It’s Happening! 3 All-New Ad Formats for SDK In-App Advertising


Can Monetag in-app advertising possibly become more profitable?

We also thought about that. And then came up with THREE brand-new superformats for in-app monetization.

In addition to the Push notifications and Interstitials you are already familiar with, we are expanding our range of formats to include App Open Ads, Banners, and Native Ads!

Okay, we hope we’ve managed to get you excited; now, let’s dive into the nitty-gritty details of these fabulous new ad formats.

Why did we add MORE ad formats for App Monetization?

Monetag has an impressive array of ad formats, but Android in-app advertising requires more specific monetization tools to better leverage publishers’ app real estate.

In other words, we wanted to give you more ways to monetize your Android app:

  • A wider selection of monetization methods. Each app has unique needs and designs, so finding a preferred ad format that your app’s audience will enjoy is essential.
  • More ways to test. The more monetization options you have, the more ways you can mix and match and measure which formats bring the highest profit.
  • Deeper monetization. Multiple ad formats can help you create the perfect flow for any type of user behavior and better capture each visitor’s attention.

What are the new monetization formats?

Let’s take a look at some of the new in-app advertising formats and see how you can take advantage of them.

#1. App Open Ads for In-App Advertising

App open ads are a way to monetize the app load screen – when users open or switch back to the app.

App open ads don’t interrupt the user’s experience by appearing before users can take any action within the app, unlike other ad formats that show ads while the user is interacting with the app’s interface.

These ads can be closed at any time, which helps you benefit from users’ attention as they wait for the app to launch.

Here’s what App Open Ads look like:


#2. Banners for Android Apps

Banner ads are one of the most traditional forms of display advertising. Now, they have been adapted for in-app use.

This format’s key feature is allowing users to ignore or interact with an ad at any time.

Banners can be of different sizes and take up different slots in your app layout, depending on your choice.


#3. Native Ads Monetization

Native Ads are ad placements designed to match the look, feel, and function of the application in which they are displayed.

Native ads blend “natively” and seamlessly into the app experience. You can integrate such ads in a way that looks most natively within your particular app. As a result, they won’t disrupt the user experience while still earning you revenue.

Typically, a Native Ad looks like that – an engaging banner and a description, but publishers can customize the appearance of the ad to match their app.


How to Integrate New Formats Into Your App?

All of these new formats, as well as the previously available push notifications and interstitials, are now accessible through the Monetag SDK for Android.


To get an SDK, you should follow the usual procedure: click “Add a new Android app” and then add some basic information about your app, such as the distribution channel (APK or Google Play), the app name, and the number of daily active users (DAU).

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From there, all you need to do is select one or more ad formats and follow the integration instructions.

Ready to monetize your Android app?

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