How to Monetize a Car Review Site: Organic Traffic + Interstitials = $350


Imagine turning your hobby into a stable profit. A dream for many, it became a reality for one of our Monetag partners — Selmir.  

Minimum investment, tons of enthusiasm, and Monetag smart tools — this was the recipe for our next successful case study.

The first month of monetizing brought our publisher $115. It covered all the expenses on his car review website. Now, his profits keep growing — and are well on the way to becoming the main source of income. 

So how did it happen? Sit back, and we’ll tell you this amazing story.

About the Project

  • Website: car reviews, purchase and maintenance instructions
  • Initial investments: $47
  • Monetization formats: Interstitials
  • Start of work: March 2023
  • Current profit (July 2023): $349.48

Selmir has a passion for cars — and decided to share it with others through a car review website. He began it as a hobby in his spare time from the full-time job — no copywriters and content specialists were involved!

The only investment Selmir made was the domain purchase — it cost $47 for a year of use. 

And what about the rest of the work? Well, here, Selmir had some advantages over others: his previous experience with WordPress websites and some programming skills. Here is what he shared with us:

I made the site myself — through WordPress. I have experience in programming, and I like to experiment with the site — I constantly change something in design. I maintain the site myself, too, and if something happens, I can also solve it with the help of the hosting provider.

Note from Monetag: don’t worry if you don’t know how to do the same. After all, you can simply purchase a website — and we have a guide on how to do it.

After the domain was ready and the website went live, he began driving organic traffic from Google. 

The results were more than inspiring: people willingly visited Selmir’s site from the very first month:

Monetag - car website visit

Later, Selmir came up with new content ideas — they included vehicle maintenance and service advice and car purchase tips for newbies and first-timers.

Website Optimization

Selmir has a pretty unusual approach to SEO efforts. As he put it, ‘There are a lot of sites that deal with SEO, but I didn’t want to waste time on it and focus more on the content.

Instead of doing keyword research, creating backlinks, or paying for SEO audits, Selmir just added a WordPress Yoast SEO plugin.

This plugin created a sitemap that Selmir linked to the Google Search Console. The Console indexes all the pages itself — and the website began growing very soon. As Selmir said,

Everything worked out better than I expected for this short period, so I didn’t bother about backlinks or other optimization.

While Yoast kept optimizing the website automatically, Selmir delved into creating content — and today, he is a proud author of almost 3,000 posts.

Monetization Strategy

Here is a quick strategy overview — as you see, nothing specific, with persistence as the main key:

  • Creating high-quality content regularly
  • Optimizing the content to maintain relevant organic traffic
  • Implementing Monetag ads

Selmir decided to earn from his website through paid ads — and so he needed a reliable monetization platform. His choice fell to Monetag — and we couldn’t but ask him why, of course!

After researching different partner platforms, Monetag was chosen for its reputation, customer support, and ad customization options.

This all makes sense — we do provide our clients with tips and support 24/7 and have plenty of settings for ads. For example, you can set ad frequency, choose a particular placement on the website for some formats, or enable smart rotation via MultiTag.

But let’s get back to Selmir — what formats did he choose?

After trying all Monetag formats, which are Push, In-Page Push, Vignette, Interstitials, and Popunder, our publisher found Interstitials to be the most profitable option. So he left it as the only format for his website — and it never spoilt user experience or engagement.


The first month of monetizing brought in $115. It means the initial investment fully paid off! Later on, Monetag kept bringing profit, and the four months of work generated $349.48 in profit. As Selmir is the only person who creates content and he relies on organic traffic, there was no extra spending required — all he earned was his net profit.

And, don’t forget — Selmir has full-time employment. It makes his results even more impressive when we remember it was all done during his spare time, between the job responsibilities and daily routine.

Here is a screenshot of his statistics, with a monthly breakdown:

A great addition to a basic income — and this is just the beginning!

What Does Our Publisher Think?

I am proof that success is not impossible. All the time and effort were invested in making my dreams come true, and every day I continue even stronger. I don’t give up, and I don’t limit myself. No matter what you do, persistence and passion are key. Let this story motivate others to start their journey, whether it’s the path of making money or achieving some other goal. We are all capable of great achievements if we believe in ourselves and move forward with all our hearts.

And a couple of final words from us: we believe in you, too — and you are welcome to earn with Monetag right away!

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