In-Page Push: Monetize traffic from all browsers, devices, and OS

Perfect solution for site owners who prefer native banners and want the biggest coverage— including iOS and macOS users

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How do users see In-Page Push on your website

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  • A user browses your website page
  • A small notification looking like a Push ad appears on the page
  • A user closes or clicks the ad and goes to the offer page

Why is In-Page Push great for monetization?

In-Page Push is a small banner looking like a classical push message — but it doesn't require a user to subscribe to see it

Easy flow

Your site visitors don’t need to subscribe to see In-Page Push ads

Works on all platforms

With In-Page Push, you can monetize traffic from any GEO, device, or platform, including iOS and Mac OS

Perfect UX

In-Page Push doesn’t block any site content neither on desktops nor mobile devices


You can control where In-Page Push will be displayed on your site, how many ads you will show at once, and more

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Why publishers worldwide prefer Monetag ads

Worldwide Ad coverage

Our publishers monetize 100% of their traffic right now. We have a massive number of advertisers in every country, so no impressions are being wasted

Clean & Safe Ads

We work only with trusted hand-picked advertisers. All ads are automatically monitored 24/7 by world-leading anti-ad fraud and malware prevention solutions

On-time & Fast payouts

Get the fastest weekly payouts across the globe with the flexible payment methods and the minimal $5 withdrawal amount