[New Feature] Limitless App Monetization with SDK for Android Apps / APK

sdk for android apps

Are you wondering how you can monetize your Android app in an even more comfy way? Or are you ready to diversify your revenue streams from in-app ads? 

Monetag comes to the rescue and simplifies the way you can make money with your traffic or app users.

From now on,  you can conveniently integrate SDK directly through the Monetag self-serve platform. No more support requests or spending time waiting to get your app monetized with our effective ad formats.

Monetag - monetise with SDK for Android apps

Now, let’s take a closer look at how the Monetag SDK can improve your audience monetization efforts.

Overview: What do you get with this new update?

Monetag SDK allows Android publishers & developers to seamlessly integrate ads for an engaging and relevant user experience.

Instead of building complex custom integrations and ad solutions from scratch, the Monetag SDK allows you to connect your app directly to our monetization platform.

Monetag SDK tools allow developers to capitalize on premium global advertisers for their in-app inventory, while deploying multiple ad units and determining which ones work best for their users based on performance. Get the maximum impact from your app audience with publishers’ favorite ad formats – Push Notifications and Interstitials.

What’s more, by determining ad frequency, ideal in-app placement, and delays, our SDK makes it simple to plan and implement ads into your apps.

In short, with Monetag SDK for Android, you can:

  • Monetize with 2 ad formats: Push Notifications and Interstitials. Note that you can get only one tag for Push ads, but an unlimited number of Interstitial tags. NEW formats added!
  • Use it with apps built on Java, Kotlin, React Native, Flutter
  • Get full compatibility with both APK and Google Play
  • Works for any niche or vertical (Utilities, video/audio players, games, etc.)
  • Integrate it with ease: simply follow the usual process (described below)
Here is the complete Monetag SDK documentation for your reference.

What ad format to choose for your app?

For in-app advertising, we have two effective ad formats to choose from, specifically selected for their outstanding performance in terms of Apps (both from app stores and distributed directly using APK) monetization. 

As an app owner, you can determine the most optimal ad type for your apps in order to maximize the revenue and CPM rates.

Push Notifications

Push provides a positive user experience while bringing a stable income to the publisher. 

Push Notifications can be sent to all app users and don’t require any additional subscriptions (with the exception of Android 13+ users, where the app user should grant permission to receive push notifications).

Note that you can use only one push integration per app. We also recommend using this ad format for apps that are distributed as APKs.


Interstitials are high-impact ads. This means you can definitely expect high CTR and CPM rates.

And while interstitials can deliver exceptional results, they are also quite user-friendly – the user can skip the ad and continue using the app. App developers can also define where to display the interstitial ad based on user interaction with the app.

How do you integrate and get an ad tag?

We’ve made sure that the process of getting an ad tag for the SDK is no different from your usual flow. So, yes, it’s extremely easy. Have a look:

Monetag - 3 ways to monetize website traffic

Select “Add a new Android app” and then enter some basic information about your app, such as the distribution channel (SDK or Google Play), the app name, and the number of daily active users (DAU).

After that, all you have to do is select at least one ad format and follow the integration instructions. 

Ready to get a taste of premium monetization technologies? Start monetizing your app today

P.S. Want to ask a question about our SDK? Share it in the comment section below 🙂

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