How to Invest $200 and Earn $3,000 per Month With An Education Website [Case Study]

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A website for students that allows them to check the exam results quickly — sounds like a great business idea, right? But how do you overcome the competition, strive for the first rankings in Google, and earn BIG on such a platform?

Or, even a more intriguing question: how to earn $1,300 in a day on an education portal?

Believe it or not, we have an answer. Our publisher from Pakistan shared his experience in finding the top profitable website niches, gaining enormous traffic volumes — and successfully monetizing it with Monetag.

Our case study today will be about one of our publisher’s websites aimed at Pakistani students. The website has a search form allowing 10th graders to find their exam results quickly and contains a couple of SEO articles for Google rankings.

About the Publisher and His Website

The hero of our post has been a full-time blogger since 2018. He is an SEO specialist, and here is what he says about his job:

SEO is only for those passionate about learning something new daily and have patience. In fact, SEO is the other name for patience: ranking websites takes time and money.

Here is the basic workflow that brings our partner success:

Find a website idea — create a website — generate content — optimize it for search engines — earn with Monetag

And a few details.

Website Ideas and Creation

Our publisher shared a life hack on how to create websites for successful monetization:

  1. Visit — a website where anyone can enlist a website for sale
  2. Find the most expensive or popular website niches in Flippa’s listings
  3. Analyze the top websites, adopt their best engagement methods, and monetize them

Most websites owned by our publisher are based on WordPress — so they don’t require much technical skills or money.

Website Content for Monetization

The publisher has a team of writers who create unique and well-optimized texts for his websites. Here is what he says about content:

If you provide Quality, then you will rank. Google only loves the value-added Content. No matter how you write your Content, if your Content provides value to the users, you can easily rank your blog.

And, a couple of recommendations from our partner on the top YouTube Channels that will help you learn new SEO and keyword research techniques and stay tuned with all the Google updates:

Website Optimization and Monetization

According to our publisher, the key to massive traffic flow is thorough keyword research. His strategy implies finding keywords with low competition but a good number of monthly searches. Such keywords must be organically included in the content.

This is an example of such a keyword we found using the Semrush tool:


The keyword’s volume is big enough compared to similar keywords, but it has a pretty low competition (KD = keyword difficulty) level.

Besides SEO articles, our publisher creates backlinks and invests in guest posts. This helps his website to be ranked even higher in Google searches.

It takes time, though; for example, the website we are talking about today needed around five months to get the top positions on the main keyword. Meanwhile, our publisher adds Monetag ads to generate profit.

Education Website Monetization: How It Generated Profit?

The website we are looking at today is special because of a huge traffic spike on 18 — 24 August. This actually happened because August 22 was the date when the results of BISE Peshawar — a government examination for 10th graders — were announced. 

However, our publisher’s website wasn’t the only platform on the Internet that suggested checking the results. What was the recipe for such a success?

Preparation and Investments

Here is what our partner did beforehand:

  • Created several SEO articles that cost approximately $100
  • Generated backlinks and several guest posts — it took another $100

Within 5 months, the website has been gaining trust from Google and finally became one of the top in search results.

Traffic Generation

When the date of the exam results announcement was closed, our publisher began noticing an increase in traffic. Here are his traffic stats from 18 to 21 August:


As you see, in that particular period, he managed to get more than 145k Users with more than 305k page views.

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On the main event day, the site got around 533k users and about 1,7 million page views:


Overall, during the period from 18 to 24 August, the site generated 720k organic users with more than 2.2 Million page views.

Earnings from Monetag

Only on August 21, the website made $123.33 with a CPM of 0.26 (average CPM for all the formats). The traffic came exclusively from Pakistan:


But this was only the beginning. On the day X — August 22 — our publisher earned $1267.84 with a 0.58 CPM rate — more than twice higher than the day before! Does it require any comment?


Finally, let’s look at the overall August earnings: 


With a $200 investment, our publisher ended up with an almost $3,000 profit.

Top-Performing Ad Formats

Our partner activated all Monetag formats for his website. The top earner was Onclick — it brought the highest profits and CPM. Here is the table with all the formats CPMs, from the highest to the lowest:

Onclick / Popunder1.03
Push Notifications0.05
In-Page Push0.04

To Sum Up

You’ve just become a witness to how a simple WordPress website can earn almost $3,000 per month at Monetag. 

As our publisher said, 

I have tried many ad networks. Monetag offers much higher CPM rates than the others: it has always paid me more than other networks on the same blog with the same traffic. And the most important reason I recommend Monetag to other friends is the Impression counts: Monetag counts more than 2 to 3 times more impressions than other networks I tried.

Of course, he earned it all thanks to his vast knowledge of SEO and a smart approach to website ideas. However, Monetag’s smart monetization technologies crazily boosted all his efforts — and together, we created a great profitable combo.

You are welcome to do the same —

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