How to Motivate Social Media Users to Generate $60,000 for You [Case Study]


Monetag has a great range of tools to automate your monetization and boost your income. And what if you combine it all with a very bright website idea that will free you from almost any effort?

This is what our publisher did. Thanks to his monetization approach, he now does a minimum of investment and manual work — Monetag and online users generate income for him almost automatically!

What is the recipe? Briefly, it is social media traffic, Monetag tools, and a couple of efforts for creating a perfectly working website with gift cards.

Still sounds a bit mysterious? Read on, and we’ll reveal every single detail!

Some Words from the Publisher:

I love how you appreciate content creators and website owners. To be honest, I was pretty broke before I discovered Monetag — and now I have a stable income. Before, I’d tried to monetize my traffic through other platforms — but I haven’t found higher CPM rates, better tools, and a nicer support team that I have here at Monetag. You are the best 💚

The publisher joined Monetag: on 02/05/2017
Total withdrawals: $60,230.43

What is the Idea Behind Monetization with Gift Cards?

In a nutshell, our publisher has a simple and usual workflow: he redirects social media users to his website. However, it’s not engaging texts or video content that makes users get back to this website. 

To get the idea, let’s just follow the workflow:

  • The publisher leaves links to his websites (he currently has two sites of this kind) on social media: theme Facebook groups or his personal page. Users follow these links.
  • The website offers them to share a referral link and collect points. A user is granted points when someone joins the website via this user’s referral link.
  • The more referrals a user brings, the more points they earn.
  • The points can be exchanged for gift cards and coupons for music, gaming, shopping, and other online services.
  • While interacting with the website, users see ads. As they come over and over to check how many points they earned or to request their next gift card, there is always stable traffic.

So, in short, a user becomes motivated to bring other people to our publisher’s website. And this is where the game starts: wishing to collect points and grab their gift cards for free, people start promoting the website themselves!

Comment from Publisher: Users post their referral links in Facebook groups and some gaming communities like Free Fire and PUBG, or even create YouTube videos explaining how it works. As they reach a certain number of points, I purchase and send them cards —  like Google Play, App Store, Netflix, etc.

How Much Does This Workflow Cost?

Provided you have a large stable stream of social media traffic and ready gift card websites, there’s little left to do and purchase. Here is a quick checklist from our publisher:

  • Hosting and domain. The website has to work quickly and be ready for traffic spikes and overall big volumes. So, the publisher recommends purchasing a private virtual server for your website as a hosting. This might cost approximately $7 per month, depending on your provider and pricing plan. 

Comment from Publisher: I use OVHCloud as a domain and hosting provider — it greatly manages big traffic volumes.

  • Gift Cards. You will need to invest in gift cards regularly — if you want your website to have an excellent reputation, every user who collects enough points must receive the prize. However, even your first income from this site monetization will most likely cover the expenses, and you’ll have some profit left, too. This is possible because we offer high CPMs and allow weekly withdrawals — so you can already buy the first gift card from your Monetag earnings if your debut week is successful.
  • Website Promotion. Our publisher rarely promotes his website via paid ads — but sometimes, he posts its link on his Facebook page and purchases the promotion for $10. His main traffic source doesn’t require any investment: posting links to Facebook gaming groups doesn’t cost anything.

Overall, I began this monetization flow with only $60 — no need to invest much to start earning.

Comment from Publisher

What Ad Formats are Best Compatible with Gift Card Sites?

Our publisher tested most Monetag formats, and the choice was obvious: Onclick ads give him the highest CPM rates:


Comment from Publisher: I prefer Onclick and Direct Link (SmartLink) — bringing great results profit-wise, they are also non-intrusive and don’t repel users. It’s important not to overwhelm people with ads, you know.

Although people might be pretty tolerant of ads on a website that brings them free gifts, it still makes sense to be careful with the number of ads you show. 

To improve the user experience and boost monetization efforts, it’s a great idea to implement MultiTag. This special tool combines five ad formats in one, enables quicker loading of ads, and automatically selects formats that will be most effective for a particular user.

Final Words

To sum up, let’s give proof of our pub’s latest earnings — for example, here is what he got in September 2022:

And the story goes on — our publisher continues working and getting the most out of his traffic and the smart tools we offer at Monetag. So why don’t you try, too?

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