How Monetag Cares About Its Publishers: The Insights of Our Premium Ad Feed

How Monetag protects publishers

You often ask: 

‘How can I be sure you, Monetag, won’t miss anything unwanted on my website?’

Our standard reply is

‘Our feed is clean and safe. We strictly control it and suspend anyone with inappropriate ads to appear on our publisher’s websites and apps.’

Before this post, you needed to take it for granted. Today, we will show you how we fight for your right to have only relevant and high-quality ads on your sites: our policy team shared their insights and allowed us to share them with you, too!

What Does Our ‘Clean Feed’ Mean? 

We understand that content on your website directly affects your reputation and your website’s position on Google. This is why we show only premium ads that should not compromise your website for Google and your users. 

In more detail, this implies that we never accept ads which contain:

  • Any sexual content. You can be sure we will not allow ads of pornographic websites, adult apps, or anything like that.
  • Malware. We don’t work with any ads containing malicious software that can harm your users’ devices.
  • Super scary. Your users will never be misled by ads like “Your software is outdated,” “your device is infected,” or “Viruses found’.
  • Misleading. We don’t accept any ads that give false information to users.
  • Fake tech support. There won’t be any fake alerts likeHere is a tech support number to unblock your Internet access.’
  • Alcohol, tobacco, drugs – including medicine that require a prescription.
  • Ads that break copyright policies. In other words, your website won’t show ads with brands’ logos unless these brands give their direct permission to do so.
  • Offensive, abusive, or hate-mongering content. Thus, you won’t risk ruin your reputation and your website being banned.

How We Fight For the Premium Clean Feed?

When you monetize your website through Monetag, you install our tag, and ads appear on your website. These ads come from various advertisers, where ‘various’ doesn’t mean random! 

We check every advertiser and all the ads they send to us. How do we do it?

  1. Professional policy team.

These superheroes monitor all our partners’ advertising campaigns before allowing them to appear on our publishers’ websites. If these campaigns violate quality rules, the policy team rejects them.  

Such checks remain within the whole campaign lifetime and allow us to quickly get rid of evidently bad ads: those with adult content, GEO-restricted products, or phishing. 

  1. Monitoring of ads with the help of our smart tools.

We have developed a set of automatic tools that allow us to monitor, detect, and fight cloaking in real-time. 

Wait, what is cloaking?

Cloaking is a practice where advertisers hide the destination URL of the ad. For example, they make an ad look like it leads to an ordinary online store, while in fact, a user is redirected to some adult site or malware after the campaign passes the moderation. Not something you want to face as a publisher, right?

With our in-house tools, which we are constantly developing/improving/testing with stress tests, you won’t come across cloaked ads. Every ad campaign is automatically monitored throughout its whole existence, so if a URL changes at some point, we immediately see it and stop the campaign.

Ekaterina, the Head of Business Security:

‘Our anti-cloaking tools are not just a technology but a reliable barrier that cuts off various threats, ensuring your confidence in the security of your online business. With them, we don’t simply protect you against potential attacks but also guarantee compliance with legislation and norms of advertising ethics. Round-the-clock monitoring of advertising campaigns is our duty and your protection.”

Look at how we rejected ad campaigns for abusing the rules last year:

Campaigns Monetag rejected

3. With the thorough checks of ad feeds

Finally, we pay much attention to our partners and their ad feeds. Yes, we can reject or ban campaigns, but if an advertiser continues breaking our rules, we say goodbye to them with no regrets! 

Sometimes, the most cunning ones sneak to get back, but this doesn’t work out. In our policy’s language, this is called multi-accounting and immediately leads to a ban again.

Here is proof of how merciless we are toward rule-breakers:

Ad feeds banned by Monetag

We stay on watch so that you can stay calm. Join our risk-free zone and monetize your traffic without any threats!

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