What about some Tier-1 traffic and $7,000 for a Pakistani Sports Fan Website? [Case Study]

$7,000 for a Pakistani Sports Fan Website[Case Study]

Meet our new case study: our publisher from Pakistan revealed some of the secrets of running a sports fan site and earning about $7,000/month on its monetization. 

Here is what he said: 

Keep working hard, try to find experienced guys in your field, contact them, work with them, make partnerships, and never give up.

That’s really it, in fact – we can actually stop at this point. However, we got some insights and figures, and proofs to share, so read on!

About the Publisher and His Website

Our hero of today has been into the sports fan-related traffic since 2008. And he is a very experienced webmaster when it comes to SEO and organic users!

However, the site he is working on now receives traffic in some alternative way. Look how it happens:

  • Our publisher collaborates with some big sporting aggregators and catalogs
  • These websites refer to our publisher’s content – for example, some match highlights and detailed game stats. 
  • The publisher receives so-called ‘referral traffic’: users who come from a bigger website.

Monetization: How and How Much?

Well, pretty much. And pretty easy! Let’s look at the results for one month:

Statistics - monetization

Here are some takeaways we can get from this:

  1. $7,600 in profits per month on a single website monetization is a GOOD result, bluntly speaking.
  1. Onclick ads proved to be the top format for monetizing sports traffic. Again!

Want some more insights? Look: 


And, a couple of new takeaways:

  1. You don’t need to live somewhere in Tier-1 to attract high-quality expensive traffic from these GEOs. Look: Germany, USA, Great Britain, Italy – most of the users come from very profitable countries.
  1. Meanwhile, the highest CPM award goes to Brazil for the chosen period. Being a Tier-2 country, it easily beat the whole Tier-1 in terms of traffic price.

Here is how our publisher comments on this:

Earnings always fluctuate as they depend on sporting events happening at the moment. Every event has its own audience: soccer players don’t come for the NBA-fan content, just like NFL lovers are not interested in cricket, and MMA/UFC have their own fan base. So, CPM rates, as well as the profits from certain GEOs, change all the time.

How to Run and Monetize A Sports Fan Site: Rapid-Fire Questions

We asked our publisher several questions to understand his workflows and his monetization secrets. Let’s go:

Q: How to make users stay on your website and keep a stable traffic flow?

A: The only motivation required for users to stay on-site and bookmark it: high-quality content on the exact game a user was looking for. That’s it: this way, users will love your site and even share it with their friends and family.

Q: What sporting events do you think are the most profitable? Why?

A: The most profitable events are the games of NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL, Formula 1 races, and also MMA fights because they attract more users from Tier-1 GEOs.

Q: And what is your most profitable month?

A: The whole season from February to May is always profitable: most events finish their group stages and enter quarter/semi-finals, which attracts more users. However, 2024 witnesses a huge Cricket World Cup event in USA*, so earnings will most likely not drop.

* ICC Men’s T20 World Cup, 1-29 June 2024

Q: What do you do when you face some issues or, lack information, or want to improve your results?

A: I Learn from my experience. Whenever I face an issue I google it, consult with other guys from our field, try to fix the problem, try again and finally find a solution. 

Q: Finally, why Monetag?

A: I worked with several monetization platforms, and all of them have their pros and cons. What I love the about Monetag is that I always have clean ads I don’t need to filter myself.

Note from Monetag: we definitely deliver a clean ad feed. It also has high CPM rates, quick payouts, worldwide coverage, and helpful support.

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