Slide into Profits by Monetizing Facebook Traffic: 9k+ with SmartLink


It’s not that rare for people to turn doing something they love into a business opportunity. Or, as in this case, something they did just for the sake of fun into a nice and steady profit source. 

Investing time in building social traffic can really pay off, you just need to have the right partner by your side. And clearly, a good ear for what’s making your audience click (literally!)

So here it is – a new case study on how to monetize Facebook traffic with Monetag’s SmartLink. Let’s dive in.

The background story: How it all started

Even though our client Ifeanyi S., has been a publisher for a while now, monetizing Facebook traffic wasn’t a part of his plan at all. 

He had a blog and worked on creating compelling content there, but at the same time, he got interested in creating Facebook groups without any specific intentions.

“I have been growing Facebook groups and using them for fun, just to post and entertain people. But then I realized that I already had a big fan base and decided to monetize it.”

Facebook turned out to be a place where he finds inspiration for his posts as well. He sees what other people and members of his Facebook groups share, and uses that as a main concept when creating his own content. 

Given that he has his own entertainment blog, the publisher creates a blog post, and then he shares it in his Facebook groups. And whenever members of this group click on the post, they are sent to his blog page where the SmartLink is placed. 

“When I became aware of the fact that I already had a big fan base, I was set on finding a way to monetize this traffic. So I started sharing blog posts in my groups.”

This way more people get to see his content and get engaged with it. 

“They are happy to read it from there. That’s how my revenue started growing, and I kept building and even renting more groups.”

His main trick is making Facebook posts go viral. And how does he do that? By writing about celebrity birthdays and birthdays of really old people. His fans simply loves this type of content, so they start commenting with congratulations and nice wishes, which launches the post all across this social media platform and makes it viral.

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Another type of content that also does the magic is writing about people’s achievements (purchased cars or houses). This is for sure a thing that triggers people and makes them want to know more about it, but also pushes them into commenting under the FB post.

“That is how I earn from it, the more users engage on the post, the more profit you earn from the click. I’m telling you, it does pay off.”

Note: The publisher does not incorporate SmartLink into every single blog post. He obviously doesn’t want to overload his readers with advertising. But he is steadily increasing the pace.

High social media reach + Monetag = $9.000+ in profit

When it comes to how often our publisher posts on his website, the answer is five times a day, usually. It happens that the number of posts is lower than that.

“If the post is going well and my CPM is good, I’m always motivated to post more.”

On another note, depending on how viral his posts are on social media, the publisher has between 30k and 50k views. But there were times when it was significantly lower – 5k, 7k, 10k.

Note: The publisher didn’t rely on paid promotion on Facebook. The total of his reach on this social media platform was through Facebook groups of his own. He did, however, post on other free and rented groups to improve his reach.

When you draw the line, his total earnings of $9.000+ made him extremely satisfied and eager to continue monetizing his website through Facebook traffic.

His earnings were especially high during June of 2023. He generated $1.900 in that month only, and according to the publisher, this happened because almost every post he created went viral. 

“While working with Monetag, I have been able to achieve many things. I was even able to build a house and also fund my travels. All that thanks to Monetag.”

A couple of words on SmartLink: Perfect tool for monetizing social traffic

To monetize any sort of social traffic – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter (now X), TikTok, YouTube, Pinterest, Whatsapp, etc., all you need is Monetag’s Direct Link (also called SmartLink). And the way it’s used is super simple.

As the name suggests, SmartLink is a link that can be placed on a landing page, or tied to buttons and other UI elements on the website page. And whenever a user clicks on it, SmartLink will launch them to the most relevant offer.

How is it determined what’s the most relevant offer?

SmartLink’s AI algorithm will analyze data, considering the user’s preferences, GEO, device, etc, and present him an offer he’s most likely to convert. More than 240+k publishers have already tried our SmartLink and can confirm how effective this monetization format is.

Here’s what you can count on with SmartLink:

  • Access to several thousands of offers provided by 2000+ direct advertisers
  • Really high CPM rates
  • Easy integration

Final thoughts: Quick Q&A

To give you a full disclosure of how this publisher operates, we prepared a short interview that will reveal the rest of his tactics and approaches. Also, we wanted to know why he chose  Monetag as his monetization partner.

How do you feel about SEO? Do you use any SEO tools/services in your work?

– I don’t use SEO at all. I only use my Facebook groups and my pages.

Have you worked with other networks? Why do you prefer working with Monetag? 

– Yes, I have worked with Google AdSense. I prefer Monetag because of the weekly payments, but also because of the customer support and relationship they have with publishers. They will solve any issue you raise within a short period of time. 

Are you planning to try and monetize any other social media, messengers, YouTube, etc.?

– I don’t. I only strive to create more Facebook groups and grow them in order to have more audience.

– Can you share any advice with publishers who want to repeat your success?

Always be consistent. There are bad days; sometimes Facebook won’t allow posts to go viral, but just be consistent, and you will definitely make it.

Hope you found this case study to be insightful and of help for your future monetization successes. In case you are ready to start your own monetization journey, we will be glad to support you. 

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