Monetag & Google AdSense: Can They Work Together?

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Did you know that you can use AdSense and Monetag together?

That’s right, there are almost no risks, and they are a very compatible combination. But, if you’re still on the fence about using two networks simultaneously, we’ll bust all the myths and break down the benefits in this simple guide.

Does AdSense allow you to monetize websites with other networks?

Yes, Adsense is totally okay with other networks – they say it straightforwardly in their guidelines. So, can add a Monetag code to a website that’s already integrated with AdSense.

Better yet, most Monetag ad formats are compatible with AdSense (except Popunder/OnClick ads), meaning there are almost no limitations when it comes to the types of ads you can run.

There are still some nuances to this, which we’ll break down in this guide.

Is Monetag the same as Adsense?

AdSense and Monetag have different mechanics in how they work:

  • AdSense uses contextual targeting as its primary targeting method. This means it analyses the written content and keywords on your website to target audiences.
  • Monetag, however, uses GEO, interests, and gender-based targeting.

As you can see, the two approaches make a complementary combination in your advertising efforts.

Why should I use Monetag when I am already with AdSense?

You might be wondering what the big benefit of using Monetag is if you’re already using AdSense in your monetization efforts.

The big benefit is simple: using Monetag will boost your monetization efforts and bring in higher profits.

But don’t just take our word for it; here’s what our publishers say,

“I normally use AdSense and Monetag at the same time – but I found out that my Monetag account generates more revenue for my website – especially with certain formats.”

The big benefits of using Monetag, broken down

1. More Niches

As you may know, AdSense policies restrict certain content types, even if they are very profitable.

While Monetag has limitations too, we allow monetizing sites in more verticals and don’t restrict all the same content that AdSense does.

Here’s a preview of some of the content types we accept:

Real-Money iGamingRestrictedAllowed (unless it’s illegal iGaming)
CryptocurrencyMight be restrictedAllowed (except illegal trades and sites)
Foreign Dating Might be restrictedAllowed (except adult dating)

Better yet, AdSense doesn’t always prohibit these content types:

“Publishers may place AdSense code on pages with content in the scope of the Google Publisher Restrictions, though this content will likely receive less advertising than other, non-restricted content.“

Google Publisher Restrictions

This means that if, for example, you are an iGaming publisher, your content will generate more profit with Monetag, and you won’t need to refuse AdSense ads.

In short: you will be able to generate profit from both networks!

Note: Don’t confuse restricted content with strictly prohibited content: both AdSense and Monetag have the same policies towards illegal, crime-related, and adult-related content. You can find our full content T&Cs here.

2. Similar Policies

AdSense and Monetag’s other policies are very similar. In other words, if your site is accepted by AdSense, it will most likely be accepted by Monetag, too.

Generally, most activities on Monetag are compatible with AdSense policies. Here’s what one of our publishers has to say about it:

“Maybe some of the publishers use monetization ad formats from ad networks that don’t meet the requirements of the Adsense Ad Network, which causes problems with Adsense accounts, but so far Monetag is very suitable if combined with Adsense.“

3. More Ad Formats

Monetag gies you access to more ad formats, and in turn higher levels of profitability.

While AdSense uses different algorithms and ad formats, Monetag offers a wider variety of options, so you have greater access to advertisers and higher earnings.

Here is the difference between AdSense and Monetag formats:

AdSenseMonetag (Compatible with AdSense)
– Display ads
– In-feed native ads
– In-article native ads
– Multiplex ads
– Search engine ads
– Push notifications
– In-Page Push
– Interstitials
– Direct Link
– Vignette Banners

As you can see, there are no ad formats in common here, so you won’t have to worry about the networks competing for space. When you add Monetag monetization to your AdSense solution, you’ll be able to boost impressions and clicks in more engaging ways.

4. Anti-AdBlock

As publishers, AdBlock is our worst enemy. It hinders growth and profits, which is a big problem!

However, this only applies to Google ads.

If a user enables AdBlock, they won’t see Google ads, but they will see Monetag’s ads thanks to our innovative Anti-AdBlock technology.

Our tech makes it possible for the right audience to see specially adapted, personalized ads at the right time, without AdBlock getting in the way. We know, it may seem like magic, but it’s just smart technology! 😉

What should I keep in mind when working with two networks simultaneously?

You might remember that we mentioned particular nuances at the beginning of this guide. These nuances come into play when working with two networks at the same time to monetize your site without risks.

1. Number of ads

Google cares deeply about user experience, and it’s no secret why. Here are some things to keep in mind to make sure your Monetag ads are complementary to ASense:

  • Keep the number of ads to a reasonable amount. We recommend tailoring the number of ads to suit the vertical you operate in. Nobody wants to interact with a site that’s full of ads and not useful content!
  • Don’t run ads that interfere with convenient navigation of the site.
  • Don’t have more ads on the site than content.

So, when working with two networks simultaneously, keep good user experience at the center of your campaign strategy. AdSense won’t be very happy with you if your site is overwhelmed with ads!

2. Ad placement

AdSense is particular about ad placements when combined with other ads. Here’s what you should keep in mind:

  • Make sure your ads don’t cover the main content. AdSense doesn’t allow its ads to have this functionality. AdSense doesn’t allow its ads on websites that have such an issue.
  • Monetag uses our smart algorithm to place ads neatly, without hiding your site content.

3. Compatible formats

It’s hard to say exactly what ad format will be the most compatible for your site. It may depend on your vertical, GEO, or even your overall monetization approach.

So, we asked our most experienced publishers what their go-to formats are for compatibility when it comes to using AdSense and Monetag together. Here’s what they had to say:

Publisher 1 (Mainstream website): 

  • I basically use all Monetag ad formats with AdSense, and they all work well.

Publisher 2 (News website):  

  • “Usually, I combine AdSense banner or display ad format and Monetag with Push Notifications ad format. The difference from the ad format used is a good step and maximizes monetization well.

Publisher 4 (News website):

  • The best format to combine with Adsense is In-Page Push.

Publisher 5 (Mainstream website): 

  • I combine AdSense with Monetag Push Notifications and Vignette Banners: quite friendly and don’t bother the visitors.

Publisher 6 (Streaming website):

  • “Monetag’s Push advertisements are forceful and give higher viewability, and click-through rates result. They bring me more income than AdSense usually does.”

As you see, everyone has their own experience, but nobody complained about any issues — so we can safely say all Monetag formats work great with AdSense.

To Sum Up

If you still have concerns about using two networks together, here are some quick facts that may change your mind:

  • Monetag’s verification process is easy: you can start monetizing your traffic almost instantly. AdSense might take more time to check if you qualify.
  • Monetag offers more regular payouts: AdSense offers monthly payouts, with a minimum payout of $100. At Monetag, you can choose weekly payouts from just $5
  • Monetag offers a variety of payout methods: We work with PayPal, Skrill, Wire Transfer, WebMoney, ePayments, and Payoneer — some of the best payout methods for advertisers to date.

Ready to supercharge your profits?

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