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Discover effective monetization formats for Apps

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Push Notifications

A perfect APK monetization format, which you can access with our SDK

You don’t need to convince your audience to subscribe for notifications. Moreover, you can monetize every user who installs your APK, even after they stop using it.

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In-App Interstitials

Interstitials are a very engaging way to monetize Android apps: this fullscreen ad format brings the highest CPM and CTR rates.

Interstitial ads work across all devices, platforms, niches and suit all application types.

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Native_ads example

Native ads

Native ads blend seamlessly into the app experience.

You can integrate such ads in a way to look most natively within your particular app. As a result, they won’t jar to the user experience while still bringing you earnings.

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App_Open example

App Open

App Open is a format designed to monetize the app loading screen.

This ad doesn't distract a user: it appears before they can do any actions in the app. So, this is a perfect combination of high earnings and comfortable user experience.

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watchlist banner


Banners can be of different sizes and take up different slots on your app layout depending on your choice.

The main feature of this format is that it allows the user to either ignore an ad or interact with it at any time.

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One of the most profitable formats, great for almost any type of traffic.

No SDK is needed. Just add special URLs to UI elements like links and buttons in your app. The user clicks them and redirects to the most relevant and high converting offer ensuring your revenue grows.

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Why Monetag is the perfect choice
for Android Apps / APKs

Flexible SDK

Monetag In-App SDK is easy to set up, fully compatible with both APK and Google Play, and works with all app niches


You can choose the Programmatic RTB integration to monetize your app with your own SDK

Worldwide Ad Coverage

We have a massive number of advertisers in 195+ countries, so you can monetize 100% of your traffic

High earnings

Our formats and software solutions bring one of the highest CPMs on the market

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