Monetize Video Niche Website: $400+ a Month


Let us start this success story with the very first thing our partner said when asked to comment on his collaboration with Monetag:

“I started using Monetag as my monetization means in June 2023 and I am impressed with the results so far.”

So how he feels about it is pretty clear 🙂

Now, we will not hide the fact that Monetag was not his only choice. He actually tried switching from Monetag to other monetization platforms at one point, but he ran back into our arms with absolute certainty that this is where he and his business belong.

It’s obvious Monetag managed to provide him with more earnings. But how exactly, and what was the strategy he used in his case, we will reveal in the lines that follow. So stay tuned.

About publisher and his SEO efforts

In 2021, our Nigerian partner created a website that’s oriented towards user-generated video content. He relied solely on organic traffic and established a quite good SEO. According to him, whenever he uploaded new material it was indexed.

So even though generating traffic is not the thing he would define as problematic at this point, he does need to look for new and trending keywords all the time in order to keep his ratings up. For this he uses Google Trends.

Early results: June 2023

Now let’s move on to the actual case. Here’s how it all started.

At the end of June 2023, he had 541,000 views and 401,000 visitors. And the majority of his traffic came from Nigeria, the US, Philippines, India, and South Africa, but there were a significant number of people located in Pakistan, Ghana, UK, Canada, and EU who ended up on his website. 


But despite these great numbers, all he managed to earn with Monetag was $273 for the entire month. Why is that? The publisher responded in his own words:

“I was switching from Monetag to other platforms and that was why my earnings were so low.”

Note: The publisher realized that it was more profitable to monetize its audience only with Monetag, so he no longer switched to other platforms.

What he noticed though was that he had a quite high CPM for his visitors in the United States. For the month of June, it was over $15, which was impressive compared to CPMs for other countries.

“I would advise anyone who’s getting traffic from the United States to use Monetag as their monetization means because they would simply earn more. It’s always a good day for me whenever I get traffic from the US because Monetag usually gives me great CPMs.”


Moving forward: July and August

You are now probably expecting some great twists and profits that went through the roof. But it’s not how things work. At least, not overnight.

Moving on to July, our partner had slightly better results, regarding page views (605,000) and number of visitors on his website (440,000), but his earnings were growing a bit slower. Mostly because the majority of his traffic came from India and Nigeria, for which CPMs were not as high as for the US. 


His total profit was $243. But the number of impressions went up, and that was promising.

Then came August. The turning point.

“I used Monetag as my main monetization platform this month and I am happy with the results I got”,

our partner explained.

This month brought him $432, but all the other numbers went up as well. There were 80,000 more impressions than the previous month, and the website gained a great number of new visitors as well – from 440,000 to 665,000.

How this happened?

Well, Monetag provides publishers with high-quality advertising that doesn’t scare away the audience, which is the reason the number of visits to the site started growing.


This month, traffic mostly came from Nigeria, the United States, and South Africa.

Strategy in place: SmartLink, Popunder, Vignette

Throughout this entire time, our client relied on this specific formula: SmartLink + Popunder + Vignette. And it’s such a winning combo, given each ad format has to offer a unique feature, so when working together it seems like they perfectly complement each other.

Popunder is a classic, but yet top-performing ad format that appears in a new browser tab, and allows you to monetize majority of your visitor; it’s a full-page ad that’s hard to ignore, and its CPM rates are always high

Vignette – looking like a native banner with a header, small description, and both CTA and “close” buttons in place, vignette is all about contributing to higher CTR

SmartLink is our golden boy you can place anywhere you like – you can incorporate it in the text, button, or banner; it’s a special URL designed to take visitors to the most relevant offers and it brings high CPM rates

Takeaway: Around $1200 later

In this specific case, the client played on multiple monetization fields and even though this might sound like a good idea, it wasn’t. 

When there are too many advertisements on a site, and this definitely happened given the client collaborated with more than one monetization platform, users tend to react negatively, and this immediately reflects on profits.

It’s all about balance and a thoroughly thought-out approach. The moment he focused only on Monetag the numbers went up, and we believe this is a trend that will continue to grow. At the end of August 2023 his earnings were a bit over $1200.

So the lesson was learned and the message is clear – trust Monetag to lead you through the site monetization process. We will take you further than you hoped for.

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