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AdBlockers are one of the most harmful software, when it comes to traffic monetization. They’re responsible for the loss of approximately 40% of the traffic publishers could monetize. So, it’s time we see the right way to make money from all of your traffic. Without disturbing your UX and chasing people away.

We checked the tips and tricks that publishers can use to monetize AdBlock traffic, analyzed them in detail, and chose the ones that can actually help you make a difference. Read on to find out the whole story.

Why is AdBlocking harmful for your business?

AdBlock solutions are various software, extensions, add-ons, or apps that allow users to view the entire content of a website completely ad-free. They work by picking up and blocking the ads you allow on your website and make you lose good payments from advertisers.

The third quarter of 2021, reached a new pick, with 37% of the worldwide online traffic having AdBlockers installed.

Vietnam, China, Indonesia, and South Africa make the top countries where AdBlocker solutions are the most popular. In each of these 4 countries, about 40% of all their internet users have AdBlockers.

This means that publishers monetizing these GEOs lose roughly 40% of their total traffic volume. But obviously, there are many other countries from Europe, Asia, and the rest of the world which also use these browser extensions, add-ons, and phone apps. 

Which raises your total traffic loss to more than just 40% when monetizing several GEOs.

AdBlock bypassing software alternatives

The fact is: AdBlock bypassing software and algorithms have been tested and found to be highly effective, UX friendly, and profitable for publishers. They can help you earn extra money from all the AdBlock traffic you’re missing on.

Unfortunately, many of you fear direct Anti-AdBlock solutions can come by as aggressive. Or overriding user’s preferences. However, this is not the case, and we’ll show you why, in the lines that will follow.

But before that, let’s see what alternatives you have to tap into this most craved traffic source, how they work, and what would be some of the shortcomings they present in front of monetizing AdBlock traffic.

The Passive Anti-AdBlock Approach – High-Quality Content

Many AdBlock solutions out there will speak about changing your approach, and investing in a website makeover – more specifically, investing in content quality. That is unless you’re not already doing it.

You may already know that many users actually don’t mind relevant ads, or ads that accompany exclusive-quality content.

In fact, we saw that sport website viewers were more open to accepting ads, and less likely to use AdBlockers. Why do you think that is? Because these websites are based on a real need for exclusive content. But also because the ads that make their way on these websites are also extremely targeted.

However, your website’s content quality and exclusivity mostly work best to defeat AdBlock usage with new users. The ones that just land on your website from organic search results.

So, this takes us to a series of drawbacks – how do you ensure that the ads you display are only niche, relevant ads? Here you would need specialized assistance, such as getting in contact with your monetization partner. That is if they assist with this sort of issue, as the Monetag Account Managers are doing on a daily basis.

And lastly, you’d still need to convince adblockers to enable ad usage on your website. This is where things get complicated. Especially if you’re only now revamping the quality of the content displayed on your website.

However, we don’t discard this change. As it could be the first step in your attempt to recuperate some of your lost AdBlocking users.

Getting Users to Give Up AdBlocking 

There are a series of methods that we have seen in our previous article and in the Monetization Webinar that might help you recuperate part of your AdBlock users. Some of these methods rely on your content quality, and your skills at crafting compelling requests. 

But you’ll need to be careful with them, because they involve change. A change that varies from a more user-friendly to a more forceful and less friendly approach. 

Asking Nicely – Website AdBlock Whitelist

As long as what you’re offering them is quality content that they can’t get elsewhere, this method will help you get back part of the users that are adblockers. 

All you need to do is create a short and compelling message of why disabling their adblocker on your site is in both your best interest. That’s right, you can’t be selfish. Users must also get something from it for this to actually work.

In terms of how you display that message, that is completely up to you. If you’re looking for a quick solution, you could use a nice Push Notification. These little nuggets are not only effective when used to keep in touch with users, but also to kindly ask for favors – in a non-intrusive way, which won’t affect your site loading time, or your UX. 

Here’s a very nice example that CNN was using before they switched to monetizing their whole AdBlock inventory, with the use of an AdBlock bypassing software:

Monetag - cnn- whitelist website example

This example is what you should be aiming for, in terms of content. Show your users that you’re human, and admit that you do make money. How – by charging advertisers, and not them. You’ll show both value and honesty. And users really appreciate these things in their trusted source of information.

This method might work, but only with part of your traffic. So, unfortunately, you’ll still experience some loss.

Inflicting moderate change – Exclusive Content

This solution is the soft side of changing your website content and investing in quality over quantity. So, just make sure to create every now and then a piece that is so enticing and irresistible, that users won’t have a choice but to disable their AdBlocker just to access it. 

How can you do that? Maybe you should give it a try to Clickbait content. And this article we prepared for Advertisers contains a lot of ideas on how you too, can adopt Clickbait and stay on the safe side. At the same time, providing you with useful, interesting content, you could post on your site. 

Then all that’s left is to post the content, and when AdBlocking users try to access it, kindly ask for them to whitelist your website.

Otherwise, you can restrict access to it and hope users won’t be too frustrated to leave your site and never return.

As you might expect, this might work, but not with everybody. And might cause you to miss out on even more traffic because of the change.

Other methods to monetize AdBlocking users

If the methods above still don’t do the trick for you, then you still have two softer methods to monetize your AdBlock website traffic. These monetization methods have been shown not to be affected by AdBlock, or to get around its limitations perfectly:

Changing your Ad Setups and Delivery Methods

As the name states it, this involves constantly updating your setups and changing between monetization methods. Which you can obviously do with the help of your Account Manager, or our help desk.

Yet, this is only a half-glass-full alternative and is closer to a myth. Because AdBlocking technologies constantly adapt and get more effective in catching and detecting any attempts to display ads to users that don’t want them. Especially since the surge in popularity of AdBlock bypassing solutions.

However, you might be lucky enough for some of your traffic not to be using too sophisticated AdBlockers, as to manage to monetize them this way. 

Getting Aggressive – Charging for access to your ad-free website

Here is where you give up ad monetization with AdBlock users, and instead charge them to read your content. This might help you get a few of them to join in on your new strategy, while the rest might just look for other sources. 

Also, it’s up to you whether you want to instate this change on all your available content, or just exclusive pieces.

This is Paywall Based Content Access, very popular among news websites and agencies. And there are several ways that you can implement it:

  • Subscription-based paywall – granting access to various parts of your content, mobile app, and the creme de la creme of your services (no ads included) 
  • Soft paywall – giving access to part of your content to demonstrate its quality and worth for the user before accepting to make a micropayment or getting a subscription
  • Metered paywall – allowing users to access a certain number of exclusive pieces of content, before being requested to do a micropayment or get a subscription. However, with a good VPN, users can get around this paywall model

These are not all the paywalls you could use. Yet, we chose the most effective you can implement if you’re planning a change to your website to monetize more of your adblockers.

Yet, the reality is that not everybody will want to pay for your content, and many users will instead resume just going elsewhere for the information.  

How to Keep and monetize all your AdBlock traffic

The main problem we want to fix is targeting users from high-usage AdBlock countries. But we need a method that can allow you to recover all the lost AdBlock traffic. While remaining non-invasive for the user. And this is the Anti AdBlock software. 

From big online magnate publishers to smaller ones, more and more use Anti-AdBlockers. According to a study realized back in 2017, a third of Alexa’s first 10,000 websites ranked were already using anti-adblocking technologies. Now, the problem is more pressing than even.

So, more publishers are using adblock bypassing technologies because there is true value in using them. Moreover, these solutions have proved not to be aggressive, nor harmful for the user experience.

Why do Users Block Ads

Here are some of the main reasons which make users want to block ads to start with. 

  • First, due to harmful ads. However, when it comes to Monetag, our team thoroughly checks and makes sure none end up on your website. 
  • Then there are the spamming ads, that appear too many times and are completely irrelevant for users. 
  • Next up, there are the ads that affect the page loading speed, well functioning of the website, and the user’s device.

In fact, sending just the right amount and only choosing relevant ads is not harmful for users. Just like the ad formats that don’t damage the website’s well functioning and that of the device used. And our Case Studies prove it. 

What makes Monetag AdBlock Bypassing solution safe and effective?

Control. Our solution gives you the possibility to monetize AdBlockers, by showing only ads from categories you choose, which are verified by our scrutinous policy department, in the quantity that you define.

As for the formats that you can use to monetize your site with our AdBock bypassing tag, you can choose all or just one from:

  • The classic Popunder, which doesn’t impact your site in any way as it opens in a completely new tab, under your main site page
  • Then there are the native-looking In-Page Push Notifications that can perfectly blend in with the layout of your website, and hardly have any effect on your page loading speed
  • And lastly, the Classic Push Notifications appear directly on user’s devices and don’t impact your website performance

For extended control over your Anti-AdBlock solution, you can always contact your account manager to ensure everything is functioning within normal parameters.

In case you’re still wondering what makes our anti-Adblock solution the first in the market, here’s what the team leader of our Publisher Partnership group has to say about it:

First of all, here at Monetag, we provide anti-adblock tags which don’t influence the speed of the site. More specifically, they don’t slow down your website site loading speed.

Moreover, we offer a unique solution via PHP instead of JS tag. This means that the domains will update automatically, and you won’t need to update the tag manually at any time in the future.

Another reason why our bypassing solution is the best is our specialized department in charge of AdBlock traffic monetization. They’re constantly updating our solution based on all the main market factors. And that includes Google updates, new AdBlocker technologies, or Antiviruses.

These constant checks and updates give it maximum efficiency and at the same time.

The best solution to monetize all AdBlock traffic

Despite the Monetag being a non-invasive, safe, and tested method to monetize AdBlock traffic, it doesn’t mean that you must only use it. 

All of the solutions we listed before on their own can work to improve your website monetization. But to actually impact the effectiveness of your AdBlock monetization strategy, your best chance is to offer unique, quality, and exclusive content.

You could also try all the solutions we mentioned before in the order we set them up for you. Or, test and see what combinations your specific traffic type responds to the best. However, get ready to sacrifice a lot of time, money, and good employees to get the best results. And get ready to sacrifice traffic volumes.

But if you just don’t have the time, patience, or human resources for such a task, your safest solution is to stick with the Anti-AdBlock tag available in your Monetag account. It will help you successfully monetize up to 99% of all your prospective traffic. 

Ready to get started?

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