How to Get the Most Expensive Twitter Traffic and Monetize It [Case Study]

Twitter traffic monetization case study

Some time ago, we published a comprehensive guide on Twitter traffic monetization. Now, you are lucky to see how it works in action!

Today, we will show you how our publisher embraces Twitter audiences from worldwide and monetizes them with Monetag Smartlinks.

About the Publisher and His Account

Our partner believes that in the era of social media, it’s much easier to earn money than ever before. According to him (and actually, the statistics), Twitter is one of the top-used social networks, and there is never a lack of traffic there.

So, our publisher does it simply: creates Twitter posts on trending topics, adds links to his personal blog, and monetizes users coming from Twitter with the help of Monetag Smartlink.

At the moment, his account has less than 1,000 subs, but this turns out to be more than enough to have decent profits.

Let’s look at how it all works.

Twitter Traffic Monetization: Action Plan

Like many modern social networks, Twitter doesn’t require you to have plenty of subscribers to earn money – all thanks to its smart recommendation engine. The feed shows your posts to anyone who might be interested – even if they are not subscribed. 

What is more, even likes, reposts or comments to your tweets are not so important: the number of impressions matters much more and can grow almost independently of any mentioned reactions.

Here is an example of our partner’s Twitter post statistics that proves what we said above:

Twitter post example

This tweet collected a whopping 5,623 impressions in an hour and resulted in 301 link clicks. Although there is only one like and repost, the tweet stayed visible to the audience in the recommendations feed.

So, here is how the overall workflow looks:

  1. Our publisher explores the biggest world trends and creates related posts. This allows attracting the widest possible audience.
  1. Every tweet contains a link to the publisher’s blog. For example, he tweets a small piece of news, like Taylor Swift fans are worried about the World Tour cancellation’ and the link leads to the full post about what happened with Taylor and her tour.
  1. The blog post contains the Monetag Smartlink that users click and become redirected to a relevant offer. That’s the core of all monetization.

What is especially great about Twitter is that it embraces users worldwide, and you have a chance to attract expensive traffic from Tier 1 countries, with the United States on the top CPM-wise:

Twitter traffic monetization: audience comes from Tier 1

Here is what the publisher says about engaging the Tier-1 audience:

Recently, I learned to target United States traffic for the first time and now about 60 to 70 percent of my traffic comes from the US, which made my income grow almost 100 times higher than before. I receive these users with the help of trends: posts on the most debatable topics bring plenty of link clicks. 

So, depending on the traffic, the overall monthly profit can reach this:

The results of Twitter monetization: Monetag statistics

Quick Additional Questions to the Publisher

Do you use any extra tools to monetize Twitter traffic?

– No, I don’t. I don’t apply any artificial methods of getting traffic, too: I am striving to attract organic traffic because this way, I am sure I get good CPM rates and will never get suspended.

Why do you prefer to work with Monetag?

– Before, I tried various other monetization networks, but they didn’t bring me the same good results as Monetag. In my opinion, when you work with Monetag, you don’t even need to monetize your traffic anywhere else. To be honest, I was struggling to earn even $100 with my previous network, and now I can easily make this amount in a day.

Besides, there are many features of Monetag I like. First, the managers here are very nice and humble people who always respond on time and are willing to help. Secondly, I always receive payouts on time. And finally, Monetag gives me the highest CPM rates, and I earn much with my traffic.

Can you share any advice with publishers who want to repeat your success?

– Yes! My main advice is to close any other network you might have tried and start working with Monetag. But remember: good profits require hard work, so develop the courage to invest many efforts to enjoy your profits grow. A combo of Monetag and hard work will definitely bring you the same brilliant results that I have.

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