How to Make Money on Reddit with the Help of Monetag?

How to make money on Reddit traffic?

Can you make money on Reddit, a platform with the former slogan ‘The Front Page of the Internet’? Probably so, and when you learn that it has 1.660 billion monthly active users, you’ll answer a 100% yes.

Today, we will learn how to organize millions of Reddit communities and their users – a pretty mixed bag – and turn them into a stream of high-quality traffic for your website.

What is Reddit, and How Does It Work?

Reddit is a big social network, where people can join various communities on almost every existing topic. The communication here works like a forum: a user shares a post in a relevant community and receives replies. The post can be anything from a relationship advice request to world news or AI art.

We prepared a quick sheet with the basic information about Reddit traffic:

Reddit overview

Reddit has some simple marks and terms; here is the glossary:

  • r/name – subreddit. Subreddit is a Reddit theme community, marked with r/ before its name. Every subreddit can be private or public and has particular rules, including the ones regarding posting links.

  • u/name – a redditor. This is how a contributor’s nickname is marked

  • Upvotes – every post and comment has up and down arrows that allow users to ‘like’ or ‘dislike’ the post. The more upvotes a post gets, the bigger the chance it appears in the Hot or Top tabs on Reddit’s main page.

  • Karma – every upvote brings a point to the user’s karma. Karma allows you to post in subreddits with a particular karma cap; for example, some don’t allow you to post with Karma less than 100.

Here is how it basically looks:

That’s pretty much it; nothing too complicated. What’s next?

Reddit Traffic Monetization Strategy

So, the first thought (and basically the right one) is that getting Reddit traffic involves:

  1. Creating an account and earning karma to post in popular communities freely
  2. Post content with the links to your website in relevant subreddits
  3. Make money on Reddit users who click your links with Monetag ad formats on your website.

Looks more than doable and easy, but the article still goes on. Any pitfalls? 

Yes, to some extent. Let’s go through each point and see what experienced publishers think.

Reddit Account

Creating an account won’t take long, but it will have no karma points. This means a pretty big limit for posting in popular subreddits. Here, we have three ways out.

1. Fair karma farming

It means you will publish posts in the communities where karma doesn’t matter, actively comment on different posts, and receive upvotes that will add up to your karma. This is a long-term strategy – but experienced publishers and affiliate marketers claim it should be your priority as the one with the smallest risks. 

Here are some tips from publishers and webmasters on how to do this a bit quicker and more efficient:

  • Tip 1: Karma farming works great in big communities, for example,  r/pics, r/funny, r/AskReddit, r/UnpopularOpinion, r/nostupidquestions.
  • Tip 2: To farm karma with a post, ask ChatGPT to generate a non-trivial question that will most likely get upvotes and gather comments. Or think about them yourself.
  • Tip 3: To farm karma with comments, make sure to reply to the top comment, not on the post itself. This way, your comment will stay visible. Try to predict which comment will be on the top: for example, if a top one has 20 upvotes in 2 hours, and the 2nd one collects 18 upvotes in 30 minutes, the 2nd will most likely become on top soon.
  • Tip 4: Use relevant memes to comment on posts. Not a meme encyclopedia? Just google ‘the relevant keyword’ and add ‘meme’ to your search request. This will work in 9 out of 10 cases.
How to find the right meme for your post

2. Multi-accounting for karma farming

Disclaimer: we don’t recommend using such practices, but they exist, so we can’t but mention them here.

Some users employ third-party services to artificially inflate their karma count. We wouldn’t recommend doing that: instead, focus on a meaningful contribution to discussions and sharing valuable content.

Why? First, you won’t violate any Reddit policies this way. Second, you will contribute to the overall health of the platform – that is supposed to bring you money, by the way!

3. Purchasing a ready account

This might also become an option if you purchase the one with a clean history, high karma rankings, and related to the niche you need. Prices for such an account may vary from approximately $100 to $500.

  • Note: You can even purchase a Chat-GPT-based account that automatically creates posts and comments. However, be careful with that, as Reddit has learned to recognize and ban them.

Reddit Content

This is probably a bigger question: what should you publish? How do you create native posts that will motivate people to follow your link and check out your website? 

The most important thing is not letting users ‘smell a marketer.’ In this case, they will definitely check out your activity history. If your posts are all similar, you give yourself away and can say goodbye to your karma.

Alex, affiliate marketing specialist

Easy to say, but how to keep it native, non-intrusive, and still efficient? Let’s look at several examples and then make some conclusions.

Practice 1: News Website

I run a tech news website. How to make money on Reddit with it? I publish news from my website to the r/gadgets subreddit with a link. However, I also create other posts on different topics in various communities.


Because they deleted my posts several times when they saw all my messages were promoting the same website. My rule is to create about 3-5% promo posts and keep the rest of my content non-promotional.

Practice 2: Sports Website

My recipe for my sports site is simple: I pick the goal moments from the current football matches and create posts with the score and a short video with the goal.

Of course, the post contains a link to my website with more videos. Sometimes, it generates about 10,000+ new visitors, and my monetization efforts bring me approximately $4,500 per month.

I also choose the right time to publish my posts – for me, it’s about 2 p.m. GMT as I target specific countries and want to ‘catch’ them right before they head to work.

Avoid copyright issues, though – you must have the right to share the video content you post on Reddit.

Practice 3: Lifestyle Website

Reddit monetization is easy when I want to promote various lifestyle articles from my blog. I simply search Reddit and find posts with common questions many people are interested in.

For example, if I want to send traffic to an article related to romantic relationships, I find a post with something about ‘How to find a boyfriend’ and comment on it.

The comment looks like a brief but useful reply and a native mention of the article, something like ‘I recently read this article, and I think it will help; it will explain all that I’ve said in detail.’

Practice 4: Anime website

I own an anime site, and when I want to drive some traffic from Reddit, I simply find posts where people ask for anime/manga recommendations and reply with my website links.

So, Takeaways

  • Balance between promo and non-promo content. Spare no time to create posts that won’t bring traffic but will work for your karma.
  • Consider the right time to post content. People willingly visit websites like Reddit in the morning, during lunchtime, and after work. However, this depends, so try to experiment.
  • Don’t forget about SEO: use the relevant keywords in your Reddit posts to drive more traffic from organic searches.
  • Don’t simply add links to your website. Instead, make a brief and catchy post and introduce the link as a gold mine of more useful information.

Reddit Monetization

Now, finally! How can you make money on Reddit traffic? 

To explain this, we’ll use Monetag monetization methods as an example.

Option 1. Single-tag formats

Once Redditors enter your website, you can successfully monetize them with Popunder (Onclick), Push Notifications, In-Page Push, Vignette Banners, and Interstitials. You can set one or several formats depending on your website’s type.

Option 2. Smartlink

Smartlink is a link that contains a big feed of ads. Once a user clicks it, the link redirects them to the most relevant ad offer. Nice and easy, and brings the highest CPMs.

Option 3. Multitag

Reddit is a motley crew. We mean, its audience is so big, and people are so different that it will be pretty hard to predict what kind of Reddit user will visit your website. To make your monetization efforts more efficient, it’s a good idea to show them ads they will most likely find attractive.

How to do it? 

With the help of Multitag, a special tag that shows ad formats in the optimal order for a particular user. In simple words, a user enters your site, and the Multitag system scans them and understands they will most likely interact with In-Page Push. Voila, your site shows an In-Page-Push ad to the user.

Overall, you can monetize Reddit traffic with all the Monetag means: this will be done almost automatically, so your main part of the work is to attract this traffic using the tips we described above.

Reddit Traffic FAQ

Does Reddit have paid promotion of my content?

Yes, Reddit has its own paid advertising platform called Reddit Ads. With Reddit ads, you can promote your content in various formats – for example, special posts tagged ‘Promoted.’

Paid ads on Reddit

Can you monetize Reddit traffic with smartlinks?

Reddit’s guidelines don’t say anything specific about links. However, many communities have specific rules that restrict or strictly prohibit such content. Thus, if you want to work with Smartlink,  it is better to drive Reddit traffic to another source where you are allowed to use them.

How may I comply with the Reddit policies?

Keep the balance between self-promotional and non-promotional posts. You can follow top popular guidelines like 1:10 (1 promo post for ten non-promo) or 2-5% (no more than 5% of promo content). Besides, be careful with purchased accounts and upvotes, and don’t overuse this practice.

Can I monetize Reddit traffic if I don’t have a website?

You can redirect Reddit users to any other source – like social networks, messengers, or a landing page. By the way, there is a big popular TikTok trend with AI-dubbed Reddit posts – this can be one of your social media account ideas if you are looking for a traffic source.

To Sum Up

The bundle ‘Reddit + your traffic source + Monetag’ is profitable for many niches. Not all the topics are very popular on Reddit – but the particular themes might generate a good deal of traffic.

Already inspired and joined Reddit? Now join Monetag, too.

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