Organic Facebook Traffic + Monetag = $18k [Case Study]


Meet Igelle G., a Nigerian publisher with a knack for turning Facebook traffic into a lucrative revenue stream.

His secret weapon? 

A blend of viral entertainment content and strategic use of Monetag’s monetization formats. But how does he do it? With a strong combination of engaging storytelling and organic social sharing.

Let’s dive into his strategy.

Crafting viral content: A closer look

Our publisher’s formula is straightforward yet effective. He creates engaging posts on his entertainment blog and embeds Monetag’s direct links. These aren’t just any posts; they’re designed to go viral on Facebook, thanks to emotionally charged stories and statements that spark curiosity.

For example, one successful post narrated a touching story from a hospital visit, ending with a powerful message about life’s value and prompting readers to show gratitude.

These posts aren’t just for reading –– Igelle strategically places a “Read more” or “See more” button with a link to his site to drive engagement. The combination of the dramatic story and clear CTA drives interaction, shares, and, most importantly, clicks.

Our publisher successfully drove a total of 102 likes and 72 comments using his story-driven content strategy using creatives like this:


Strategy in action: Engagement through emotion

Igelle’s posts stand out because they tap into emotions, driving people to engage more deeply. Each post is carefully crafted with a compelling narrative, leading users to the “Read more” link that takes them directly to his site, where Monetag ads await.

This highly engaging strategy drives notable results beyond Facebook engagement metrics. Let’s take a look at his site traffic and profits.

Driving blog traffic

Engagement through emotion prompts Facebook users to visit Igelle’s blog for the rest of the story. Below, we can see this strategy is powerful enough to generate 230K views in a month, with as much as 18.5K views on just one story.

Igelle’s total blog views on his site, from sharing emotional stories to Facebook:


The total views are made up of strong individual numbers, with as many as 18.5K views on just one post:


Driving revenue

When it comes to revenue, this is a highly effective approach. Our publisher generates no less than $700-$800 per month, and sometimes these numbers double. He has driven a total of $18,788.55 with Monetag using this strategy.

Using Facebook’s full potential

So, how exactly does Igelle share these stories on Facebook for the greatest impact and the most revenue?

It’s an elegant and straightforward solution. By posting 10 times daily and focusing exclusively on Facebook groups, he secures a steady stream of traffic to his blog. His selection process for groups is meticulous, opting for active ones with over 200,000 members. 

Notably, our publisher does not sponsor posts he shares on Facebook. By posting organically in Facebook groups without resorting to sponsored content, he leverages pure social engagement to boost his traffic. Here is what he says:

“Most of the groups are owned by individuals, some are public groups which you can post freely, some groups are private and you will have to contact the group admin to share the content. You can pay for your post to be published to the group. I was having one group then but it was disabled by Facebook. So mostly I share my content at free group’s, there are thousands of free active groups on Facebook.”

So, he mostly posts to other people’s Facebook groups, as growing your own Facebook group is a very gradual process. To grow your own Facebook group, he recommends sharing branded touching stories on more popular groups, so users will recognize your brand over time, and come to join your own group.

Monetization with Monetag: A winning choice

So, what role does Monetag play in this strategy? 

Our publisher leverages Monetag’s Popunder and Smartlink to monetize the influx of traffic to his blog. By placing ads that resonate with his audience, he ensures that every click has the potential to generate income. It’s a symbiotic relationship where quality content meets effective monetization. While Igelle has tried other networks, he recommends Monetag because of its strong CPM rates.

Final insights: Hard work and dedication

Igelle’s advice to fellow publishers is clear: dedication and creativity are key. By harnessing the power of engaging content and the right monetization tools, publishers can turn social media traffic into a profitable venture. 

It’s not just about the clicks—it’s about creating stories that resonate and using platforms like Monetag to their full potential.

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