Beginner Monetization: How to Earn from a Movie Niche Website with Popunder

movie niche monetization

Wanna know how to get from zero to some nice and steady profits in just a couple of months?

We have two words for you – Monetag and SEO.

This is a story of success and dedication that comes from a beginner publisher who knew exactly what he wanted. And that was to launch a movie niche website and start earning money from it. 

In just five months, his site surged to over 30,000 daily views and began generating money through strategic monetization with the Monetag Popunder format thanks to high average CPM rates.

The case study shows the step-by-step process that took him where he is now, his audience, and the monetization journey that led to this remarkable achievement.

Few words about publisher

In April 2023, an SEO consultant, Arinze, got the idea of creating a website and capitalizing on the high search volume in the movie niche. 

His primary goal was to launch a movie-focused website that could attract a global audience, optimize it for search engines, and generate sustainable revenue. 


“I aimed to achieve significant daily traffic and monetize it effectively”.

How SEO played a huge role in this endeavor

The very first step in creating a website is defining its domain name. And is not something you should take lightly. 

Before deciding on the domain name, our publisher conducted extensive keyword research to identify high-volume keywords in this particular niche. Only then he had selected a domain name that included the primary keyword.

The step #2 was for him to create a website, which he did, relying on WordPress CMS. It was the easiest solution, and one that doesn’t ask for much knowledge or investment.

After that, he started creating website content. It’s clear that once again our publisher was all about SEO. He centered the entire content around the main keyword, in a way that’s informative, engaging, and relevant to the target audience.

As you can see below, the results that came from his efforts were pretty impressive:


SEO specific: How he approached optimization

As someone who is deeply involved in SEO, our publisher knew what he was doing. The main keyword research tool he used is Ahrefs. He would just put the word “movie” in the search bar and select the keyword that’s less competitive and has a high search volume.

And when writing website content, he relied on the latest and old movies whose titles have a high search volume.


He optimized the entire website for search engines, focusing on on-page SEO elements such as title tags, meta descriptions, and keyword-rich content.

Also, he engaged in link-building. Quality backlinks were created, enhancing the site’s authority and visibility on search engine results pages. He was choosing links based on relevance and the traffic they were getting.

Why Popunder as monetization format?

Onclick or Popunder ads are very effective when used within movie niche websites, given they are hard to miss, but they won’t interrupt users’ flow on the site. They will be presented in a new tab, and the user will be in power to decide when to click on the ad.

Also, CPM payouts for these ads are much higher compared to traditional display ads, and they can allow publishers to get more revenue from their audience.

If you’re looking for more positive sides of Popunder ads, here they are:

  • Popunder won’t affect your website’s design since the ad space is not needed
  • To start monetizing your website through Popunder, all you have to do is add a simple ad script in the source code, which will need a minute of your time
  • With Monetag, you can count on high-quality ads only – our platform works only with trusted and hand-picked advertisers

The results: $200+ a month with Monetag 

Thanks to the publisher’s efforts and proper optimization, during September and October the website’s traffic skyrocketed to over 30,000 daily views.


The majority of his traffic came from South Africa, Nigeria, the United States and India:


He finally had the audience he was working hard to get. And with Popunder monetization format he achieved steady profits by monetizing his users. He started earning slowly, and got to a point where he now has around $8 profit a day with an average CPM rate of 0.84.


Be aware that his average daily profits continue to grow and will increase. This is how his current earnings look like:


To conclude

In just five months, this website journeyed from inception to consistent daily revenue. This case study illustrates how investing in SEO and choosing the right monetization platform can pay off.

“Key takeaways include the importance of strategic keyword selection, effective content creation, SEO optimization, and the choice of the right monetization format for the niche.”

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