Spring Into Bigger Profit Referral Promo: Spread the Word about Monetag and Get Your Prize

referral promo

Have you heard of the Monetag Referral Program

Briefly, it’s when you invite a fellow publisher via your personal link to join our platform and then always get 5% of their income. As easy as that!

Now, you have an unprecedented chance to receive even more profit from this referral program. Within our Spring Into Bigger Profit referral promo, we give away five prizes:

  • Enhanced referral commission 
  • Money prize of $1000
  • Three money prizes of $300 each 

The promo will last until June 30, so don’t miss out! To take part, you only need to complete three steps:

Register at the promo landing page — attract active referrals — wait for the results

Yes, nothing complicated again. Just a couple of extra details below — and you are ready to go!

What Can I Win?

With our Spring Into Bigger Profits referral promo, everyone has a chance to get one of three prizes:

  • A 10% Referral Fee. Every publisher earns 5% from their referrals’ profit. Within the promo, you can boost this commission and make it a whopping 10%!  We will proudly award this prize to the publisher who earns the most from all referrals attracted within the promo period.
  • Grand Prize: $1000. This one is for a publisher who brings the most referrals within the Spring Into Bigger Profits Promo. The only extra condition: these referrals must be active, which means each of them must have an income higher than at least $1. You will receive your prize in your Monetag account.
  • Three Prizes of $300. If your referrals bring you at least $10 during the promo dates, you qualify! We will randomly pick three publishers who earned $10 or more from their referrals within the promo and grant each of them a $300 prize to their Monetag account.

By the way, we have one more great promo:

What Shall I Do To Win?

You can become a participant within three simple steps:

  • Register at our Spring Into Bigger Profit landing page. Don’t forget that you need to indicate the email linked to your Monetag account.
  • Invite publishers to join Monetag using your referral link. You will find it in your account. Only the publishers who join through your link by June 30 will be counted as your referrals.
  • Wait until we announce the results. The promo period will end on June 30, we will count the results on July 14, and you will know the winners on July 17.

How Should I Attract the Referrals? 

Your referral link, our Terms and Conditions — and a little bit of creativity are the universal recipe. Here are some evergreen tips:

  • Explore and experiment. We don’t limit you in a way how you can promote Monetag. It can be anything from a forum post to a YouTube video. So, you can try out various platforms and content forms to see the best one.
  • Be brief and engaging. Most people won’t read a long article or watch a full-length movie — so a  big hourly review might not be the best option. Try playing around with short forms of content — but don’t forget to include the most important and most attractive information about Monetag. And the visual matters, too! High-quality images have higher CTRs 🙂
  • Make sure you target the right audience. You want your referrals to earn and thus bring you profit, right? So, don’t share your link just anywhere it is possible, and besides, make sure people understand what you are offering. 

Here are two examples of how it may work:

What and how you postWhat you get
A link at a random forum + description ‘Easy money without effort’Referrals who may register with a very vague idea of what Monetag is about and won’t earn and bring you profit. Wasted time and effort!
A link at a professional traffic specialists group and a short Monetag video reviewReferrals aware of what traffic monetization is and interested in earning

Some ideas you can use:

What Shouldn’t I Do Within the Promo?

All our dos and don’ts are explained in our Terms and Conditions. Here they are:

Right now, we will just highlight some of the biggest restrictions:

  • We don’t accept publishers with illegal content/adult traffic. Make sure you don’t attract such referrals.
  • You can’t refer yourself.
  • If your referral registers but doesn’t do anything further, they won’t qualify for the promo. We will only count referrals with more than $1 income generated within the promo period. 
  • Only the referrals you invite until June 30 will count toward the promotion. The rest of your referrals will just keep bringing you a standard 5% of their revenue — so it’s a win anyway, right?

Please, make sure you follow general Monetag Terms and Conditions, too. We can’t send prizes to suspended or banned accounts, even if you win.

Can I Take Part If I am Not a Monetag Publisher?

Yes, you can — as soon as you become one 🙂 You are welcome to join Monetag, monetize your traffic, and invite other publishers. 

Your referral link will become available in your account immediately after you register — so you can start the game right away!

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