And Action: Movie Fansite Gets $40K with Monetag’s SmartLink


This case study is not just about money but also about appreciating Monetag for being life-changing. I owned a car, a cyber café, and also a good apartment from Monetag payments.

You can expect a success story of that scope somewhere in The Guardian, but here it is, in our Monetag blog. These are the words of our Nigerian publisher, who managed to get significant profit from his fan site dedicated to movies

We bet you want to know the details, so let’s move.

Prequel to the blockbuster 

So, our partner has a blog-like movie fan site that gets traffic from Facebook (Groups, Ads, SEO), Google, and Monetag’s Direct Link (or SmartLink). From the words of our publisher, Direct Link helps him “monetize 100% of traffic and get high CPM”. 

Just like the choice of traffic sources and main ad format, the most profitable GEOs were defined by means of testing. And here are the most successful ones (based on CPM rates):

GEOCPM range
United States (US)20 – 30
United Kingdom (GB)35 – 50
Italy (IT)22 – 30
Germany (DE)48 – 60
Spain (ES)30 – 40
Netherlands (NL)50 – 60
Sweden (SE)40 – 50
Australia (AU)20 – 30
Kuwait (KU)15 – 20
New Zealand (NZ)50 – 80

The best strategies in practice

Direct Link for movie fan sites is a real classic of efficient monetization. Our publisher claims it to be extremely profitable, when used correctly, this is what he said:

A lot of publishers use Direct Links for their websites, but not all of them get significant profit. Why so? Because it’s important not to send any low-quality and bot traffic, since only human traffic can bring you money. This is the way to high profits and skyrocketing CPM.

So the first secret ingredient of successful monetization from our partner is high-quality and human-only traffic. Guess, which one is the second? He says:

All I do is use Google trends to find trending movie requests and retrieve some relevant keywords for the best ones.

Here is what it looks like:


Next step – our partner creates a new post on the most popular movie using the keywords from Google Trends, like this:


To locate a Direct Link, our publisher uses a button that leads to additional thematic content right in the post. 

Also, not only he relies on Google Trends, but also on the Yoast SEO WordPress plugin to choose the best-matching keywords and increase chances for a post to show up in a search engine.    


For a better reach, our publisher runs Facebook ads targeting GEOs with high CPM listed above, then he shares posts in his Facebook groups and pages to engage more movie fans.

His general social media stats look this way:


And here are Monetag statistics split by GEOs:


The numbers speak for themselves – almost $12K earned from Nigerian users (the main target audience) is the top result of our publisher and one of the best ones around our partners. 

To sum up: When you do that right with Monetag Direct Link

So, currently, our publisher’s stats look this way:


The total earnings exceed $44K a year even though our partner is currently working on other projects, as he informed us. So considering that this is not his only project, he didn’t invest all of his time and effort in this movie fan site, still we see inspiring results. 

Here are his final words for you, dear readers:

I have introduced Monetag to more people who had doubts about it. What I do is just show my balance and high CPM, plus – I show them how to make money from Monetag’s Direct Link. When used smartly, this tool can be extremely beneficial, as you can see from my experience. I still work with Monetag and have my high CPM, being very grateful to this platform!

Hope, you are inspired and ready to repeat our partner’s experience. More head-spinning case studies are about to come!

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