Launching: Android App and APK Monetization is Now Available!


The spotlight, please! And the drumrolls!

We have some great news to share with you.

From now on, Monetag is available to Android app owners who would like to monetize their audience.

Yes, we finally made this huge step forward.

Up until recently, site owners and publishers who monetized social and remnant traffic were in a position to earn effectively with Monetag, but mobile app owners were omitted. Which was so unfair, we agree. That’s why our development team invested a lot of effort to make sure apps for Android OS, as well as APKs, can get this opportunity as well.

So now you can simply use Monetag to make sure your application or APK starts earning money through profitable ads with high CPM rates and worldwide reach.

How to use Monetag on Android apps?

It’s super easy to understand how to link your app and APK to the Monetag platform and set everything up. 

After you sign in and you press the “Create new ad” button at the top of the page, you will be given a choice looking like this:


Just press on “Add new APK,” and you will find out what are the options and requirements to start monetizing the Android app. 

This is a viable option for all Android app owners, no matter what vertical your product belongs to. So whether you created a game, audio or video player, or utility application, you will be able to use the Monetag platform.

The only thing is – applications and APKs must comply with our policy rules.


To do that, you need to follow a request form, fill in the info, and provide some answers regarding app specifics, like the number of users and distribution channel. The next step is for you to wait for our support team to contact you.

Important note: The app owners must correctly indicate the distribution channel. Only if the application meets all the requirements, they will receive a response from the Monetag team after the request has been reviewed.

Available ad formats

You can monetize your app with the most effective ad formats for in-app traffic – Interstitials and Push Notifications.

Let’s go through what you can achieve with these two – after all, interstitials are our number one weapon, and push notifications are their perfect addition.


Interstitials are more illustrative than push notifications, so these two ad formats complement each other very well. Yes, they are more straightforward, but they are skippable and non-intrusive.

Their strongest virtue lies in the fact that interstitials always provide better CPMs and CTRs. And above all, they represent an ideal additional monetization option. 

Push Notifications

As we like to say – push notifications are the most effective solution when you are looking for flexibility, given this ad format is suitable for pretty much any type of app. Even though the name would suggest otherwise, the push notifications aren’t really that pushy, they allow a positive ad experience for any user. 

They will just pop up on the user’s screen and provide them with an option to follow the ad. 

Push notifications integrated into apps are able to send notifications to all app users, which means no additional subscriptions are required.

And as a bonus: You will still make money even if the user stops using the app! 

Final thoughts

Bearing in mind that Monetag tends to provide nothing but an outstanding user experience, making it possible for the application owners to benefit from our monetization platform was the next natural step in our development. 

But also it is a game changer for any app owner willing to monetize 100% of their traffic right this instance.

Here’s what you need to know about Monetag if you just discovered it:

  • We work with thousands of advertisers around the world
  • Our anti-ad fraud system of monitoring is on 24/7
  • We make sure every impression counts
  • We provide flexible payment methods and the fastest weekly payouts

And finally – we believe it would be a massive shame to miss this opportunity. 

Be among the first app owners to test the Monetag monetization platform, and let us know your thoughts.

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