Chat App Monetization: Triple Profits with Push and SmartLink


How many chat apps are you using right now? 

Would you consider installing one more?

In 2022 there were 3,6 billion mobile messenger app users in the world, according to Statista, with WhatsApp being the leading communication channel with 2,8 billion unique users. Right behind it were Facebook Messenger and WeChat.

So what can you do? If you decide to enter the chat app arena, how to make profits and increase your revenue while fighting for your place among the industry giants?

Through traffic monetization clearly. 

Here is a case study of a Monetag publisher who managed to triple his profits in only one month by relying on Push notifications and SmartLink.

Introduction: About the publisher and idea behind the website

People love customizing their apps. In fact, 89% of marketers report investing in app personalization will lead to revenue increase. Relying on this data, and after conducting thorough research, our publisher decided to improve the one that already exists by developing an extension pack to its users.

This extension for a well-known communication app focuses on improving user experience, offering more control over the app. And it has already been downloaded by millions of users.

Pre-Monetag era: Traffic buildup and monetization issues 

It took half of the year for our publisher to generate a satisfying amount of traffic by setting up a team that involves web developers, SEO specialists, and a product manager. It is a 50+ people crew that manages various websites.

On this particular website, they have 200.000+ daily visitors, with the majority being located in Brazil, India, Mexico, and Pakistan. And as for their traffic growth, they mostly rely on their SEO team to deliver, but they tend to acquire traffic by using other channels as well.

“Our traffic specialists made a basic optimization step-by-step strategy, and we were buying external links from some agencies. But we have also worked with different channels on paid mode for a fee.”

As for the monetization process, before they got engaged with Monetag, as the publisher himself explained, they were facing two main issues:

“As a new publisher, we barely knew how to balance the ad frequency on different ad formats. There were always some default setting patterns that we followed, however, every case and every project is different”

The second issue they resolved within the team, but regarding the first one – Monetag took care of it.

Traffic type: Web traffic
Website content: APK download
Monetization formats: SmartLink, Push notifications
GEOs: Brazil, Mexico, India, Pakistan
Campaign period: 03/06 – 03/08/2023

The publisher decided to monetize his traffic through Push notifications and SmartLink. Why these two?

“As far as we know, the DirectLink would generate higher eCPM, and as for Push format – we didn’t want to disturb users with advertising.”

And they were absolutely right.

Push notifications provide a very positive ad experience for any user since they are delivered on a voluntary basis (your audience will have to accept receiving them), therefore they cannot be defined as invasive. 

But what’s even more important for you as a publisher, with push notifications you will continue making money even if a user doesn’t visit your website anymore. 

SmartLink was another smart choice, and here is why:

  • SmartLink brings high CPM rates
  • It can be placed literally anywhere on your website; in this case, the SmartTag was incorporated within the CPA button
  • Your users will be directed to the most suitable offer based on their demographic, GEO, device, and other targeting information

Campaign results: How this monetization strategy turned out?

As you can see from the statistics below, in a two-month time period, the number of impressions went from 15.000 to 75.000 for Push notifications, and for SmartLink, the data shows a threefold increase – from 55.000 to 163.000 impressions.

And how did this affect the publisher’s profits? 

During the month of June, the CPM cost for Push notifications was higher than in July, but the earnings were much bigger in the second month due to the greater number of impressions. For SmartLink, the number of impressions was lower compared to Push, but the CPM rate was much higher and more steady.

Overall, the publisher tripled his profit and went from $1.436 to $3.426 in a month.

Note: Not to get confused when looking at the statistics, bear in mind that in the Monetag accounts the SmartLink is displayed as a Popunder (OnClick) – it’s not a mistake!

The final words

Is the campaign still on? 

Yes, it is. We are continuing the work we started with our publisher and are looking forward to making even better results in the future.

And what does this client of ours like the most about Monetag, except the fact we managed to monetize their traffic and bring extra money into their pockets?

“First of all, the dashboard is quite easy to get started, and the account manager would walk you through all the processes and issues you could run into.”

As you can see, the user experience is a thing we pay close attention to. Our focus for sure is on providing the best possible results for all of our clients, but while getting to the destination we made sure you also enjoy the ride.

So wait no more, sign up and –>

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