The Power of Facebook Sports Groups + Smartlink Boost [Case Study]


Are you tired of traditional marketing methods that yield lackluster results? Brace yourself for a game-changer! Imagine tapping into a goldmine of passionate sports enthusiasts, unleashing a tsunami of traffic to your monetized direct link. Brace yourself for a remarkable tale of triumph as I unveil the secret weapon that propelled me to digital glory: Facebook sports groups.*

*(and our Smartlink, okay? 🙂)

This is how Monetag publisher began his brilliant story about successful monetization that required just 1-2-3:

  • Thoroughly-picked Facebook groups
  • A little bit of money
  • Monetag Smartlink

He tried this strategy only 3 months ago — and already got over $1000 to withdraw from his Monetag account.

In short — this ‘How to monetize Facebook traffic with Smartlink’ case study can boast a ready-made strategy that anyone can copy. And it will also be useful if you are just looking for how to monetize your Facebook groups.

In detail — read on!

The Strategy in a Nutshell: What Does Our Publisher Do?

As the partner shared with us, ‘Conventional marketing did not bring me enough traffic. At the same time, Facebook provides you with a huge audience and a massive reach. Besides, it’s a very cost-efficient source.’

Overall, his strategy looks like this:

  1. Our publisher creates and administrates a range of Facebook groups for fans of sports (mainly football).
  2. Besides, he pays a fee for co-managing several more ready groups. His main criteria of choice is a big volume of active, engaged subscribers who really read and react to posts.
  3. The publisher creates catchy posts where he links to his WhatsApp group with full articles and/or additional information.
  4. The WhatsApp group contains some more sports content — and Monetag Smartlinks!

To make it more vivid, let’s look at an example of such a group — and one of the posts we described above:


The Strategy in Detail: Hows, Whys…and Costs!

  • How to create these Facebook groups?
  • How much does it cost to rent one?
  • What content should the post contain?
  • How to generate catchy content?
  • Any hidden pitfalls?

So, is it time for a little interview with the publisher? Exactly it is!

Finding Groups

— How do you choose Facebook groups? What criteria are you guided by when choosing them? 

First, I personally own some of such groups. Speaking about the ones I co-manage, I typically consider those with the most active members. This ensures your content reaches a large audience and has a high chance of generating interactions and interest. And tech-wise, I just use the Facebook search box — it allows you to find any relevant group by keywords.

Making Contacts

— And is it difficult to negotiate with group owners about collaboration? How much does the group rent cost?

Overall, it depends. Still, it’s a very straightforward process in most cases: group owners are often open to discussions. All they need, in fact, is that your proposed content is aligned with the group’s topic and the members’ interests. 

Speaking about costs, this rent fee might depend on various factors:

  • Group size
  • Niche
  • Engagement level

Sports-related group owners usually charge about $20-$50 per month. However, again, the price may vary depending on the factors above and your mutual agreements with the owner.

— So did you face any difficulties at all at the beginning of your Facebook monetization journey? 

The first thing that comes to mind is competition and saturation. Facebook is a crowded platform, and the competition level in the sports niche is high. So, the most difficult part is standing out and gaining attention among the vast amount of content.

Creating Posts

— How to create posts to attract massive engagement? Any examples, tips, or tricks?

My first piece of advice is to follow the sports events calendar. For example, I get significantly more traffic during football transfer windows, so I need to be aware of the dates.

These transfer windows are real golden mines: they create plenty of rumors and speculations. People love to discuss all these signings and contract negotiations! Football fans eagerly follow the updates and engage in debates.

However, if there are no transfers or big matches around, you can always go with these evergreen topics:

  • Player Profiles — athlete biographies, achievements, personal and love stories
  • Historical Moments — videos, images or written highlights of iconic matches, record-breaking performances, or memorable events
  • Sports and Social Issues — discussions on diversity, inclusion, gender equality, or the role of sports in society

[Bonus Part] Ready Post Ideas

Our publisher’s recipe is to write compelling posts that resonate with members’ interests. And he showed us the most engaging post types with real examples.

Thought-Provoking Questions. Pose open-ended questions that spark discussions and invite members to share their opinions.

🏅 Who do you think will win the upcoming football match: Team A or Team B? Share your predictions and reasons in the comments!

Contests and Giveaways. Organize contests or giveaways related to sports. Encourage members to participate by liking, commenting, or sharing the post. 

‼️ GIVEAWAY ALERT! Guess the final score of tonight’s basketball game correctly, and one lucky winner will receive a signed jersey! Comment your prediction below to enter.

Memes and Humorous Content. Share funny sports-related memes, GIFs, or videos that members can relate to. Humor often generates high engagement and encourages members to tag their friends. Just ensure the content is light-hearted and relevant to the group’s interests.


Polls and Surveys: Conduct polls to gauge members’ opinions on specific sports-related topics. This not only encourages engagement but also provides valuable insights. 

Which athlete do you consider the greatest of all time? Vote and share in the comments!👇

Live Updates and Match Discussions. During live sports events, create posts to provide real-time updates and encourage members to share their thoughts and reactions.

This helps foster a sense of community and keeps the conversation going throughout the match.

😱Woow, you’ve seen this?! Did he fake his injury to get a penalty??? Share what you think!

Personal Stories and Experiences. Encourage people to share their personal sports stories, whether it’s a memorable game they attended or an inspiring achievement.

This often triggers a lot of comments! Remember to monitor the posts closely and respond to people’s stories: you need to maintain a vibrant and interactive community within the sports group.

What was the most unexpected EPL game outcome you’ve ever witnessed? Come and share in the comments!

The Results: Does It All Pay Off?

Well, let’s just take a glance at the publisher’s stats.


He has been with us for about 3 months — and has strived for a stable daily profit. Not the biggest figure — but it’s just the beginning. 

The overall results of $1225 are still impressive. There was no need to create and promote websites and write SEO-optimized long reads. Nice, easy, and profitable in the long term.

Yes, this is what you can gain with Monetag Direct Link monetization.

And Why Monetag, By The Way?

Our publisher tried some other traffic monetization solutions and formats — but the Monetag Smartlink was his last stop. And here is why:

  • Monetag Smartlink is easy to implement. The process is very straightforward: you just generate the link and integrate it into your content.
  • Monetag cares. The platform has plenty of guides, tools, and resources to help novices.
  • Diversity. You can monetize web and mobile traffic from social media, websites, blogs, emails, etc.
  • High CPM rates. Yes, really higher than other traffic formats or most direct link monetization offers on the market.

Final Words

As our partner said,

— Embrace the allure of Facebook sports groups, embark on an exhilarating journey, and witness the transformative power it holds. Harness the excitement, passion, and camaraderie of these communities to drive mad traffic to your monetized Smartlink.

And we can’t but agree. So, are you in?

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