How to Make Money from Apps?


Ever wondered why some apps skyrocket in popularity and revenue while others fade into obscurity? 

You’re not the only one wondering this!

The mobile app landscape is huge, touching nearly every aspect of our lives, from daily tasks to entertainment and social connections. For app publishers, one factor stands out as a game-changer: effective monetization.

As we explore the world of app monetization, we’ll provide clear insights and strategies on how to make money from apps. 

Whether you’re an aspiring developer or a seasoned publisher, understanding the nuances of monetization is essential for sustainable success. 

Ready to unlock the potential of your app? Let’s journey through the world of app revenue together!

Application Statistics: Usage and Revenue

Navigating the mobile app landscape can feel like making your way through a dense jungle. But with the right map—powered by the latest statistics—it becomes much easier to identify the paths of opportunity.

Mobile App Usage and Revenue

Diving right in, let’s uncover the critical statistics that shape the world of mobile app usage and revenue.

Global App revenues climbed by 10.1% to $47.8 billion last year
As of 2022, consumers downloaded 255 billion mobile apps to their connected devices
As of July 2023, a quarter of U.S. apps generated revenue by including ads. For the rest of the world, app-generated revenue is higher at 35%

The Flexibility of Monetag for Publishers

Every app is unique, and so are its monetization needs. Whether you’re focused on utilities like VPNs, sport-centric content, or casual games, Monetag provides avenues for seamless integration, allowing publishers to optimize their earnings without being boxed into specific categories.

Spotlight on App Categories in 2023

  • Utilities: From VPNs and ad blockers to antiviruses and cleaners, utility apps have become vital tools for many. They offer practical solutions to everyday digital challenges, making them consistently popular among users.
  • Media Content: In an age where entertainment is just a tap away, streaming services are the kings of content. They’ve revolutionized how we consume movies, TV shows, and music.
  • Sport: The world of sports has gone digital. Today’s apps offer everything from live match updates to comprehensive scheduling, making it easier than ever for fans to stay connected with their favorite teams and players.
  • Casual Games: Simple yet captivating, casual games like arcades and strategies offer quick bursts of entertainment. They might not have the complex narratives of AAA titles, but their appeal lies in their accessibility and fun factor.

Monetag’s Versatility: Beyond Just One Store

Apps exist in various places, not just on Google Play. If you’ve chosen to branch out with an APK or alternative stores like Huawei’s, Monetag is there to support that choice. This approach allows for reaching wider audiences and tapping into various revenue sources.

As you learn more about app monetization, it’s worth noting that each statistic is more than just a number. It represents evolving trends, user needs, and opportunities. Platforms like Monetag simplify the journey of translating these insights into tangible revenue.

Monetag’s Offering: Ad Formats and Solutions

When it comes to app monetization, one size doesn’t fit all. The type of app you’ve created, its user base, and your monetization goals can greatly influence the most effective strategy. Monetag acknowledges this diversity and offers the following:

Interstitial Ads:

  • Overview: These full-screen ads pop up at transition points within the app, like between game levels or activities. At Montag, we work with advertisers directly, which helps publishers earn significant sums with any format, and namely – Interstitials. 
  • Benefits: Even though there are numerous ad formats for app monetization, Interstitial is one of the most popular due to its efficiency. It captures the user’s full attention, leading to better engagement. However, they should be used judiciously to avoid disrupting user experience.
  • Best for: Casual games and sports apps, especially at natural pauses or breaks.

Push Notifications:

  • Overview: Direct messages sent to a user’s device, even when the app is not in use.
  • Benefits: Users get subscribed to push notifications automatically, right after they install the app and no additional actions are required from you. After that, people will start getting your notifications even if they are not using the app currently. 
  • Best for: Almost any app type, especially those with frequent updates or timely content.


  • Overview: Special URLs you add to the UI elements (buttons, links, etc.) of your application. When the user is redirected to a relevant high-converting offer after clicking one of those elements. 
  • Benefits: One of the most profitable formats that doesn’t require SDK and ensures high relevance of ads. Proved to be one of the best on the market. 
  • Best for: Boosting CPM rates since the users get the most relevant offers after clicking your SmartLink. As such, they are ready to convert and bring you profit. 

Navigating Paid App Monetization

Monetizing apps isn’t solely about ads or in-app purchases. Let’s look at how paid apps, with distinct strategies, generate revenue and their associated benefits.

Upfront Payment:

  • Overview: Users pay once to download and use.
  • Advantages: Immediate revenue, no in-app advertisements, and a potentially more committed user base due to their investment.
  • Considerations: With free alternatives available, continuous value is paramount to justify user costs.

The Freemium Model:

  • Overview: The app is free, but certain features come at a cost.
  • Advantages: Attracts users with free access and then profits from those who choose premium features.
  • Considerations: It’s essential to strike a balance between free and paid features to retain user interest and ensure profitability.

Trial Versions:

  • Overview: Users can try the full app for a limited period before deciding to pay.
  • Advantages: Offers users a complete experience, potentially leading to higher conversion rates after the trial.
  • Considerations: The trial duration needs careful calibration to give users enough time to see the app’s value but not so much time that they forget the need to purchase.

By understanding and leveraging the strengths of each monetization method, developers can create apps that serve user needs while also securing consistent revenue.

Strategies on How to Make Money from Free Apps

For many developers, offering apps for free is a strategic move to capture a large user base. But even without a price tag, these apps can still become significant revenue generators. Here’s how:

In-app Advertisements:

  • Overview: Displaying ads within the app, be it banners or interstitials.
  • Benefits: A steady income source and the easiest way to get profit from your app, especially if you have a large active user base. Monetag’s tailored ad formats ensure engagement and higher CTR.
  • Optimization with Monetag: Monetag SDK can be easily integrated in your app, so that you can start sending promotional content to your users and monetize them.

In-app Purchases:

  • Overview: Offering additional content, features, or virtual goods for a fee.
  • Benefits: Creates a revenue stream without compromising the basic functionality. Users only pay for what they value, leading to higher satisfaction. However, test and make sure that your audience react to in-app purchases positively, since paid content might frighten them away and this might spoil your previous audience gathering efforts.

Affiliate Marketing:

  • Overview: Promoting other products or services within the app and earning a commission for every sale made through the referral.
  • Benefits: Additional revenue source without much effort. It’s non-disruptive when aligned with the app’s niche.

Subscription Models:

  • Overview: Offering premium content or features on a subscription basis.
  • Benefits: Recurring revenue and potential for higher user engagement, as subscribers tend to use the app more frequently.

Sponsorships and Partnerships:

  • Overview: Collaborating with brands or companies to integrate their services or promotions within the app.
  • Benefits: Can be a significant revenue source, especially for apps with niche audiences. Enhances the app’s offerings without direct costs.

Real-World Success: Monetag Case Studies

Understanding the theory behind app monetization is one thing, but seeing real-world examples really shows the potential and effectiveness of these strategies. Here are some Monetag case studies that could offer readers invaluable insights:

Case 1: How Brazilian Publishers Monetize Mobile Traffic: $20K+ per Month

  • Description: In this case study, we witness the journey of Brazilian publishers who tapped into the burgeoning mobile traffic of their country. By adopting Monetag’s monetization strategies tailored for the mobile audience, these publishers saw remarkable growth, raking in more than $20,000 each month.
  • Key Takeaways: A one-size-fits-all approach rarely works; understanding the preferences and behaviors of a specific audience can be the game-changer. Monetag’s in-depth understanding of the Brazilian market was instrumental in this monetization success.

Case 2: How to Earn Up to $300 per Day Monetizing APK

  • Description:  The Android Package Kits (APKs) have long been a goldmine waiting to be tapped. Moving beyond the confines of traditional app stores, one innovative publisher embraced the potential of APKs. With Monetag’s adept guidance and its fine-tuned APK monetization solutions, the publisher witnessed earnings skyrocketing to $300 a day.
  • Key Takeaways:
    • Untapped Potential: APKs represent a vast market segment often overlooked by publishers. Tapping into this segment can access a larger audience that’s beyond traditional app stores.
    • Strategic Placement: By leveraging Monetag’s expertise, ads were strategically placed within the APK, maximizing visibility and engagement without hindering the user experience.
    • Diversification: The success from APK monetization reinforces the importance of diversifying monetization avenues. Depending solely on traditional app stores might limit the full revenue potential.
    • Customization is Key: Monetag’s ability to offer customized solutions for APK monetization, understanding the different user behavior in APK platforms compared to traditional stores, played a pivotal role in this success.

Wrapping Up: Monetizing Your Apps

With the right strategies in place, the potential for consistent and scalable revenue becomes tangible. 

Remember, each app, audience, and market niche is unique. What works for one might not be the silver bullet for another. However, by understanding the various monetization models, being adaptable, and using data-driven insights, publishers can create a seamless and lucrative user experience.

As we’ve seen, the world of app monetization is brimming with opportunities. It’s all about seizing them and crafting a strategy tailored to your app and its users. 

Frequently Asked Queries: Making Money from Apps

  1. How exactly do free apps generate income?

Free apps primarily rely on methods like in-app advertising, in-app purchases, and subscriptions. These avenues allow developers and publishers to draw revenue without an upfront cost to users.

  1. Is it feasible to earn from an app that’s not on Google Play?

Definitely. Many publishers monetize apps hosted on APK platforms or alternative stores, broadening their audience and revenue possibilities beyond just mainstream platforms like Google Play.

  1. Which ad formats yield the best results for mobile apps?

The success of an ad format often depends on the nature of the app and its users. Various formats, ranging from banner ads to native ads and interstitials, can be effective based on the app category and audience behavior.

  1. Can I still profit from paid apps that have ad-blocking functionalities?

While ad-blockers can pose challenges, there are still avenues like the freemium model or in-app purchases to generate revenue. Strategies can be employed to navigate around these challenges and continue earning.

  1. How can platforms like Monetag assist in-app monetization?

Platforms like Monetag provide a comprehensive suite of ad formats and tailored solutions for both paid and free apps. Moreover, the experience and insights from such platforms can be invaluable in guiding publishers to maximize their revenue.

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