[Monetization Promo] Get a Generous Reward for Your Success

Monetag - case study promo

Are you a traffic monetization pro? Or are you an aspiring publisher who wants to shout about your achievements?

If either of those descriptions sounds like you, then you’ll love this Monetization Promo!

Monetag buys case studies about traffic monetization: no competition, complete anonymity at the author’s request, and a generous reward!

The only condition?

To qualify, you must have a profit per day of no less than $30 and no less than $300 of total income.

Worried you won’t qualify?

Fear not!

We will review all case studies containing interesting insights, but please mind that total earnings of more or equal to $300 is an OBLIGATORY condition.

Why You Should Start Writing a Case Study for Monetag

There are a few reasons why you should write a case study for us.

Pick your favorite below 😉:

1. Really Attractive Prices

We evaluate every case study individually. The more successful and engaging it is, the more we will pay for it.

The minimum payout per case study is $250, but it’s possible to earn more – especially if it’s extra interesting!

There’s no maximum price, so there’s no limit to the amount of money you can get paid for your case study.

2. It’s Easy

We know what you’re thinking. “A case study?! That sounds hard!”

We promise you, it’s super easy. But to ease your worries, let’s tackle some concerns you may have:

  • “There’s something stopping me from writing a case study!”
    We get it, from personal life to a busy workload, a lot of things can get in the way. However, we’re open to talking about whatever is stopping you to help you get your case study off the ground! 🚀
  • “I don’t want everyone to see my website!”
    No problem at all. We’ll keep your case study completely anonymous.
  • “I don’t have time to write perfect copy!”
    We can prepare it ourselves. All we need are the details of your case!

3. No Competition

Sending your case study isn’t a contest, it’s a Monetization Promo! So, you don’t have to worry about competing with others for a payout.

4. You Can Send an Unlimited Number of Case Studies

Do you have a few unputdownable case studies to check out? Send them our way! The more case studies, the more payouts you get!

*Note: Every case study you send must be unique and different. We will not accept more than one case study about the same site during the same period of time. 


How We Price Case Studies

We decide how much to pay for a case study based on profit and content quality.

  • Profit
    The higher the profit is, the more we will pay. Please note you’ll need to confirm your revenue with screenshots of your stats from the publisher dashboard in Monetag.
  • Content Quality
    We will pay more for useful and interesting content. If you want to meet these requirements, your case study must answer the following questions:
    • How to get high CPM/attract high-quality traffic/increase engagement, and decrease bounce rate?
    • What formats suit best for different website categories? What format combinations show the best results?

As long as your profit is no less than $30 per day or a CPM of at least $2, you can get paid for a case study.

After reading this information, you might be asking yourself, “how can I get the best price for my case study?”

It’s simple. 

To make sure you get the best price, your case study must be different from the existing studies we have already published.

While every case study is interesting in its own respect, we want to add value to the publisher community by sharing a variety of cases from publishers in different industries, using different strategies, and driving different results. 

That means, that if your case is too similar to our existing studies, we will not buy it from you. 

For the best possible price, make sure it’s different, high quality, and meets our minimum conditions.

How to Get Paid for Your Case Study

Follow these 3 steps to get paid for your case study:

  1. E-mail the case study or information to create it to contact.us @ monetag.com with the subject line ‘Case Study’. 
  2. The case study is evaluated by the Monetag team. A representative from our team will then contact you to agree on the price.
  3. You will receive the money for your case study in your publisher account.

What Should I Include in My Case Study?

The following 5 points are required to include in your case study:

  1. Link to your website – we need this to verify the information provided in your case. We will not post this publicly.
  2. A story about creating and developing your website or business
  3. Traffic type that you monetized.
  4. Description of the website content (if available) and its audience.
  5. List of monetization formats used.
  6. Screenshots of your Monetag account statistics, website, third-party tools (trackers, analytics, heatmaps), and overall traffic stats to confirm CPM, CTR, REVENUE, and other information you used.
  7. Email connected to your Monetag account (it’s required to transfer payment, and it won’t be publicly accessible).

If you’d like to be known for your case, send us the following optional information:

  • Name and picture of the case study author

Can I Get a Price Quote in Advance of Submitting My Case Study?

If you’d like to know in advance if the Monetag team can accept your case study and whether you agree with the approximate price quote, you can send us a short summary instead of the entire case.

Please include the following in your summary:

  • A link to the website
  • Information about the monetization format you used
  • What your profit was
  • The period you made your profits
  • Any additional information you plan to include in the case study

Once we have the above information, the Monetag team will give you an approximate quote for the price of your case study.


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