Egyptian Manga Fans: How to Earn $3,000+ Per Month On Anime Content?

Egyptian Manga Fans: case study


Yes, it seems anime fans keep conquering Monetag: today, we have another case study from a manga-related site owner. Our publisher from sunny Egypt creates content for anime geeks and earns from $3,000 per month on this professional hobby.

Let’s look at how he does it.

About the Publisher and His Website

Our story is about a website dedicated to anime and manga fan content. As our publisher emphasised it, he posts new unique content daily, and there is a whole team behind creating visuals and texts in Arabic.

Like many webmasters from this niche, our hero began this project as a hobby — without a single thought of monetizing it. The idea popped up when he and his team came across two magic words: ‘Google Adsense’.

‘We had enough fun doing that for free – but why not start making money with it?’

Monetization Story: Formats, Issues, and a Lifehack

So, Google Adsense became the first attempt to monetize traffic. It wasn’t bad, but soon Google stopped working with anime-related sites. Of course, the publisher and his team wanted the site to keep bringing profit – so, they began looking for a new solution.

*Google AdSense + Monetag article link*

Long story short, they tried several platforms. The main issue with them was adult ads, appearing from time to time even after setting strict filters. This adult content was just unacceptable for the site’s audience and caused traffic drops, so it became a real pain. 

‘Most of my traffic got annoyed from adult ads and left my website – this seemed a hopeless situation.

We were just about to close the site, when we came across Monetag.

We tried it and found out there’s not a single adult ad! Our ad feed became very much clean and Google Analytics showed the traffic increase by 100%.’

Monetag - Google Analytics showed the traffic increase by 100% - Manga/Anime website

Besides the clean feed, Monetag also triggered the era of high profits:

When I first found Monetag, my daily profit varied from $15 to $20. At the end of the third month, my account manager helped me optimize my ads, and the profit grew to $30–$40 per day. My total profit was about $960 in month 3. Today, Monetag is my number one profit source.

In Monetag, you can get a personal manager who can help you earn more – for example, help you optimize your ads placements, rates, frequency, etc. Here is more info about the Priority Program.

Here is how the publisher’s latest daily statistics look:

Monetag- Daily Statistics - Manga/Anime Website

Onclick (Popunder) became the most profitable for his site type, so he mainly works with it:

Monetag - OnClick Popunder - Manga/Anime Website

However, he also uses Smartlink, with a special code to make it work like Popunder.

‘Why I’m using that code? I can change the frequency of Popunder anytime I want, and this is useful during peak times.’

Getting the Traffic for an Anime Site

Of course, a monetization platform that suits your needs is half the battle. But much depends on your traffic volumes and quality. What does our publisher do to keep this stable traffic flow with high CPM rates? 

Here are some pieces of his strategy:

  1. Most of the traffic comes from SEO. Here is how the organic traffic statistics from Google Analytics look:
Monetag - Organic Traffic - Google Analytics - MAnga/Anime Website

As there are few anime fan websites in Arabic, the SEO competition is very low. Besides, our publisher posts a) daily b) only unique content – not just copy-and-paste from other sites so there is plenty of organic traffic.

  1. Recently, the team has also begun getting high-quality traffic with paid ads from social media. This traffic is also perfectly monetized and gives a significant earnings boost: from +$100/200 per day, with the total profit growing to x2!
  1. Some content types trigger traffic spikes. When the publisher’s team is going to publish such content, they always give it some extra promotion on social media and increase the frequency of ads.
  1. To attract and monetize an audience that doesn’t want to watch ads, the publisher introduced a special membership plan. For some monthly fee, these premium users can enjoy the content without any ads, and they generate about $500 per month. At the moment, there are about 300 paid subscribers.
  1. In the beginning, the publisher targeted Arab countries (Saudi Arabia and Egypt) but then decided to try attracting Tier-1 countries, too. With paid ads that used some creative images about anime, this became real.
Egyptian manga case: statistics by country

Final Words

In fact, that’s it! Here is the final takeaway from our publisher:

‘If you choose the manga and comics-fan niche, I recommend you to focus on Onclick mainstream ads.

 Remember: if you choose a platform that doesn’t have a strict policy about adult content, then you are likely to destroy your site. At Monetag, you can be sure to display only 100% clean ads.’

Would you like to try out this strategy with your anime fan website? Share your opinion and send us your case studies!

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