Movie Fan Site Monetization with SmartLink: $1000 per Month [Case Study]


And we continue sharing stellar case studies from Monetag’s publishers. Our today’s hero is the owner of an online resource for movie fans. He did a really great job using Monetag’s Smartlink, which brought his website to a new level of high-quality and efficient monetization. 

Want to know how much profit cinemaholics can bring? Then read this case study and get inspired.

The background

Our partner can boast of having a pretty large resource with a wide variety of content for movie fans. The website was created 4 years ago, and during that period, its audience grew multiple times. At some point, our partner decided to start monetizing those users: 


Plus, here is a Cloudfare screenshot that proves traffic purity:


And here are the GEOs our partner works with + number of visitors:


Talking about the platform itself, we should say that it has always been focused on user experience more than anything else. Not only quality content proves that, but also the interface and most important – the chosen advertising strategy. 

To generate revenue, the website thoughtfully places Monetag SmartLink, ensuring that ads do not disrupt the navigation and overall users’ journey. For content-based fan websites, where users are really focused on what is happening on the pages they are scrolling through (like reviews, movie interpretations, trailers, themed discussions, and more), non-intrusive ads are a must. 

For such cases, SmartLink works great, since ads don’t show up when users scroll the website. Due to SmartLink, ads can only open when a user clicks on a certain element (say, a button). What is more, an ad will open in a separate window, not a website itself.

Turning point: implementation of Monetag’s SmartLink 

This is when the real game started. And here is what our partner says:

“Since implementing monetization strategies through, our website has experienced consistent monthly profits exceeding $1000 only from this monetization service.”

We can see the tendency from our partner’s statistics:


$1000 per month is a result to be proud of. As our partner said, “50% of these earnings are allocated towards server costs, maintenance, and other essential services necessary to keep the site operational”. 

We believe that this is a really great idea, since reinvesting a significant portion of the profits back into the website’s infrastructure makes the website even better in terms of usability. As such, more users will stay there for long, and therefore – bring profits in near perspective. 

Profit period: a month and beyond

The profit of over $1000 per month has been generated during the period since Monetag’s SmartLink was implemented. 

“Even though the website has been active for 4 years, the specific monetization efforts through have been in place for approximately a month or slightly longer. In this relatively short time frame, the website has demonstrated impressive revenue potential and laid a solid foundation for future growth.” – our partner claims.

Also, our partner described his experience with Monetag as a “successful monetization strategy” that exceeded his expectations, since it boosted “the website’s ability to generate revenue while maintaining a positive user experience”. The desired combination of efficient monetization without compromising user satisfaction (as the main value of the platform) was reached.


Our partner’s strategy was to implement non-intrusive ads and start getting revenue while keeping the balance between profitable advertisement and user experience. With the help of Monetag’s monetization instruments (mostly – Smartlink), this aim was achieved. As our partner says:

“With four years of operation and the recent implementation of, our website has demonstrated its potential for profitability and continues to innovate to ensure sustained success in the highly competitive industry.”

So rely on Monetag and make sure your website brings money while keeping the highest standards of non-invasive advertisement! 

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