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How do users see Popunder (Onclick / Pop Ads) on your website

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  • A user clicks on your site page
  • A new tab with Popunder opens in a new browser tab
  • A user checks out the ad and returns to your site

Why is Popunder so effective?

Onclick (Popunder) ads appear in a separate tab that a user can easily close. So the format doesn't affect your current ad inventory or website layout

Always High CPMs

CPM rates for Popunder are significantly higher than for traditional display ads

No need for extra ad space

Popunder ads don’t overlap the site content — so you don't need to reserve a separate space on your website

Get Paid For Every Impression

We count every OnClick impression and you will get paid for all of your visitors who see our ad offers

Anti-AdBlock Solution

With Monetag’s OnClick, you can monetize your traffic even more effectively thanks to our Anti-AdBlock technology

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Why publishers worldwide prefer Monetag ads

Worldwide Ad coverage

Our publishers monetize 100% of their traffic right now. We have a massive number of advertisers in every country, so no impressions are being wasted

Clean & Safe Ads

We work only with trusted hand-picked advertisers. All ads are automatically monitored 24/7 by world-leading anti-ad fraud and malware prevention solutions

On-time & Fast payouts

Get the fastest weekly payouts across the globe with the flexible payment methods and the minimal $5 withdrawal amount