Vignette Banner: Get 60%+ CTR compared to traditional banners

A small native banner that helps website experts to balance high revenue with quality user experience

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How do users see the format on your website

Video preview image monetag.
  • A user browses your website page
  • A Vignette banner appears in the center of the page. It includes a small header, description, and 2 buttons: CTA and Close
  • A user closes the ad or clicks it and goes to the offer page

Reasons to choose the Vignette Banner

This native banner is both highly visible and user-friendly. It appears in the center of the screen and contains a large “Close” button

UX-safe format

A neat and friendly format, similar to Google Vignette Ads

High CPM rates

Vignette banner ads have a 60% higher CTR compared to traditional banners

High Ad Standards

A large Close button, clean and safe feed, and excellent performance on every platform and OS

Anti-AdBlock Solution

The Vignette banner comes with an integrated Anti-AdBlock solution. It ensures Vignettes are 100% visible to every user

Check how publishers generate revenue with Vignette Native Banners

Why publishers worldwide prefer Monetag ads

Worldwide Ad coverage

Our publishers monetize 100% of their traffic right now. We have a massive number of advertisers in every country, so no impressions are being wasted

Clean & Safe Ads

We work only with trusted hand-picked advertisers. All ads are automatically monitored 24/7 by world-leading anti-ad fraud and malware prevention solutions

On-time & Fast payouts

Get the fastest weekly payouts across the globe with the flexible payment methods and the minimal $5 withdrawal amount