SDK, Open RTB, API Integration for App Monetization: When It’s the Right Choice?


Want to make more money from your Android app? When it comes to app monetization, you have three major options to choose from: SDK, Open RTB integration, and API.

Let’s face it: these acronyms don’t shed much light on what these methods are all about, and it’s not immediately clear which one to choose if you have a popular app with millions of downloads or a small startup app just gaining traction.

Today, we’ll go through each method one by one and analyze how Monetag can help you monetize your Android app better and make it more profitable.

What integration options Monetag provides?

At Monetag, you can monetize your app with high-quality ads through the following integrations:

  • SDK – aka “Software Development Kit” – a piece of code that allows you to connect your app directly to the Monetag monetization platform. SDKs allow developers to track user behavior and target ads more effectively.
  • Open RTB – “Real-Time Bidding” –  is a fully automated process where an impression in the apps’ ad placement is bought and sold in real time. It works via auctions where ad buyers bid for impressions simultaneously. The highest bid wins. Google and other big market players use this protocol.
  • API – aka “Application Programming Interface”  – a service that can process requests with the data about a user, manage a real-time auction, and respond with the ad and bid information. It differs from Open RTB in some technical details (it is simpler) and in the supported ad formats.

Now that we have an idea of what each of these terms means, let’s move forward and determine how to choose the right integration methods for your particular case.

What integration to choose: SDK or Open RTB?

Your choice of integration method will depend heavily on the size of your Android app’s audience, your experience as a publisher, and the amount of effort you’re willing to invest.

As we have already discussed, you have 3 options – SDK and programmatic integration: Open RTB, and API.

When to use SDK

The easiest way to integrate ads and start monetizing your Android app is to use the SDK solution. However, the SDK requires some technical knowledge to integrate it, and you will also need to update your app.

If you prioritize control and customization, the SDK may be a better choice. It lets you choose specific ad formats, control the frequency of ads, and integrate seamlessly with the app’s design.

When programmatic is a better choice

Programmatic integration methods can be a preferred option for app monetization if you already have a solid user base and a large audience.

In other words, it is the method of choice for large publishers and ad networks looking to monetize remnant traffic.

What are the benefits of RTB?

As mentioned above, RTB involves real-time auctions for ad impressions, where advertisers bid for your app’s inventory. It, therefore, offers dynamic and real-time optimization, potentially maximizing revenue during the auction, and requires less manual management.

In any case, consider the nature of your app, your target audience, and your own preferences.

What Programmatic method to opt for?

We have discovered when publishers typically choose SDK and when they prefer programmatic.

But how do you decide which programmatic method is best for you? We turned this question over to our head of in-app direction:

“It really depends on what you’re used to working with or whether you’re dealing with a platform that already has a certain method built in. Let’s say you’re familiar with app development; there’s a good chance you’d want to use an SDK. If you are using a custom-built, open source, or white label platform with programmatic methods already integrated, then your choice will be dictated by that platform.”

In other words, the choice of programmatic integration method is totally up to you and is a matter of your personal preference. What really matters is that with Monetag, you will have a high-quality ad feed and excellent CPM rates!

How to integrate ads into your Android app?

Where can you find these integration methods? Nothing easier than this: go to your Monetag account and click on the “XML, Offer API & RTB” tab in the sidebar on the left-hand side:

And then follow the simple instructions:

That’s it!

Ready to monetize your app and make real profits?

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