SmartLink Upgrade: More Relevant Ads, More Money for You

more relevant ads

Great news for all publishers!

As you have probably noticed, we are restless when it comes to finding new ways to improve our tools and services.

So once again, we are about to make your life so much better, your job easier, and your bank account… well, you know, full of cash.

Lately, we made Direct link, also known as SmartLink, our top priority and focused solely on making it more useful for you.

As a result – one of our most popular monetization formats can now help you achieve high CPM rates and earn even more money than before. And this is how!

With the latest updates and SmartLink upgrade, we managed to widen the offers pool and make optimization more precise and more accurate.

This means there are two new things you can now count on when relying on Direct links:

#1 Bigger number of converting offers per link – thanks to cooperation with our new direct and brand-safe advertisers

#2 Even more precise optimization ensures the end users are always faced with the most relevant ads 

Because of the improved algorithms, our team worked on so hard, your audience will be served with well-picked ads. The most relevant offers will be selected not only by GEOs or device preference but also by his/her personal inclinations.

“Thanks to these changes, your audience will be served with nothing but the most relevant and high-converting offers. So chances they will perform targeted action will be much higher”,

the Monetag team explains.

And the more conversions users make, the more money you, as a publisher, will earn.

Note: The fact that thanks to our work, Direct Link began to generate more profit was shown by both our internal tests and some of our clients, who already noticed the difference.

Now, let’s rewind a bit and remember the steps you need to take in order to start using the Direct link.

Everything is actually quite simple.

After you are done with preparing your content, you need to select a place where you want to place your SmartLink. Once you do that, our AI technology, based on your niche, your audience, and all other specifications, will define what the most profitable offers for each user are.

Bear in mind that with our SmartLink, you can monetize any type of traffic. There are no limitations – websites, social, email, in-app, remnant traffic, etc.


Here is an example from the real site of one of our publishers. A SmartLink has been added to the Download button. Clicking this button once will open an ad, but on the second click the file will be downloaded. The Preview button opens the file online.

Now, suppose you have a website, or you are more focused on social networks – what do you do, how do you use SmartLink? Let’s look at some examples of how publishers can benefit from SmartLink:

Site owners 

For them, Direct link is the most user-friendly monetization format. It’s because ads do not interfere with viewing content, and they only open when a user clicks on the site’s element to which the Direct link is tied. Also, from a site owner’s perspective, this is definitely one of the most profitable monetization formats.

Social publishers

Social publishers are proof of how well SmartLink works, even in the absence of a website. The best thing defining this ad format is the fact it can be placed literally anywhere. This is why it is ideal for monetizing free traffic from WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook, and any other sources.

Advice: Before placing SmartLink in Social Media or Messenger groups, we recommend that you learn the rules of these groups so as not to accidentally violate them!

The bottom line is – publishers can get the highest CPM rates possible, with or without a website.

Affiliate marketers / Media buyers

SmartLink is a great option for affiliate marketers who are working with paid traffic. It’s because they can use this Direct link as a standalone solution, just like site owners, or as an extra monetization tool when working with CPA networks – they will promote their offer BUT additionally use SmartLink to earn more money.

AD & CPA networks

It’s not that often, but AD and CPA networks can rely on SmartLink when looking for monetization solutions for remnant traffic. By using Direct link, some networks and partner programs will be able to monetize remnant traffic, which cannot be monetized with their own feed.

  • Practical solution

You can cover the entire monetization process with only one link.

  • Super flexible

You can place SmartLink anywhere on the site or landing page – tuck it in the text part, place it on the banner, or tie it to the CTA button. 

  • No testing required

This benefit here will save your time and money. With a Direct link, there is no need to conduct any testing.

  • Profitability

High profitable rates are guaranteed with SmarLinks. And because of the advanced targeting, they are a much better option than regular links and most other monetization formats.

  • Compatibility

Teamwork all the way! Direct link works well with all other ad formats, and it won’t stand in the way of, let’s say, Push Notifications you decide to use as well.

Final thoughts

Is there anything left to say?

Not really, Direct link is super easy to understand and use, and an upgraded version is just too good to be passed by. So go for it, test drive it, and let us know your thoughts. 

And just a reminder of where to find SmartLink.

When you enter Monetag’s Dashboard by logging in with your account details, there will it be – a sixth option on the left side of your screen. Just press on it and follow the steps to add and name your link.  

But there’s also another way. You can get a SmartLink by clicking on the Create New Ad button and selecting the Third-party traffic option:


Easy peasy. 

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