Monetizing a Website With Facebook Traffic: 12K+ in Profit


“I have been a Monetag publisher for over 4 years now and it has been a great life-changing experience for me.”

This is how our publisher started his monetization story, and you can suspect he’s nothing but satisfied with the profits he achieved with us throughout that time.

What he is doing is monetizing an entertainment website by driving his social traffic to it, Facebook in particular. If you find that interesting and close to home, let’s see how much money did he earn, and what his strategy is. You might get an idea of how to profit from your social following. 

Sounds just right, doesn’t it?

Elevation: From blog to Facebook groups

Our publisher’s success didn’t come all of a sudden. And his strategies changed over time. 

When he first entered the publishing world, in 2015, our client ran a blog, and he promoted his posts through Facebook ads. So yes, this social network was his main monetization tool from the very beginning. 

He was doing solid. But over time, he realized that having his own traffic source would help him greatly. He gave it a thought and then stopped running Facebook promotional ads and started creating and growing his own Facebook pages and groups.

However, he struggled. 

Mainly because he couldn’t find the right ad network to support him, even though he tried several well-known companies. But also because Facebook deleted some of his pages and groups without giving him a reason for doing that.

However, he stood firm. He pushed through all of the challenges. Adapted. Learned. And then, he was ready for his next chapter called “Success”.

Prep time: Growing Facebook traffic

In order for his new strategy to work, our publisher needed to bring the Facebook groups and pages he created to a certain level. He needed to grow members and his audience so he could get a real opportunity to do something with that traffic.

“I grow my pages and groups by being consistent and posting meaningful things that will engage members.”

He was relying on quality and engaging content to expand his audience, hoping his users would invite others to join the groups. And that’s exactly what happened. It took some time, but now he has more than a hundred thousand reach with his posts and thousands of clicks.

Not to mention his audience being really caught up with the content he provides. In most cases, he would get hundreds of comments and a decent number of post shares:


Strategy in place: Content examples and traffic redirection

Our publisher created 8 Facebook groups and 5 Facebook pages that are now generating quite a bit of traffic. 

“I have over 5 million followers on all my Facebook platforms”.

And what does he do with this traffic?

He points his followers toward his website, where they will see ads smartly served through Monetag’s Direct link (also called SmartLink).

The main thing is to make the Facebook audience interested enough to pause their social platform exploration and immediately go to his website. This demands real knowing of what makes their heart thick and creating posts worthy of their effort to migrate to a site page.

“I’m an entertainment blogger. I focus mainly on Nigerian celebrities, and I write about their lifestyle. I put my articles the way they bring interest in my readers, thereby making them engage with my posts.”

His call to action consists of offering his Facebook users only a part of a story, and asking them to continue reading on the blog. And that’s where he places a Direct link that will, if clicked, lead the site audience to the most relevant offer.

When asked where he finds trending news and topics that will intrigue his social followers, he said he relies on other social media platforms, like Twitter (now X) and Instagram. And then he simply writes about it.

The publisher doesn’t rely on SEO, he gets 100% of his traffic from Facebook groups and pages. And the majority of his traffic comes from Africa:


With SmartLink to up to $1700 a month

With social traffic being such a powerful tool that can make publishers scale their businesses and achieve great results, it would be a shame not to have a way of profiting from it. That’s where Monetag comes into play with its super effective and reliable monetization format named SmartLink.

SmartLink is a specially designed URL that provides access to thousands of offers from 2000+ direct advertisers worldwide, making sure the most relevant one is presented to each and every user.

This format is designed to offer site users the most substantial ad experience based on their GEO, personal inclinations, and device preferences. As a result, publishers are rewarded with the highest revenue.

In this particular case, the publisher earned from a couple of hundred to more than a thousand dollars each month. His highlight in terms of monetization was in May last year, when he earned a total of $1,757.

Overall, his earnings so far have passed $12.000 and will continue to grow.

Final thoughts

The publisher started investing so much effort in growing his Facebook groups and pages because he decided to make a living off it. And even though he’s not there yet, we are sure he’s not too far away from making this dream a reality.

For now, he has a winning combination in his hands: a good understanding of what his social followers desire, the capability of creating engaging content, AND, most importantly, a reliable and effective monetization platform in his service.

But to show you this is not just us being overconfident, we will let our publisher write down the last lines of this text:

“It has been an awesome experience for me working with Monetag, and I will never back down because Monetag is the best monetization platform currently.”

Hope you find this case study inspiring and useful. Join Monetag today and become the main character of your own successful monetization story.

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