MultiTag vs. Classic Tags: What Can Bring You More Profit?

Multitag vs Classic Tags - case study

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At Monetag, our main goal is to create a sustainable ecosystem for publishers and website owners alike.

To do this, we created MultiTag as a smart solution for publishers to help them build high-level monetization strategies with ease.

Even though we know MultiTag improves campaign results and scales profits, we wanted to share some real-life examples of publishers who have used MultiTag to boost their performance.

What is MultiTag?

Monetag’s MultiTag is a piece of code that publishers can place on their websites. It automatically detects the best ad formats for your publishing platform and displays the most profitable advertisements to visitors.

More specifically, MultiTag improves user experience by displaying the most relevant and profitable ads to your target audience.

MultiTag works with five ad formats. These formats include:

  1. OnClick Popunder
  2. Classic Push Notifications
  3. In-page push (IPP) notifications
  4. Interstitials
  5. Vignette Banners (coming soon!)

These formats work well together so you can grow your revenue while giving your visitors a great user experience.

How much can MultiTag help me improve my performance?

The short answer: a lot. But let’s talk numbers:

  • Publishers can see up to a 50% increase in revenue
  • Boosts impressions by 60%
  • Increases CPM rates by 50%

If you want to see if these numbers are possible on your site, you can set up a quick experiment that compares MultiTag to classic tags like push notifications, interstitials, and on-click ads.

MultiTag vs. Traditional Tag Test: The Results

We asked our publishers to use MultiTag and compare the results to traditional tags. Let’s take a look at the details of our experiment:

Period of use: November 20th – December 10th
GEO: Worldwide
Platform: Mobile and Desktop
CPM improvement: +50%

Now, let’s compare these results with performance data from OnClick, In-Page Push (IPP), and Interstitial tags.

StatsMultiTagOnClick OnlyIPP OnlyInterstitial Only
Impressions80,41927, 20822,49636,715

What does this data mean for publishers?

This data showed us that while MultiTag racked up fewer impressions than the three other formats combined, it still resulted in a higher CPM and profits that surpassed all three formats combined. That means MultiTag positively impacts a publisher’s bottom line.

Now, let’s take a look at some real-life case studies from 2 of the publishers that participated in this test.

Case Study 1: Interstitial vs. MultiTag

Here is the data from our first case:

Interstitials Results

Period: 10/11/20 – 19/11/20
Earnings: $10
CPM: $0.07
Monetag - case study - interstitials results

MultiTag Results

Period: 21/11/20 – 29/11/20
Earnings: $20 to $30
CPM: $0.10 – $0.15
Monetag - case study multitag results 2

Case Study 2: Interstitial vs. MultiTag

Here is the data from our second publisher, who also used MultiTag and Interstitials.

Interstitials Results

Period: 12/11/20 – 19/11/20
Earnings: $10
CPM: $0.25 – $1.05
Monetag - case study - imterstitials 2

MultiTag Results

Period: 22/11/20 – 29/11/20
Earnings: $20
CPM: $0.82 – $1.56
Monetag - acse study - multitag resulrs

As you can see, both cases demonstrated that MultiTag increases the number of impressions, CPM, and overall earnings. In short, using MultiTag translates to having better performance overall.

How are Publishers Using MultiTag?

Using MultiTag is easy. You don’t have to mess about with code or spend hours copying and pasting multiple tags. MultiTag is one tag for all five ad formats.

You can place MultiTag onto your site in a few clicks. First, generate your tag on your Monetag account, then paste it into your site’s source code. And that’s it!

To generate your MultiTag code in your Monetag account, follow these 4 steps:

  1. Choose a format
Monetag - choose format - multitag
  1. Choose a name for the tag (we recommend editing the default name for easier management)
  2. Copy the code and paste it into your site’s source code
  1. Start working with all 5 formats on your site!

Note: Each zone’s code will have its own ID, but you can still recognize them because they will have the prefix “multi” on the label.

The Benefits of MultiTag

MultiTag can be used to simplify the monetization process and ad optimization on your site. That means:

  • A higher number of impressions
  • Increased CPM rates
  • Higher revenue
  • Easier integrations

We think those are some pretty great benefits! Ready to test MultiTag?

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