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Monetize Social traffic

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Disclaimer: This article does NOT explain how to monetize Facebook accounts, pages, or groups. Moreover, we advise all our publishers to be extremely careful with placing direct links straight in social media posts, as this might violate the Facebook community rules.

More and more publishers are taking social media by storm, and for a lot of them, it’s become an absolute goldmine.

However, there’s an alarming misconception among publishers that the only way you can monetize traffic is by owning a website.

Luckily, that’s not the case.

You don’t need a website to be a Publisher. With Monetag, you can register a social media publisher account, and take advantage of our custom-made optimization.

Better yet, you can target your followers with creative new formats that allow you to grow your income.

What if I only drive social media traffic?

If you exclusively deal with social media traffic, then you know that monetizing is a must-do, rather than a nice-to-have.

So, join us as we discuss why it’s important to start monetizing your social media traffic, and how you can do it properly.

Even better, we’ll touch on how others do it and the bespoke Monetag solutions that we create for you.

Let’s jump right into it!

If it’s not on social, does it even exist?

It’s no secret that people spend more time on social media than on any other channels. In fact, they spend as much as 145 minutes daily.

On top of that, there are are 4.48 billion social media users worldwide (57% of the global population), and growing.

Furthermore, the most active referral traffic comes from social media – FB, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, and Reddit, for example.

Ok, so social is important. But WHY should you monetize social media traffic?

With the above reasons in mind, why wouldn’t you?

Okay, we’ll stop being facetious.

But the facts speak for themselves. Social media traffic is one of the best-performing traffic sources, and advertisers bend over backward to pay good money for it.

Social networks are an important source of revenue because they’re the 21st century’s version of word-of-mouth promotion.

Once a user interacts with your content, their friends are included in the loop, then friends of friends, and so on. It creates social proof that your brand and your content is good.

If you like traffic, then this is a trend you want to create.

Social traffic is just one share away from going viral

Going viral helps you get larger traffic volumes.

Most publishers (including those that own websites) use social media as their main distribution and promotion platform in the hopes of going viral.

Social media traffic can dramatically increase your profits

We’re talking brass tax here; CTR, engagement, reach, and conversions.

Social media traffic drives each of these metrics like crazy.

One of the strongest metrics it drives is engagement rate.

And what does engagement bring? Higher conversions and higher CPM. These both mean higher profits.

If you keep up with trends, then social traffic is right up your street

Social media traffic is driven by content pieces that present a sense of scarcity, urgency, or exclusivity.

That content can be anything from limited-time lotteries, exclusive offers, or news, to reporting huge events that affect a lot of people (e.g., the global pandemic, scandals, royal weddings, etc.)

All users want is the possibility to share and interact with these kinds of content pieces.

This style of content distribution and promotion has even started to attract more and more audiences from the likes of WhatsApp. Simply put, it’s because it’s become easier than ever to share content.

There’s a Monetag optimization for every catch.

All good things come with a catch, and social media is no different.

Social media content has a limited shelf life for engagement. Users will only be active as long as the topic is of high interest.

You won’t have their attention for long, so it’s essential to monetize this traffic ASAP, or risk leaving money on the digital table.

However, when you work with Monetag, you can select your social category when you sign up on our Self-Service Platforms (SSP) registration form. This way, you can create a tag (Push, In-page Push, OnClick, Interstitials, MultiTag) or Direct Link that will be automatically optimized by the system, to adapt for fluctuations in metrics.

Monetag - sign up form

You can generate traffic from any GEOs with social media.

Tier 1, tier 2, tier 3 – you name it, and you can generate it!

You can run high-performing campaigns from any region to the right target audience.

Because social traffic is time-bound, as long as you incorporate relevant content trends into your strategy, you can generate profitable, targeted traffic from Asia, Europe, the US, or elsewhere.

Once you’ve generated traffic from different regions, you can identify the best-performing GEOs and focus on those to launch your next viral campaign.

However, money talks, so let’s look at some real-life examples of Monetag publishers that are making money from their social media traffic.

Monetag Publisher Case Studies

Case Study #1

Traffic Source: Facebook

Monetag - social traffic case - facebook

Our client managed to make in 16 days, by monetizing his Facebook traffic. His 5 figure income, $16,500 to be more specific, is only the beginning of what a successful campaign can generate.

As you can see, this exceptionally good traffic is coming from Tier 1 and 2.

Case Study #2

Traffic Source: Instagram


Monetag - social traffic case - instagram

In less than 16 days, our client managed to make over $25,150, monetizing Instagram traffic from Tier 1 countries.

Case Study #3

Traffic Source: WhatsApp


monetag - social traffic case - whatsapp

And whoever said that Tier 3 traffic doesn’t perform, probably didn’t know what success you can have while monetizing Indian traffic. This client managed to get over $8,100 on traffic generated in just 16 days, on WhatsApp. 

Indian Publisher Market: Everything You Need to Know

Social Media Best Practices: Straight from Monetag Publisher Partner Managers

If you’re wondering about the best ways to monetize your social media traffic, look no further!

Our Publisher Partner team put together key learnings to help you scale the profitability of your social media traffic ASAP:

  • Use all our monetization formats at once, or use the MultiTag. Don’t forget to include Direct Links as well. Social traffic won’t last long so you better take as much as you can from it.
  • Understand your audience and adapt your content to speak to them. Get ready for traffic, because if you can’t handle it, you can’t monetize it.
  • Some of the best-performing social media posts are news, listicles, celebrity news, and comedy. When in doubt, ride the trends.
  • Don’t forget that social media traffic has an expiration date. If you don’t monetize fast, it can and will go away.
  • Register as a social media publisher and set ads to be displayed with a high frequency – the more people see them, the better your payout.
  • Keep your content mobile-friendly – 91% of all social media users actively navigate from their mobile devices.
  • Whatever happens, familiarize yourself with the written and unwritten rules of the community, and their tolerance for sales promotions.

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