MultiTag Gets An Upgrade: Bigger Profits & More Ad Formats

Monetag - New MultiTag for monetization

Calling all publishers!

We’ve got some BIG news about our latest MultiTag update.

The latest version of MultiTag is here, and it’s better than ever before at helping you scale your revenue without breaking a sweat.

Let’s talk about it.

What is MultiTag?

You can think of MultiTag as your master key to unlock the secrets of powerful monetization.

In more practical terms, MultiTag is a piece of code that you place on your website which eliminates the need for you to use multiple codes for every placement or ad type.

It then uses an AI algorithm to deliver ad formats that it will test, iterate and optimize to boost your CPM and profits.

It takes all the work out of ad setup and optimization – eliminating the need to deal with multiple pieces of code, automating your ad selection, and boosting CPM rates with highly-relevant ad format delivery.

Monetah - MultiTag traffic monetization

What’s changed about Monetag’s MultiTag?

We’re glad you asked.

We’re continuously improving our tools to give publishers the best experience. We want all publishers, from newbies to industry veterans, to successfully monetize their audiences, which is why we’ve introduced 5 new updates:

  1. MultiTag now includes 5 ad formats: Previously MultiTag included Onclick/Popunder, Push Notifications, In-Page Push, and Interstitials. We’ve now expanded its catalog by introducing Vignette Banners!

We’ve conducted extensive research on the most profitable ad formats, and found that Vignette Banners show impressive results – they are incredibly effective, user-friendly, and profitable.

  1. Publishers who use MultiTag will be more profitable than ever: We have improved the MultiTag algorithms to create an even more powerful monetization experience. This means that publishers can expect higher profits than before.* 

(Note: Your profitability is also dependent on GEOs, traffic quality, and traffic volume. MultiTag cannot improve websites that already have weak performance in these areas.)

  1. Improved effectiveness: MultiTag enables better ad targeting – it’s based on information about how users interact with each ad format. The algorithm then determines which ad format will yield the highest return.
  2. The optimal format sequence: You can rest assured that the most profitable ad format is delivered, every time. MultiTag will deliver the most profitable ad formats first for the best results. Other ad formats will appear in descending order based on their profitability.
  3. Increased loading speed: Ads will load instantly, no matter what GEO your visitors are from. This is thanks to new and improved tag caching.

Why do publishers love MultiTag?

It’s because MultiTag makes it easy to get the most out of their monetization, without creating extra work:

  • It’s easy to install and remove because it’s a universal tag that covers all 5 ad formats. No messing about with multiple lines of code!
  • Simple to work with: you literally need to add only one piece of code, and all your monetization needs are covered. Very convenient!
  • Full ad coverage. MultiTag works on all devices, operating systems, and GEOs.
  • Compatible with all websites and traffic types. It doesn’t matter how large your traffic source is or the type of website you have, MultiTag will work for you!

If you’re ready to experience more powerful monetization than ever before, then you’re going to love our new and improved MultiTag.

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