3 Ways to Make More Money with Monetization

how to make more money

Suppose you are pretty successful with your monetization efforts — but you want to grow your traffic volumes and profits. Or maybe you feel you are not doing as greatly as you could?

The good news is that you don’t have to settle for your current performance — there are actually a few steps you can take to increase traffic, improve engagement, and grow your revenue. 

In this article, we will explore three proven monetization strategies you can use to boost your traffic and earn more.

Strategy 1: Organic Traffic

In terms of costs and volume, organic traffic is by far the best option. This channel is responsible for 53% of all online traffic. Thus, it should be the base of your monetization strategy. 

For starters, organic traffic is a must because it offers unparalleled volumes. Billions of people use search engines like Google on a daily basis to search for information, businesses, and products. 

So, you can take advantage of this by improving your rankings and getting to the first page of Google results whenever there’s a relevant search. This practice is called search engine optimization or SEO. 

Here are some tips you can implement to boost your SEO rankings:

  • Conduct keyword research using tools like AHREFS or SEMrush.
  • Organize your site content into headers and short paragraphs to create an SEO-friendly structure.
  • Avoid publishing duplicate content, which is text found on more than one website. The reason is search engines might penalize pages that do this and give them low rankings.
  • Help your rankings with social media. In short, you can create or claim your site’s profiles on social media and industry directories and craft content that gets you good reviews, lots of followers, and positive mentions.

Keep in mind that search engines are always updating the algorithms they use to calculate rankings. Therefore, you need to keep a close eye on updates and adjust your strategy accordingly.  

Strategy 2: Multiple Networks

Once you have your organic strategy down, it’s time to think about monetization through networks. 

But, rather than opting for one single platform, you should consider working with multiple networks, assuming they are compatible. For example, Monetag and AdSense. 

There is no set time period for you to start monetizing via ad networks. It’s possible to try multiple networks even if your traffic volumes aren’t that high. That said, it does make more sense to invest your resources into establishing a steady flow of users, then turn to network monetization once you’ve achieved this goal.

As for the benefits of having more than one network, the biggest one of them all may be that you enjoy different features from multiple providers at the same time.

Depending on the networks you choose, these can include aspects like the availability of more niches and having a higher number of ad formats to choose from. Besides, some monetization platforms can offer you special perks that you might lack at your current one: for example, an Anti-AdBlock solution.

Here are some tips for leveraging this strategy:

  • Tailor the number of ads per page to your niche to protect the user experience
  • Make sure you are not overwhelming users with ads
  • Your ads mustn’t cover your website’s main content — articles, images, videos
  • When you want to work with several formats from different networks, make sure that all of them are compatible and work well together

Strategy 3: MultiTag

The last strategy revolves around the use of innovative technology, which requires less effort and boosts your bottom line at the same time. 

In this specific case, we’re talking about the MultiTag feature. 

MultiTag is an innovative solution and one of the flagship features that Monetag pays the most attention to. 

In short, this is a special tag that publishers should place on their app or website. The tag then chooses what ad format to place automatically on the page or app based on how the user interacts with ad formats on the web. 

Simply put, automating the whole process, MultiTag also helps significantly increase conversion rates and overall revenue.

When should you choose MultiTag?

  • When you are a beginner and want to start earning as soon as possible
  • When you want to save time on testing various formats
  • When you want to boost your revenue because MultiTag is more efficient than single-format monetization 


Learning efficient monetization techniques takes time, there is no doubt. But, as long as you create a plan and leverage innovative platforms like Monetag, you should be able to find the perfect formula to drive sustained growth. 

Organic traffic, the use of multiple monetization platforms, and unique high-tech features like MultiTag are all great solutions proven to help you boost traffic and earnings. Just remember to personalize your strategy based on your resources as well as your requirements, and you’ll surpass your benchmark before you know it.

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