How to Monetize a Sports Fan Website in Brazil and Earn $630k+ [Case study]

Brazilian publisher - $600k in a year -sports website

Have you ever thought of starting a sports fan website?

It might seem like a big task, but the potential ROI is huge when you have the right strategy.

One of our Platinum publishers (Monetag’s category for partners with $7000+ earnings per 14 days) from Brazil knows how to do that! His yearly profit with Monetag made $600k+, so he knows how to make it a success.

So, if you’re playing around with an idea for a killer sports site, keep reading to find out how he managed to generate huge profits.

Ready? Let’s go!

Sports earning potential: Breaking down the numbers

Let’s move straight to the results from our Platinum publisher:

Stat's from Monetag's Platinum Sports Publisher's Account

Over a year, he generated a total of $630K from advertising on his sports site

The data shows publisher’s monthly revenue, highlighting the potential of sports fan websites:


For the period of March 19, 2024, to April 19, 2024, the publisher generated 20,134,419 impressions and a profit of $54,430.005 with a CPM of 2.70 using OnClick(Popunder) on his site.

Isn’t it a perfect illustration of how profitable Monetag’s OnClick could be? It shows the highest CPM on the market and could boast of high visibility and engagement opportunities.  

Monetag’s OnClick - CPM

The breakdown by country shows that Brazil led with 19,145,042 impressions and $52,042.123 in profit, followed by other countries like Angola and Portugal.

How to get started: Beginner tips from our platinum publisher

Our featured publisher works in a team and they are more than a group of enthusiasts, but rather real pros who work in a range of offices around the world. They have numerous websites, work with various GEOs, write about hundreds of sports events regularly, track all trends, players’ transfers, and more.

So their successful collaboration is one of the reasons for such a high profit. Another reason, as he emphasized, is the importance of self-learning and perseverance in creating their first site:

“We created our fan websites to deliver cool content for free. We didn’t have any teachers or help. We learned everything we needed to know by searching the web. We have worked for many years in the area of football, cricket and tennis… we have gained our knowledge over time.”

When it came to driving traffic, he stressed the importance of providing quality content to generate organic traffic by word-of-mouth:

“It might seem incredible, but we don’t rely on optimization or ads to attract traffic. Our traffic comes from the high quality of content. One user recommends it to another, and so on! We provide fresh and original content for fans that beats our competitors based on quality alone.”

“Users come again and again, plus – they share our fan site with friends, so the traffic stream grows naturally.”

Sports is a particularly lucrative vertical for publishers because of regular, popular events like World Cups, UFC, boxing fights, and football matches. When it comes to handling major sports events, he’s in favor of closed, fixed-value agreements, a benefit available in Monetag’s Priority Program:

“We opt for closed fixed-value agreements. This way, we send 100% of traffic to Monetag, and the extra profit generated stays there. We’re not interested in filling our sites with ads, just what’s necessary to maintain.”

By the way, Monetag’s Priority Program for large publishers includes even more individual benefits:

  • Personal manager (in this case – a Brazilian one)
  • Payment per request
  • Short payout hold 

To create the best user experience possible, he cautions beginners against using too many ads: 

Avoid filling the website with too many intrusive ads. A good website provides a good experience and exceptional quality for its users, so don’t overdo it.

Investing for success

If you’re feeling inspired by our Platinum publisher and the way he could develop his websites to earn those huge sums of money, you must be wondering about the secret ingredient of this success potion.

In the case of our publisher, it’s important to mind that he and his professional team work together on this project and invest significant resources into development. Here is what he says: 

“It’s not possible to do it well without a little investment. Our monthly cost, including CDN, servers, employees, electricity, and rent is approximately 100-110K BRL ($20.500).”

As we see from this success story, all of their efforts pay off. Indeed, even though large investments are not obligatory for every publisher, they still give a green light to large profits and this can become a great solution for everyone looking for better monetization.  

Final thoughts on making your sports site a success

Starting a sports site isn’t easy. It requires dedication, hard work, and some up-front investment. However, as our platinum publisher has shown, the potential rewards are huge.

As he notes, the key to making your site a success lies in prioritizing user experience over aggressive monetization and taking the time to learn from each experience you have while running your site.

And if you don’t have that much resources to maintain a large website, like our publisher has, consider…

Other ways to generate traffic

Yes! While our publisher has built his success on the quality and usability of his site, beginners can still use other methods to acquire traffic:

  • SEO strategies
    Keyword research, quality content creation, and keeping your site’s speed and experience fast and smooth can attract considerable traffic affordably.
  • YouTube channels
    Creating and adding your video content (like reviews or impressions) to YouTube can help drive traffic to your sites. Note: When using match highlights, teams’ logos, or pictures of sportsmen for your videos, make sure to follow copyright rules, or else you won’t monetize anything and might be even restricted by YouTube for violation.
  • Telegram, Facebook, Twitter
    Forster Telegram communities where you can discuss match predictions, game overviews, and news. You can encourage this community to follow links to view high-quality sports content on your fan website.

    Plus, just like Telegram, you can foster community among people in Facebook groups to drive traffic to your site. On top of this, you can monetize this traffic with Smartlinks.

    Twitter can be also used for monetization with Monetag. One of our publishers creates Tweets, where he adds links to his personal blog, and monetizes Twitter users with Monetag Smartlink. Easy!

The example of our Platinum publisher shows: with persistence and plenty of quality content, creating a profitable sports fan site is possible with Monetag!

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