How to Profit from Your Love for Anime?


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Anime can be more than just your favorite series you watch in your spare time. Did you know that our publishers earn significant money monetizing their anime fan sites with Monetag? 

One of them, our publisher from Egypt, earned $3,000+ per month on anime fan content. Another one, Akame, a publisher from Brazil, has a fan site devoted to manga and her average monthly profit from Monetag is $1800. And one more Monetag’s publisher earned $26K+ in a couple of years also promoting anime content and using Monetag’s tools.

And if you are also an anime fan looking for an opportunity to profit from your hobby, well, we have prepared an insightful guide for you. All included: ideas for content to monetize, copyright issues to keep in mind, useful resources, and tips on how to start getting some crispy dollars. 


Ideas for anime fan content monetization 

Let’s imagine that you are only making your first steps towards profit gained from anime. What should you promote and where? 

Sources: where to find trending anime?

  • Anime rankers: AniList or MyAnimeList – must be one of the largest anime communities around the web. Here, fans discuss their favorite series, rate recently watched ones, and search for new titles to discover. 


For your aims, you can check out numerous lists formed by various parameters. From simple trending ones, like above, to particular genres, year, season, etc. This is where you can get plenty of ideas for your themed site.

But what to focus on?

Let’s take a look at popular YouTube channels devoted to anime and check some interesting tendencies…

  • STEVEM – a nice example of how original content with unique ideas can make you a star. This channel presents numerous videos about anime series and, surprisingly, not all of them are modern or trending ongoing anime.

    Here, we can find content about freshly-made CyberPunk, as well as classics like Princess Mononoke, Serial Experiments: Lain, Berserk, etc. We would characterize his content type as “interesting facts” or “things you probably didn’t know about”. Valuable, engaging, suitable for all anime fans.
  • Gigguk – a huge channel with 3+ MLN subscribers, where you can also find original thoughts and ideas of the author about the anime industry as a whole, as well as concrete characters and series. Also, the author creates digests/reviews with recommendations of the best series for a season, like “Spring anime 2024 in a nutshell” or “Best of anime 2023”. Totally great approach. 
  • The Anime Man – another extremely popular anime channel, where the author delivers a quite thoughtful mix of anime content and interesting facts about Japanese culture. Definitely worth your attention.  

Which content can you monetize? 

For those who work with AdSense or Google ads, it is especially important to mind that, when you dive into the world of anime monetization, you might have to follow the rules working with the copyrighted content. 

We have discussed this issue with our publishers and have something to share.

Fan content VS official content: the eternal sharp issue

So what content is 100% allowed to use for your aims, publish and republish? 

  • Cosplay 
  • Fan art
  • Parodies and jokes
  • Reviews
  • Listings/ratings

What about official content?

If you manage the anime fanart website and want to publish fragments of the official anime series or photos of a famous cosplayer made with a professional photographer (character photoshoot), make sure to give links to the sources and add author’s names. Basically, you can publish materials that are in public access, just don’t forget to link to original sources.

Another important point for everyone who promotes through YouTube and other third-party platforms. If you want to show a fragment of official content, mind the restrictions applied by a chosen platform and/or the author. Say, if the platform allows up to 30 seconds of copyrighted content to be shown – follow this rule to avoid being banned.

And one more point – mind that the law protects ALL the parts of copyrighted content. What does it mean? Say, if we take anime series as an example, they consist of the video itself, songs (opening and ending music, themes, etc.), voicing, and many more elements. That means that the copyright law works for the materials as whole, as well as for all its elements.

For example, if you take the Naruto series and want to revoice them yourself without the studio’s permission, you are also breaking the copyright law.

Be mindful and careful. 

Where to go: platforms you may use

Our publishers who work with anime content have their themed fan sites, which they frequently promote through social media:

  • Instagram, Twitter, or Telegram are equally great to promote your fan website, since you can locate links in your posts where possible (say, Instagram stories or Telegram themed groups) and lead organic traffic right to your resource. 
  • And, of course, YouTube. You may want to follow the example of famous YouTubers and do something really cool. Try discussing popular series, new and old, like One Piece, Naruto, or Attack on Titan. You may check the anime listing websites and other channels for inspiration. 

Lead users from these platforms to your website, where you can locate Monetag’s ad formats for monetization: Popunder, Vignette Banner or Push, and Smartlink that have proved their efficiency for content-based websites, as you can see from successful case studies of our publishers. 

WordPress themes and plugins for anime fan sites 

Also, you may find helpful some of the anime/manga-inspired WordPress themes and useful plugins. 

Plus, you may want to try more MangaBooth themes and plugins (Madara themes were created by this service). 

Additional plugins to check out:

  • Wordfence – simple plugin to secure your website from malware, bot attacks, and other malicious activity;
  • Litespeed Cache – caching plugin for better website performance;
  • Rank Math – AI SEO tools to boost your website ranking; 
  • Really Simple SSL – plugin for SSL certificate generation and better website security; 
  • Cloudflare Super Page Cache – caching plugin to improve website speed.  

Summing up

As you can see, there are numerous ways to turn your passion into income. Basically, what you need is to grab  recommendations and resources above, create a content-based fan site, add a pinch of creativity and… Monetag’s ad formats for successful monetization, of course! Monetag will help you earn from something you really adore. So join today!

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