How to Get and Monetize Twitter Traffic in 2023

Monetag - how to monetize twitter traffic

Twitter has been a leading platform since the early days of social media, and its hundreds of millions of active users are some of the most loyal followers you can attract.

World leaders, celebrities, and professional sports teams alike leverage the power of Twitter to spread their messages and engage their followers on a massive scale. And as a bonus, Twitter provides publishers with an excellent source of traffic for their websites and landing pages.

With that said, Twitter has unique features that set it apart from other social media giants. To achieve the best results, publishers must understand and leverage them.

At Monetag, we work closely with experienced publishers who have mastered Twitter as a traffic source for their websites and landing pages. We’ve harnessed some of this valuable knowledge for this very article, where we’ll discuss the value of Twitter traffic, share tips for generating website traffic via Twitter, and explore techniques for monetizing these visitors.

Is Twitter Traffic Worth It?

Before diving in, let’s take a moment to analyze Twitter and the quality of its traffic.

Twitter is growing

Over the past five years, Twitter’s user base has been growing steadily, reaching a peak of 237.8 million monthly active users as of 2022. More than 500 million tweets are published on the network every day, making it one of the top social networks in terms of content volume and reach.

Source: Statista

Publisher-friendly algorithms

Not only that, but Twitter has remained loyal to organic posts. It still favors this type of content over paid ads, meaning that every piece of content has a chance of going viral, even if it comes from a user with a growing number of followers. In contrast, Facebook and Instagram have tweaked their algorithms to force content creators to pay for ads to get maximum exposure.

The audience is active

Research suggests that only 10% of Twitter users create 80% of the content. Although not quite the 80/20 rule, this statistic proves that most people come to Twitter to be entertained rather than to post content themselves.

What Publishers Should Know About Twitter Monetization

It’s essential to understand that all audiences are unique, and the users you want to attract on Twitter are no exception. To be successful, you need to know your followers, determine what type of content they like, and identify the best times to engage these users.

With that in mind, some demographic details can help you better understand your Twitter audience:

  • More than 75% of Twitter users are between the ages of 18 and 50 (38.5% being 25-34)
  • The vast majority (77.75%) of Twitter users reside in the US
  • 70.4% of Twitter users are male (29.6% female)

Steps to Attract Twitter Traffic

Like other social networks, there’s a learning curve for Twitter that you’ll likely go through before achieving the results you want. However, some unique elements set it apart from other networks.

To succeed with a Twitter account, you need to:

  1. Create an Awesome Profile

Twitter profiles are relatively simple, featuring a profile picture, a header image, a background image, a short bio, and a link. The background image is the hardest to get right because it changes according to the user’s screen, so most affiliate Twitter profiles don’t include this feature.

Monetag - how to monetize twitter traffic

Remember to include:

  • Attractive and relevant profile and cover images
  • A link to your site and a thorough description of its contents
  • A fun and/or memorable handle
  1. Post as Often as Possible

Twitter’s engagement cycle is much shorter than on other platforms. Your content will go stale more quickly, so you need to post as much as possible. Successful Twitter profiles post anywhere between 1 to 5 times a day, but this number can vary depending on the vertical and industry trends.

  1. Follow Relevant People

This step is pretty self-explanatory. If you want to get noticed, look at the profiles in your industry that have the highest number of followers and follow them. This will help you get noticed, help the Twitter algorithm understand what your profile is about, and get you quality followers simultaneously.

How Many Twitter Followers Do You Need to Have to Start Monetizing?

It’s important to understand that there is no exact number of Twitter followers that will guarantee high traffic volumes coming from Twitter to your website and monetization revenue. 

Because the algorithm still favors organic traffic, you don’t need to focus solely on building your Twitter traffic. Instead, you should find a balance between a large enough audience and high engagement levels. 

In this social network, having a smaller audience is worth it if your engagement levels remain high because these users can retweet your content and amplify your reach. 

Tips to Generate Twitter Traffic for Your Site

Twitter traffic is extremely high-quality, so it’s no surprise that only a small percentage of publishers have penetrated this social network. 

Exposure is crucial on Twitter, so you need to get creative, test several ideas, and keep researching until you find a winning combination.

Plus, don’t forget to work thoroughly on every piece of content as one single tweet can go viral and reel in thousands of followers.

You should also:

  • Avoid self-promotion (the Twittersphere doesn’t care!) and just publish useful content
Monetag - twitter example

A bad example. No one literally cares about how great your website is.

  • Focus on informative visuals like charts, quotes, stats, and other sharable goodies
monetag - useful info twitter example
  • If appropriate, go for entertaining visuals as well, like sports scores, GIFs, videos, streams, etc.
Monetag - twitter example - game update
  • Generate event-based content and use the right hashtags
Monetag - twitter sports example
  • Use intrigue to make your tweets more catchy
Monetag - twitter example - clickbait
  • Engage industry leaders by asking questions and participating in discussions

How to Monetize Twitter Traffic

At Monetag, we help our Twitter publishers get the most from the traffic they generate.

It’s important to understand that with Monetag (or any other network), you can’t monetize Twitter traffic directly – first, Twitter users must visit your website or landing page.

For example, using the Direct Link format on Twitter is a bad idea, as the platform will likely ban your account. That’s why we emphasize the importance of first bringing traffic to your website / landing page.

What’s next after sending Twitter traffic to your website, landing page or app?

Once users arrive at your website, what’s next? Monetag offers the two best options for monetizing viral traffic from Twitter:

  1. Multitag works for all GEOs and OSs, making it perfect for traffic coming to your website, landing or app from Twitter. In the case of viral content, you usually have no idea which GEOs users will come from, which is why Multitag is a great option. Our system automatically optimizes ad formats for the traffic you have, ensuring maximum profit.
  2. Push notification services let you collect push subscriptions through your site and monetize them on a recurring basis with other ad formats. 

How it works: Twitter users visit your website, enjoy your content, subscribe to push notifications, and become your returning audience.

Are you looking to grow and monetize your Twitter traffic volumes? Get in touch with Monetag, and our team will be glad to help you get the most from your traffic.

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