The Ultimate Reason Why You Should Try Out Monetag Smartlink [Comparison Case Study]


We have created a wide range of posts about Smartlink. And all of them contained proof of why Monetag Smartlink is so good. 

However, this didn’t answer the question of why you must use exactly Monetag’s link. Really, why, while are there plenty of others?

Thanks to one of our publishers, we can now give an ultimate response. He took several smartlinks from various networks, ran some traffic on them,  and shared his insightful results.

A little spoiler: Monetag Smartlink won. But we bet you want to take a look at the proof.

Read this exciting story, then!

At Monetag, you just register, answer a range of very simple questions about your traffic, and grab the link to your account. Doesn’t take more than a couple of minutes before you can start earning, in fact.


So, lighthearted, our partner created a list of other networks for comparison and went there to do the same thing.

And you know what? Here are the results of his work.

Disclaimer: we can’t use the real names of the networks due to legal reasons — and replaced them with some invented ones.


As you see, only one network, besides Monetag, gives the same quick access to their Smartlink. The next four networks required a pretty long verification process — or a special request via customer support. 

Finally, the last four networks denied our publisher even after the website verification — and explained it like this:

Thank you for your request. Unfortunately, we can not provide you with a Smartlink, as we only accept direct website traffic. We don’t work with traffic sources like ad networks.*

*yes, our publisher wanted to send paid traffic from ad networks and mentioned it when requesting a link.

So, not every single Smartlink is easy to get. And not just any traffic source will do.

Part 2: Driving Traffic and Getting Results

In the end, our publisher got six Smartlinks to test, including Monetag. He drove traffic from two ad networks and three countries: India, Brazil, and the USA.

To make sure his traffic quality was good enough, he used a special anti-fraud tool. This smart guy blocks bots and sends alerts when there is something suspicious. 

As you can see on the screenshots below, 90% of the traffic was in the green high-quality area — so our publisher was pretty confident in the users he brought:

As you can see, Monetag outperforms all the other networks – it has the highest CPM, the most impressions, and the highest profit. Network Income comes second, while the rest of the platforms perform significantly worse.

And here are the results —  the stats are sorted out by profit and CPM.

Campaign impsEarningsCPM
Network Income253,465$19.980.07
Network Cash217,017$0.030.00
Network Revenue399,2420.000.00
Network Money245,7870.000.00
Network Profit296,5570.000.00

Campaign impsEarningsCPM
Network Income63 068$26.760.42
Network Cash66 386$3.580.05
Network Money67,765$2.920.04
Network Profit67,443$1.470.02
Network Revenue66,915$0.100.00

Campaign impsEarningsCPM
Network Income44 229$42.920.96
Network Cash41,884$7.940.18
Network Money42,033$5.620.13
Network Profit44,8350.000.00
Network Revenue42,9860.000.00

Any explanation why?

  1. All traffic for Network Money’s Smartlink went almost to zero. What is more, India’s impressions didn’t turn into any profit at all. Here is what Money’s support commented on that:

— The most common reason for traffic losses is AdBlockers or slow Internet connection. 

In the mortal language, it means there is no precise explanation in fact — and our publisher supposed the real reason was a lack of the ad feed.

What does it mean? 

In simple words, Smartlink automatically redirects a user to the most relevant offer. It chooses these offers from a big collection called an ad feed. And, when there are not enough offers for a particular GEO or a user type, this is called ‘disaster’ — or lack of the feed, in less scary terms.

  1. The impressions from Cash resulted in some small profit. However, it’s not even close to the earnings you would expect from Smartlink. The reason was probably the same — not enough feed.
  1. This sounds a bit ridiculous, but the Profit Smartlink did not bring almost any profit, too! However, their support gave a precise reason for that, at least. And yes, the reason was again a lack of feed – especially when it came to India.
  1. Finally, the Revenue Network told our publisher that the reason for the zero profit was the traffic quality. However, we already showed you the proof that the traffic was okay — so maybe, it’s the feed issue again.

Part 3: The Conclusion

As our publisher says, 

‘It seems like almost all monetization platforms I tried (except Monetag) don’t have enough feed to be a universal offer for any publisher. Besides, they probably pay out only the minimum percentage of the profit they really receive from the publisher’s traffic. 

If you have something to share too, don’t forget that we pay for your case studies. Don’t be shy to tell your story.

So, to sum up:

  • Monetag SmartLink is very easy to get
  • It provides you with really high CPM rates
  • It has a big feed that fits most traffic types (note our terms related to traffic restrictions, though)

Now it’s time to check it by yourself — what do you think? Our SmartLink is already waiting for you.

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