Social Traffic Case Study: Stories and Tips from Successful Publishers

Monetag - case study - social traffic

Social traffic can be extremely profitable, as long as you have the right elements in place. 

Publishers that use the Monetag platform have an advantage because they have all the necessary resources to build a well-oiled revenue machine in one place. 

This study will feature the analysis of three successful cases of Nigerian publishers using Monetag to boost their social traffic revenues and create a steady flow of income. 

Let’s jump right in!

Disclaimer: This article does NOT explain how to monetize Facebook accounts, pages, or groups. Moreover, we advise all our publishers to be extremely careful with placing direct links straight in social media posts, as this might violate the Facebook community rules. The views expressed in this article are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official position of Monetag.

Making $600 a Week with Facebook Traffic

  1. Traffic Type: Facebook Traffic
  2. Website Content: News and Viral Content Using 5 Different Websites
  3. Monetization Format: SmartLink (Direct Link)
  4. GEO: African countries (South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana, etc.)

First, let’s see how one of our publishers monetized viral content with Direct Link. In short, this content creator was frustrated with the limitations placed by other leading networks. 

After catching wind of Monetag and getting different reviews about it, this publisher decided to give it a shot. 

The results were nothing but stellar, surpassing the $10 CPM mark in the first week of receiving constant traffic.

Our publisher used around 5 sites to drive traffic, collecting stats like (one of the websites):

Monetag - social case studies - GA 1


Monetag - social case studies - GA2

According to this publisher, “90% of the traffic was from African GEOs, like Ghana, South Africa, Nigeria, and other major nations.  If you get constant traffic from these regions, you’ll definitely be able to hit the $10 CPM goal,” says the publisher. 

“There aren’t any tricks with Monetag. It requires hard work for sure, but the CPM revenue was much higher than in other networks or social platforms,” says the gold publisher. 

The traffic generated was technically organic, but it was acquired through paid means.

“I rented a few Facebook celebrity groups and pages. Then, I distributed my content through these channels, using a total of 5 websites to profit from Monetag. And, since I manage all the groups myself, I don’t worry about getting kicked out of groups, although I do join free ones every now and again to mix it up.”

Despite the fact that this publisher found some networks with similar payment systems and others with good traffic, the only one that had the combination of both was Monetag. 

“I lost over $10,000 on several occasions with other networks before coming to Monetag. I can’t tell publishers exactly how much capital they need to start because there are so many variables. But, someone in my position could start off with $200 and generate up to $600 every week.” 

Monetag - monetization results

Earning $2261 with SmartLink (Direct Link)

Traffic Type: Facebook
Website Content: Entertainment
Monetization Format: SmartLink (Direct Link)
GEO: UK, South Africa, Zambia, Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, etc.

Now, let’s analyze the case of our publisher who used Direct Link to monetize Facebook traffic. 

Similarly to the last example, the green publisher #1 rented popular active Facebook groups in order to drive traffic to his site content. This publisher chose GEOs that gave him access to large audiences with a good CPM. 

“I post catchy news on the groups I rent, mostly about entertainment. Then, I redirect the traffic to a page that has the SmartLink (direct link), which is simple but works very well,” said the publisher.

If you think that only very experienced publishers with 5 sites can make good money on social traffic, then here is another example for you.

“I’ve worked with google adsense before but my account was disabled for no reason. This is why I chose to work with Monetag, and I haven’t regreted it. I prefer working with Monetag because there is no account disabling policy, there’s quick responses from customer service, payments are weekly, and they give you a personal manager once requirements are met,” continued our green publisher.

The most popular topics identified by this publisher during the month-long observations were:

  1. Football competition
  2. Giveaways and freebies
  3. Entertainment

“The exact amount of money required depends on each publisher, but I think you need to have a big enough budget to rent active groups on social networks, get a decent laptop, and work 8 hours per day, at least at first.”

This publisher also highlighted the fact that he pays for the occasional Facebook Ads campaign in order to help stabilize the amount of traffic received. 

“There are many variables that you need to monitor. For example, my September 2022 revenue was through the roof because I found great Facebook groups to rent with active and engaged users.”

I made more than $2250 from September 1st to November 1st, plus you can see how many users I generated on a daily basis in the screenshot below.

Monetag - social traffic case study - direct link results

“Below, there’s also a screenshot of my Google Analytics stats for that time period.”

Monetag - social traffic - GA

Mixing Up Monetization Formats to Get $1037

Traffic Type: Facebook and Twitter
Website Content: Entertainment
Monetization Format: Interstitials, Classic Push, and In-Page push
GEO: US, UK, and Nigeria

Finally, we’ll analyze the case of our publisher. This publisher did a great job monetizing traffic from Facebook, starting completely from scratch. 

This publisher is one of the most successful examples in his category, netting more than $1000 monthly on interstitial ads alone. The only noticeable difference came in months when he experienced issues with his social account.

I manage a Facebook page with over 2 million followers and a Twitter account with more than 20,000, all from the US, UK, and Nigeria. Although I dabbled in other alternatives, Monetag was my first and favorite platform so far.

– says our publisher.

“I enjoyed using Monetag because was very easy to install on my websites using a plugin and short codes, and it pays very well.”

“Rather than paying to rent groups or run ad campaigns, I dedicate all of my time to building up my own groups. It takes longer, but it helps me generate more revenue in the long run.”

“As far as resources and budget, you need enough to create engaging content for your audience. This means producing good quality website texts, plus you have to put in the same amount of time into your social presence as well.”

This publisher also focused heavily on engagement from distinct angles in order to boost the value of his social traffic. 

“I post every day to engage my audiences. Plus, I focus on writing good content and following best practices like writing catchy headlines, avoiding 18+ topics, and following Facebook’s community standards. It took me a while to learn all of this so it was definitely gradual, but it’s all paying off now.”

Monetag - results - social traffic case study
Monetag - results - social traffic case study

Ready to Boost Your Revenue? Set Up Your Monetag Account

There is no doubt that Monetag is an effective way to generate revenues from your social media groups and the web content you publish, and the three scenarios from real publishers listed above are proof of this. 

Looking to take your monetization efforts to the next level? Find out more about implementing Monetag into your platforms today.

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