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What is MultiTag?

MultiTag is an AI-based technology that streamlines your monetization process: faster, simpler, and more profitable

It includes 5 high-performing ad formats: Popunder, Push Notifications, In-Page Push banner, Interstitial & Vignette banner

Get a complete monetization solution for any website traffic volume, traffic type, or industry. Discover superior profits!

How does MultiTag work?

  • You add just one ad tag to your website source code
  • Your website starts showing the most relevant ads to users
  • You enjoy higher CPM rates and enhanced profits

How You Can Benefit

Proven Revenue Booster

Our tag's intelligent algorithm selects the most suitable ad formats for your audience. Get higher revenues and a better user experience!

Optimal User Experience

With MultiTag, you don't have to place more ads to earn more - it serves just the right number of ads to balance high earnings with a good user experience.

Optimal User Experience

MultiTag simplifies the tag integration process and automatically determines the best formatting and frequency for a website page. Get professional-level automation with just a few clicks.

Still not sure?

You need just one code that takes care of CPM drops and seasonal fluctuations, increasing audience engagement rates and your profits
Full ad
Clean &
Safe Ads
Works perfectly
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Automate, monetize and scale with an all-in-one smart optimization tool - MultiTag

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What do customers think about Monetag?

Servando Silva
"MultiTag by Monetag is a great method if you need a fully-optimized complex monetization. It’s compatible with all traffic and website types, so it doesn't matter how big your traffic source is. All you have to do is just add ONE tag in the source code of your website!"
Founder of

Why do publishers prefer MultiTag?

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