How Did Successful Entertainment Site Publisher Generate Revenue? [Case Study]

Monetag - Entertainment Websites - case study

Publishers are the life and soul of the internet, populating this amazing space with engaging and exciting content. 

Yet, it’s essential for these individuals to monetize the traffic they attract in order to keep the good times rolling. 

This is the reason why Monetag makes life so simple for publishers. Thanks to our AI monetization technology, you can join countless publishers that are already seeing great results with minimal effort.

Below, we’ll share a case study of a publisher who uses Monetag to generate revenue from his traffic on a regular basis. 

Boosting Passive Revenue Through Interstitials

This case study will focus on a publisher who owns an entertainment site that mainly drives traffic from Africa. 

I always assumed AdSense was the best thing for entertainment platforms, so I never considered anything else. But, after Google suspended my ads for 3 months, I was forced to look elsewhere, and that’s when I realized Monetag was the way to go.

“That ad suspension was a blessing in disguise. After it was lifted, I had a choice: go back to the old setup or stick to Monetag. Once I evaluated the results that I got from Monetag, specifically interstitial ads, I knew I couldn’t go back to what I did before.

Why Interstitial Ads?

This publisher discovered what many before him had figured out: Monetag interstitial ads are ideal for large-scale publishers that want to focus on passive income. 

“Interstitial ads are cool. They show up in between pages, they have a big close button, and the ads are not spammy. All these result in awesome CTR rates,” continues our publisher. 

“I run an entertainment blog, so I have hundreds of thousands of users coming in every week. But, to be successful, I need them to stay on the website for a bit longer,” says our publisher. “Interstitial ads come in handy because they can be closed easily so users like them. These ads work well with my other monetization strategies because users are able to navigate the page without issues, so I end up making more money overall.”

“I’ve tried a few things, but some ad formats simply don’t work on entertainment blogs. It all depends on the users you attract. My users, for instance, don’t like popunders, but they seem to enjoy interstitials a lot.”

Making $600 in August

“Money is obviously a big part, but I’m passionate about delivering quality content to my users. So, I want to make sure the site is easy to navigate and that the stuff on there is worth the visit,” says our publisher. 

As for his earnings, our publisher “managed to generate almost $600 during the month of August in passive interstitial income alone.”

“To be honest, they only ran for about half the month, and I still generated a nice profit to go along with my main monetization channels.”

Monetag - case study - Boosting Passive Revenue Through Interstitials

Driving Quality Traffic and Obtaining a High CPM

The CPM rate of your ads will vary based on the type, quality, and volume of traffic you attract. In short, the higher the number of visitors, the more you get paid.

“To get a high CPM on your website with interstitial ads, you need to have at least 15,000 to 20,000 visitors per day. Currently, I get around 13,000 to 16,000 visitors per day. The more my traffic increases, the higher my CPM rate,” says our publisher. 

“There are many ways to drive great traffic. I prefer SEO and other forms of organic because they are cheaper, plus the users are way more engaged. That said, social media traffic works well too, but they are dependent on the number of followers you have or sponsored posts you publish,” says the publisher. 

“I also figured that if I blogged about something I’m passionate about, the results would be better. So, I changed up my content and site design, shifted my focus to music specifically, and the traffic I attracted skyrocketed. Users saw that my content was way more interesting and in-depth than on other sites, which made them want to stay.”

Let’s take a look at some of the results that our publisher managed to achieve after making this switch. 

Monetag - case study - GA results

A whopping boost of 171.3% in users, all from one single switch. 

“It wasn’t easy. I had to learn SEO and change a lot of stuff. But, once I got the hang of it, the results were undeniable. And, believe me, when I say, it’s never too late to start.”

By the way, you can also share your case study and get paid for it! Check out how to earn with your experience.

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