Announcing Our Superb Publisher Referral Program

Monetag - Referral program

Looking for an easy way to make extra money? Look no further than Monetag’s referral program! Whether you’re already part of our monetization platform, or you’re a publisher who’s about to apply, our referral program is bound to make you smile.

From lifetime commissions to unlimited referrals, the program is looking better than ever!

With that in mind, we’ve put together some tips and tricks to help you attract more referrals and make the most out of your referral link. 

Let’s dive right in.

In a Nutshell: How the Referral Program Works and How Much You Can Earn

When you get approved as a Monetag publisher, you’ll be assigned a referral link, accessible in your dashboard, that you can share with others. If a new publisher signs up to Monetag using your link, you’ll earn a 5% commission on their future earnings.

The best part?

It’s a lifetime commission.

Every publisher has the chance to scale their earnings, and that’s why we’ll reward you when you refer those who do. So, when the publishers whom you refer succeed, you succeed too. For life. 

Monetag - referral program

So, how can you make the most out of your referral link to scale your profits? Here are a few things we recommend:

  1. Put yourself in your audience’s shoes

Your target audience is made up of publishers just like you. Think about the things that you like about Monetag and apply them to how you advertise your referral link. For example, what benefits of working with Monetag do you enjoy the most? Highlight these in your promotions.

  1. Don’t be afraid to get creative

Your referral link doesn’t need to be restricted to one area on your website. 

You can add it to all relevant sections of your site and beyond, such as: 

  • In a review that you write about Monetag. You could place the link in different parts of the article.
  • In a site banner at the top of your most active landing pages. 
  • On social media sites, relevant forums, online communities, and even blog comments.
  1. Focus on relevant publishers

The more targeted you are in your referrals, the better your results will be. Make sure to share your link with publishers who are active and on top of their platform’s monetization efforts.

High-performing publishers = high-performing referrals and great commissions.

  1. Proactively spread awareness

Writing a Monetag review is a fantastic start, but you can do more. 

For example, establishing yourself as a thought leader in the industry by publishing regular, high-quality, relevant content will help you spread awareness about the importance of working with the best platforms.

Not only will have more credibility, but you will increase the chances of getting referrals by organically reaching readers with Monetag-related content.

  1. Educate your referrals

Take the time to educate your referrals by giving them advice on how to maximize their revenue, because when they succeed with Monetag, you will too.

Monetag Referral Program FAQ

Do you have some burning questions about the referral program? Read our FAQ section below for answers.

Are there fees or additional payments for referrals?

We pay a commission for every active referral using Monetag publisher services. Our system works as follows:

  • Referral commissions are equal to 5% of an active referred publisher’s monthly earnings
  • The withdrawal of the referral fees is made according to Monetag’s Terms and Conditions
  • All referral fees are paid in US dollars

Is there a limit to the number of people I can refer?

No, there are no limits to the number of referrals you can make. But, be careful not to spam leads! Promoting our referral links through unsolicited emailing is against our terms and conditions.

My referrals didn’t use my links to sign up, can you add them manually?

No, unfortunately, we can not add referrals manually. So, you need to clearly explain that new publishers need to sign up with the link you’re providing.

Start Referring Publishers Today!

Ready to start earning more with Monetag’s referral program? We hope these tips and tricks will help you take part in the referral program and start earning that 5% lifetime commission right away!

If you have any questions or comments, contact us today, and we’ll be glad to help.

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