EURO 2024: 4 Ways Not to Screw Up the Traffic Spikes

EURO 2024. - Traffic Spikes

Ready for EURO 2024? 

(or, actually, any other big sporting event of this kind – say, Сopa América, which starts on June 20, 2024?)

UEFA EURO 2024 is just around the corner, happening from June 14 to July 14, 2024. This tournament is one of the biggest sporting events in the world, drawing a massive global audience. With up to 380 million viewers tuning in for each match, it’s an event you can’t afford to ignore.

After the Olympic Games, the Football World Cup, the Cricket World Cup, and the Super Bowl, UEFA EURO 2024 stands as one of the biggest sporting events in terms of spectators. 

And for publishers?

It’s a massive opportunity to capitalize on the traffic spikes and boost your earnings! 

UEFA Traffic Surges: A Quick Recap

Looking back at Monetag’s internal stats during the previous tournament in 2021, sports websites saw a 200% increase in earnings on the day of the final match and a 100% increase during the semifinals. Even non-sports websites benefited, with a 10% earnings increase during the final and a 5% boost during the semifinal. This surge is due to both higher traffic and increased CPM rates as advertisers ramp up their spending.

The data from the previous UEFA tournament shows how profits and CPM rates spiked significantly during key match days. For example, here are statistics of one of our publishers: on June 12, 2021, his CPM increased to 26%, and the number of impressions to 229% compared to the previous day, which led to a 316% bigger profit.

Monetag Statistics: Euro 2021

We can see that the growth began on June 11 and continued to rise, peaking again on July 10, 2021, with impressions rising to 407% and CPM – to 7%. This resulted in a +441% profit compared to the day before the game.

Monetag Statistics: Euro 2021

The graph from another publisher below shows the CPM growth during UEFA EURO 2021: We can see a clear spike in CPMs during the tournament. As you can see, there is not always a sudden dramatic rise in CPM: sometimes, it begins peaking around the final match days:

CPM growth through June 2021. - UEFA EURO 2021
CPM growth through June 2021

4 Tips to Stay On Top of Traffic Spikes

As exciting as UEFA EURO 2024 is, the thought of preparing for the traffic surge can be daunting. You want to make sure everything goes smoothly and that your site is ready to handle the influx of visitors. 

Here are some tips from our specialists who work with the top publishers. Read to get ready and make the most of this golden opportunity:

1. Set the Right Formats

Getting your ad formats right is crucial to capitalize on the traffic spikes during the tournament. Different formats can offer varied benefits, so it’s important to have a strong idea of what you’ll use ahead of time.

Push It with Push Notifications

Setting up push notifications before the games is a smart move. This format collects a subscriber base that remains valuable beyond the tournament. By gathering subscribers, you create a consistent source of income that doesn’t depend on sports events or daily traffic fluctuations.

Power Up with Popunders

Popunders are the most profitable ad format. During high-traffic events like UEFA EURO 2024, increase the frequency of ad displays to maximize earnings. Don’t forget to use an AdBlock solution to generate additional revenue. 

For example, one of the popular and proven practices: our publishers usually only use pops but find great success by adding extra ones with the following setup:

  • Interstitial every 20 minutes
  • Vignette every 25 minutes

MultiTag Magic

Using MultiTag, which includes all advertising formats, is crucial during peak traffic. This makes sure you cover all bases and maximize earnings during the high-traffic periods of the games.

2. Prepare Your Website

Your website needs to be ready to handle the surge in traffic and keep those new visitors engaged. Here are some key preparations you should focus on:

Go Content Calendar Crazy

Plan your content calendar for EURO 2024 with match previews, historical analyses, and fan engagement content. Keep an updated list of daily games on your homepage for easy access, and aim for good Google ranking positions.

Platform Power-Up

Make sure all your platforms are scalable to handle increased traffic during peak match times. Test for potential technical issues beforehand to avoid any disruptions.

Interactive Integration

Integrate interactive features such as live polls, chat rooms, and user-generated content to enhance viewer engagement during matches.

3. Hold Finger on the Pulse During the Games

Engagement is the key to making the most of this traffic surge. You’ll want to keep your audience coming back for more. Try the following tactics to keep visitors interacting with your content:

Localization is Key

Offer commentary in multiple languages to cater to the diverse audience of UEFA EURO 2024.

Spark Discussion on Social

Encourage viewers to join discussions on social media using branded hashtags, contests, and interactive polls.

Post-Match Perks

Immediately after matches, provide in-depth analysis, player ratings, and post-match interviews to keep viewers engaged.

4. After Game Attention

Once the games are over, it’s important to keep the momentum going for the best results. Here’s what you should focus on post-tournament:

Data Dive

Analyze viewer data, including viewership metrics, user engagement, and feedback, to gain insights into audience preferences for future events.

Feedback Focus

Gather feedback from subscribers through surveys to identify areas for improvement and tailor content offerings based on audience preferences.

Engagement Extension

Maintain engagement with viewers post-tournament by providing updates on upcoming events to sustain interest.

Final Thoughts: Keep the Ball Rolling

UEFA EURO 2024 is your chance to shine, but the effort doesn’t stop when the final whistle blows. 

By following these tips and staying prepared, you can handle the traffic spikes and turn the surge into sustained success. Each step is important, from setting the right ad formats and preparing your website to engaging your audience during and after the games. 

Remember, it’s not just about capitalizing on the moment but also about building lasting relationships with your audience. 

So, gear up, get ready, and make UEFA EURO 2024 a winning season for your site!

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