How Brazilian Publishers Monetize Mobile Traffic: $20K+ per Month [Case Study]


Monetag always takes pride in our partners’ successful cases. Today, we have two Brazilian publishers in a spotlight. They have their own football-themed Android applications with 100K+ and 50K+ downloads and do a pretty good in-app monetization job. 

To start with, we would like to share one of the quote of our Account Manager regarding the Brazilian app market as a whole and his role there:

“Mobile traffic is the main focus for a bunch of offers and this combination with Android apps is relevant here. Considering the Brazilian users profile, I would say Android users number is around 80% in Brazil. Basically, that’s a common trend and direction the Brazilian market is going. Especially in terms of managing the traffic and engagement.”

The principle behind monetization process: view from within

Both Brazilian publishers have been promoting their apps in the App Store actively. Here is their flow:

  • User downloads the app from Google Play
  • User clicks the first app screen 
  • User gets a notification that he will be redirected to a browser for additional content
  • If a user agrees to follow the link, he appears on the publisher page
  • Users see ads (Interstitial, Popunder, Vignette Banner, and In-Page Push) on the websites

Now let’s move on to the specifics.

Monetizing app and site, case one: $20K+ in a month

  • Application type: football teams lineup
  • GEO: Brazil
  • Monetization tools: Onclick, Vignette, Interstitial
  • Taken period: 21/07/2023 – 21/08/2023

So, here is the story behind the first app (the one with 100K+ downloads) for the football fans. The app delivers useful content for users, such as game lists and schedules. By the way, considering this content peculiarity, our publisher has to do manual work with updating those lists daily. 

As our publisher said, initially he had a website for sport fans and after creating enough content and collecting a significant audience, he decided that the time had come to create a same-like application. And he did this with AppCreator.

Since our publisher already had active users on his website, starting to monetize them was a bit easier. Relevant and engaged audience has been around, so he started generating profit pretty quickly.

Of course, he used Monetag for monetization and here is how he describes his experience: 

“Currently, I am really enjoying my earnings results. I also like the payment method which is very fast, and it is great to have an account manager who responds to my requests quickly. This is really important, as I have used other platforms that didn’t have it, so the communication was harder and it took days for them to answer an email.”

The juiciest part, as always, is the stats:


$20K+ per month is a result one wants to boast of, isn’t it? 

With a smart approach to the audience collection and engagement, useful content, and powerful Monetag monetization toolkit, our publisher managed to reach his revenue expectations. And if you want to repeat his success, here is his motivational word for you:

“You need to offer QUALITY. The user will try yours and a competitor’s and will end up choosing yours!”

Want more? Read on, since we have another case study to share. 

Monetizing app and site, case two: $1K in a month

  • Application type: football teams lineup, scoreboard, commentary, etc.
  • GEO: Brazil
  • Monetization tools: Onclick, Vignette, Interstitial, In-Page Push
  • Taken period: 21/07/2023 – 21/08/2023

The second hero of our case study also has a football app (50K+ downloads), which is pretty much a good idea for Brazil (this GEO is famous for having really active fans). Also, our publisher had a large Telegram group (875K+ users), where he shared information about the football matches. He had significant volumes of traffic coming from this group as well as organic search. Currently the project is in stand-by, since he has created another website, which brings even more profit. 

So, to make the long story short, let’s get into the details of his strategies. 

As our publisher told us, previously he was working with infoproducts and his main activity was blogging. His friend suggested taking the next step and using AppCreator to make an application for football buffs. Our partner is very passionate about sports and namely – football, that is why he is really excited that his money-making activity coincides with his hobby. 

However, of course, you cannot earn money by being just passionate about what you are doing. Our publisher managed to reach 50K+ of downloads, namely because he constantly learns to understand his audience and also has a knowledge of SEO he obtained during his blogging career.

With this approach, he started getting financial returns in the first month of his activity. Another factor that also worked in his favor was, as he said, that he “was living in a somewhat scarce area in the Play Store, which brought a quick result”. 

And, as our previous publisher, this one also does all the work manually, namely – updates content on a regular basis and strives for improving quality. 

Not only manual work, of course, but also Monetag’s ad formats. His impressions of Monetag? Here:

“Monetag, unlike almost all others, gives me a manager who speaks my language and is always willing to help in the best possible way. The support is differentiated, which is enough to be a decisive feature many times to be chosen, in addition to having weekly payment availability, among other flexible dates.”

Fun fact: speaking about language, our Account Manager translated all the case information into English from Portuguese! 

If you want some stats, then here you go:


Yup, almost $1K per month is a nice payoff, especially considering how our publisher appreciates his job. He has something to say about that:

“I believe that when you work with what you like, everything becomes easier and more enjoyable. If we focus only on the financial part and stop doing things that give us pleasure, the tendency is for work to become an obligation, stressful and tiring over time. 

What will often make you not be 100% focused, this soon has relativity with the performance of your application/website. Therefore, if you intend to choose to work in a niche where you do not dominate, try to study a lot, focus and take a part of your time to understand the segment that you are entering so that it can be something light and convenient for you and consequently for your audience.”

To sum up

Our publishers seem to have dream-jobs: they do what they really like and get money. The important thing is that they are focused on quality, SEO strategies, and constant manual work with applications to deliver the best user experience possible. 

What we learned from these cases? The perfect combination is: football application + Brazil + Monetag tools + passion and quality. 

If you want to become the next hero of our case study, join Monetag and let’s make some profits! 

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