Smartlink Success Story: 40% Increased Revenue In a Month


Each story is different. We heard it a thousand times. Yet, it’s true.

This one is not like any we wrote about before. Mostly because, this time, our client is a really big shot. Their name will remain hidden due to their own request, but honestly, a bit of mystery can only add to the narrative, don’t you think so?


What we can tell is that according to, the protagonist of this case study had 43,3 million visits only in January. And it is very possible that the readers of this case study were among them.

And what the same readers should understand right away is that the decision of such a large website to work with Monetag was not accidental. It is clear that with Monetag, any publisher can get all the best monetization terms – clean ads and really big earnings.

So no matter how big they already are, the results will be tangible for sure.

Here is how this story goes…


There was a media website seeking for additional monetization. Not a classical fairytale beginning, but for us marketers, it sure does warm our hearts.

We are talking about a very popular platform that grants its users access to a broad range of publications. So just like a real main character of a proper saga, our client was driven by the best interests in their hearts.

One may even say what they do and believe in is quite noble. 

“The platform was created with the intention of making educational resources more accessible to people around the world”.

But let’s move on to the main issue we all want to know about, shall we?

The Plot

The biggest challenge in this dreamland of a site was, clearly, extra monetization.

They needed to find a way to increase its revenues without interrupting existing financial structure, and without interfering with the core theme of the website.

“Users can upload and share their content, which expands the platform’s database and provides users with a broader range of resources to choose from. The platform also allows users to rate and review documents, which helps other users to find high-quality content easily,”

the client explained.

Before, they relied only on access fees to cover the site’s operational costs. BUT, as you can imagine, this model was not sustainable in the long term. This was their primary issue.

So they enrolled in Monetag. 

According to their own words, Monetag helped this site to increase monetization in the most effective and reliable manner.

“It is an innovative ad network that helps publishers monetize their service. We signed up for Monetag and immediately saw the difference”.

And sure, they did!

In only one month, their revenue increased by no less than 40%.

The team was thrilled with the outcome and decided to continue using our platform as the primary partner network.

Case Highlights

Monetization platform: Monetag
Ad format: Direct Link (SmartLink)
GEOs: Mainly US, UK, and India
Users: Mostly desktop, but they do have a large number of mobile users

After they signed up with Monetag, they started experimenting with different ad formats and combinations to find the one that works best for their platform.

Over time they discovered that the winning solution for what their site needed was a Direct Link, or as we call it a SmartLink. Simple as that.

It turned out to be the ideal option for this particular client because, with this format, ads do not flicker anywhere, they don’t interfere with searching for what is needed. Ads appear only when the user is already engaged and has gotten some value from the website.

Most importantly, this way, the user experience is not harmed or interrupted in any way.

“With Monetag, we were able to display targeted ads to our users, which resulted in a significant increase in revenue. Monetag’s advanced algorithms ensured that the ads displayed were relevant to the users and did not disrupt their experience”.


Except for the outstanding results Monetag brought to this client, they were impressed with two additional things:

  • Monetag’s support team
  • Detailed analytics

“Monetag’s exceptional service and support were a huge bonus for us. The team was always available to answer any questions and they provided valuable insights on how to optimize ad placements”.

The insight into their ad performance with all the statistics and continuous supervision was another thing that made the case study subject fall in love with Monetag. After all, there had to be a love story, right?

On a more serious note, yes, this is the thing that allows publishers to optimize ad placements for maximum revenues.

In this particular case, the client was able to use analytics to make informed decisions and to further improve their monetization.

The Happy End

We won’t take the whole credit for the client’s success. 

Even though this was a game-changer for their revenue stream, fees from the users will continue to play an important role in keeping the platform development. 

But the result of them teaming up with Monetag has certainly relieved some pressure.

Finally, this success story is just another testimony to how Monetag can help publishers increase their revenue with targeted and non-intrusive ads.

“Monetag’s innovative ad network and exceptional support helped us achieve our goals and continue to grow as a platform. If you’re looking to monetize your content Monetag is definitely worth considering”.

And we can only agree.

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