Large scale audience monetization with Real-Time Bidding

Maximize your web and in-app inventory monetization with direct access to a huge pool of advertisers. Choose between oRTB, API feed, or custom RTB integration.

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Increase monetization efficiency with high-tech solutions

Monetag’s Real-Time Bidding integration methods have proven to be highly effective for monetizing Pop, Native, Push, and Display traffic. Pick the method of monetization that suits you best and see for yourself!

Offer API

Open RTB

For the simplest possible integration, try our SDK for applications and SmartLink – a special URL suitable for absolutely any type of traffic.

Wide variety of formats over all OS and browsers

popunder example


In-Page-Push ads example

In-Page Push

Native-Ads example

Native Ads

Push-Notification ad example

Push Notifications

Interstitial ads example


Vignette-Banner ad example

Vignette Banner

App-Open example

App Open

Why publishers prefer Monetag

Quality Ad Feed

We work with thousands of advertisers from worldwide. That’s why we provide our partners with feed that fits most traffic types

High CPM rates

Our partners get the highest CPM rates possible, followed by big revenues. All that thanks to their traffic and our solutions

Individual approach

We are happy to offer highly professional personal assistance and exclusive conditions to meet each partner’s business needs

Full transparency

The user interface is packed with detailed reports making it easy for you to manage your ad inventory

Who can benefit from Real-Time Bidding

Anyone with large volumes of traffic can get more from their inventory

  • Ad Networks

  • Media Buyers

  • Agencies

  • Large Publishers

  • App Owners

  • Exchanges

Our Partners

Earn more on your traffic by getting instant access to a huge number of demand sources

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