising the website’s overall appeal. Finally, after overcoming these challenges, I witnessed the first signs of profitability, proving that perseverance and adaptability were the keys to my success with Monetag.

– What was your biggest challenge in terms of site monetization? Did you make some changes during the process?

Ajdin: The biggest challenge was deciding on what kind of advertisement to place without disturbing the users, and without interfering with the operation of the site. We tried several options, and in the end, we decided to go with SmartLink. It stayed like that, and we didn’t want to make any further changes.

Max: I have to say that it can be a bit hard to choose proper ad formats on various sites. 

Selmir: I had no challenges or obstacles in monetizing my site because we already have 4 years of experience in running WordPress websites. There were some changes at the beginning, I tried all types of ads on the page, and in the end, I chose the MultiTag zone, which is the easiest and best method of earning money.

Raphael: A website’s profitability is intrinsically tied to the volume and quality of its traffic. Achieving a strong traffic flow requires a multifaceted approach, including SEO, leveraging social media platforms to attract and engage audiences, and cultivating direct traffic through brand awareness and customer loyalty. Higher traffic translates into increased ad impressions and click-through rates, directly impacting the potential for profitability and sustainable revenue generation.

Embracing Monetag for the first time, I placed my hopes on Google search traffic to drive profitability. However, it soon became evident that relying solely on this type of traffic was insufficient to achieve the desired profits. So I decided to tap into the power of social traffic, with a particular focus on Facebook.

The impact was immediate and remarkable. Almost instantly, I witnessed a substantial increase in revenue, and my earnings tripled compared to the previous reliance on search traffic alone. This newfound success reaffirmed the significance of incorporating various traffic sources for optimal monetization through Monetag.

– What mistakes did you make, and how did you overcome them?

Ajdin: Honestly, we haven’t made any mistakes, because we already had some experience, and we knew how everything works. We were only afraid that users would leave the site after we placed ads, but we still decided to go through with it.

Selmir: The only mistake I made was not learning about the Monetag platform sooner.

Raphael: When I first started using Monetag, I made a critical mistake by cluttering my site with too many ads in pursuit of quick revenue. The excessive ads overwhelmed my visitors, leading to poor user experience and low engagement on the site. I knew I had to find a more balanced and effective strategy to monetize my website successfully. 

Part II – Expectations and Results

We wanted to know what our publishers thought they would achieve with Monetag, and whether that perception managed to align with what actually happened.

– What expectations did you have initially regarding monetization, and did you meet them? 

Ajdin: As far as expectations are concerned, we did not imagine any excessive profits. So we are more than satisfied with what was achieved. We certainly did not expect such a good start.

Selmir: The expectations I had at the beginning were lower than what I accomplished in five months with the help of the Monetag platform.

Raphael: When I first ventured into Monetag monetization, I held high hopes of generating substantial income to supplement my finances. However, the initial few months proved to be a challenging learning curve. As a newcomer, I struggled to grasp the most effective monetization strategies and optimize the platform’s features. With each passing day, I gained valuable experience and insights, learning from both successes and setbacks. Gradually, my efforts began to pay off. My revenue started to show promising signs of improvement.

As my experience with Monetag expanded, so did my revenue. The knowledge I gained during the initial challenging phase allowed me to fine-tune my monetization approach.

As a result, my revenue began to skyrocket, and I found myself generating consistent and satisfying income every month. The success I achieved through Monetag not only provided the financial boost I sought but also instilled a sense of pride and accomplishment in mastering the art of effective website monetization.

Part III – Plans for the future

And finally, let’s find out what the future holds for our publishers. 

– What are you planning to do next? Maybe launching new websites, or do you want to focus on investing and working on the existing ones?

Ajdin: We don’t have any plans, and we want to leave things as they are for now, because, at the moment, we don’t want to change something that works very well. Regarding the future, you never know, and you should always monitor what your users want. But, of course, we will continue to work on improving our services.

Max: We plan to do more sites like the existing one, and launch other websites within other categories.

Selmir: For now, I don’t need to make a new website, because I’m doing better than I expected with this one. Maybe in the future, some ideas will come, but I don’t want to force it, I want to use all my free time on this existing page.

Raphael: My plan is to continue focusing on my existing website while renting more Facebook groups and pages to post my website content, as a strategic approach to boost traffic and increase revenue through the Monetag platform.

– Will you continue working with Monetag?

Ajdin: Of course, the cooperation with Monetag remains. Our team is very satisfied. We can say with certainty that this monetization platform has no flaws, and that we would recommend to everyone to try Monetag and see for themselves.

Max: Definitely. We have worked smoothly with the Monetag team, so there is no reason for us to pause the current collaboration.

Selmir: I never want to end my cooperation with the Monetag platform, and I highly recommend it to everyone. I like everything about it, from earnings, to the possibility of writing case studies where you can earn extra money, the friendly staff, and the fact that they are very focused on the work they do. I am really satisfied and I recommend Monetag to everyone.

Raphael: Monetag has proven to be the best monetization platform I have ever worked with, enabling me to achieve a level of income that was once seemingly impossible with other companies. Its seamless integration and user-friendly interface have made monetization a breeze. With Monetag by my side, I am empowered to take my online ventures to new heights and secure a sustainable and lucrative income stream that was previously beyond my reach.

Final thoughts

We love the fact our publishers are so pleased with our services and eager to continue our joint work. And we are grateful they were willing to share their experience and their thoughts with all of you who are still thinking about becoming a member of the Monetag family.

Hopefully, this will give you a final push and determination to monetize your own traffic and provide some extra earnings for yourself.

And while we are at extra earnings, let us remind you of our Monetization Promo initiative through which we are buying case studies about traffic monetization. So if you are our partner already, and you have a story to share, please let us know.

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