Monetizing Brazilian Traffic: How and Why? [+ SEO Guide]

monetag monetizing brazilian traffic

What comes to your mind when you hear “Brazil”? Sunny beaches, tropical fruits, carnival, fiesta chill? What about a low-competitive market and tons of traffic for your monetization efforts? 

Today, we bring some insights from our own experience, research, as well as our partner and co-author of this article – a SEO Specialist Bruno Pedro from Brazil. 

We will talk about most popular niches and products, traffic peculiarities, SEO insights, and other practical stuff. 

About Brazilian market in general

Brazil is in TOP-10 largest ad marketing worldwide, and it’s definitely the first one in LATAM. As an emerging market with 86.6% of total Internet penetration and audience loyalty to traditional digital advertising methods, Brazil is a real tasty morsel for all who monetize traffic.

“The best thing about this region is a low level of competition, plus – local advertisers and SEO specialists stick to pretty old strategies, so if you can implement at least a bit more advanced and up-to-date methods (which is really easy), you have all chances to be on top”

Some characteristics you would like to know

Here are some insights from Bruno that uncover the backbone of the Brazilian advertising market:

Mobile traffic is the king

brazil traffic share by platform

Mobile traffic takes 68.85% of all Internet traffic in Brazil:

Grab this as a recommendation for your targeting and make sure your website or blog is optimized for mobile devices, because a huge chunk of Brazilian traffic comes from them. And you definitely don’t want to lose it.

Language nuances 

Not only do you have to take care of a mobile website version, but also the language nuance. If you are a Brazilian publisher, then don’t bother yourself with translating it into English. 

For publishers from other parts of the world – please mind that Brazilians mostly speak Portuguese, what is more – it’s Brazilian Portuguese.

So translating your pages into their language is a great practice, because, according to a research made by The British Council, only 5% of Brazilians speak English and only 1% speak it fluently.

Popular and rising niches

Aiming at Brazilian audiences, you should know what they are interested in. As Bruno claims, the most popular verticals for this region are sports, entertaining content, trading, and everything connected to healthy life.

Social traffic

A great way to get traffic for your website is cooperation with influencers, who are extremely popular and trusted in Brazil. You can find them on Instagram and ask out if they want to promote your website and ensure even more quality traffic. 

Organic traffic 

And here comes the most interesting part. As our expert Bruno Pedro claims, most of his SEO efforts are aimed at organic traffic, which is a real goldmine in the Brazilian market. Organic traffic is your monetization focus when you head to this region.   

For that, you will definitely need to optimize your website and keep up with some important peculiarities. What are those? Let’s see.


Avoiding common mistakes: how to approach content and SEO? 

Based on Bruno’s insightful recommendations, we eagerly share some instructions all publishers will find handy. 

Let’s imagine that you have a themed website, either devoted to movies, celebrity news, or anything else. Naturally, you want to fill it with trending content.

A lot of publishers would stick to pretty broad topics and tailor tons of content to flood the entire website.

Oftentimes, this strategy becomes common just because they believe that the broader the better, the more topics covered – the more chances to rank in Google by at least one keyword. This may sound intuitive, but it doesn’t work this way.

As Bruno says, referring to his experience and latest trends of the Brazilian SEO world, the main mistake most publishers make is trying to cover “every single possible topic of an industry”, trying to get better organic results and therefore – boost monetization.

Brazilian SEO: Topical Authority instead of chasing all the rabbits 

“Topical Authority is all about decreasing the cost of retrieval of search engines, which means that you need precise and focused content, which covers concrete topics. “Less, but focused” should replace “more, but everything and nothing”, – Bruno says, and adds:

“Think about it: Google needs to spend time, money and other resources to crawl, analyze and rank (or not rank) your website. So, if you make the bot confused by covering random topics, he might leave your website and not visit it for weeks or months.”

Topical coverage instead of keyword coverage

As Bruno believes, keywords matter less and less in today’s Brazilian SEO. Since Google is rather a semantic engine nowadays, and its algorithms are rather focused on topic coverage, not keyword coverage. 

What does it mean?

“Mostly it means that your approach to keyword research should not define your content strategy. What defines an efficient one is a relevant Topical Map,” – Bruno says.

“First, you need to have your Source Context (or else – the main topic and aim of your website) clear. So, what do you do to monetize your site? Which pages do you need for that? 

With that answer in mind, process your Topical Map to cover only the semantically relevant topics related to your Source Context,” – he adds.

Need instructions?

Core Section and Outer Section 

You need both. The first one stands for the part of your website where you present advertising content only, while the second one is a content-centered part, where only informational articles (reviews, feedback, whatever else you prefer) should be published. Sections should be united under a single theme and be interlinked where relevant. 

Clear structure instead of volume

Well-structured and clear-themed content rather than thousands of useless pages created just to add keywords can help you rank in competitive niches.   

Meaningful content based on facts 

Becoming “smarter and smarter”, Google understands the context and can easily distinguish the level of text responsiveness. Make sure your content is logical and argumentative, not just declarative and opinion-based.


  • No fluff, only facts:

Search query: Why do people use spirulina? 

❌ – There are different reasons for people to use spirulina. Some of them can use spirulina to reduce blood pressure, but this is not the only effect this product may bring. Also, people who suffer from high blood sugar levels can benefit from spirulina among other reasons.

✅ – Spirulina is commonly used to reduce blood pressure and blood sugar level. 

  • Examples after numbers:

✅ – Spirulina is usually available in 5 forms: liquid, powder, flakes, tablets, or capsules.

  • Thesis first, details later:

❌ – By lowering harmful cholesterol levels and promoting healthy cholesterol, spirulina fights heart diseases.

✅ – Spirulina fights heart diseases by lowering harmful cholesterol levels and promoting healthy cholesterol.

Bold the answer, not the search term: Bolded terms tell search engines to pay attention in certain passages, which can help you improve responsiveness.

Why should you monetize your website with Monetag?

And now let’s imagine that your efforts were successful. You have tons of traffic flowing to your website, but what’s next? Earning, of course! With Monetag’s formats. 

Here is why:

  • Your stable dollar payouts will gladden you! Since we work with a huge number of advertisers directly, we ensure $$$ payouts;
  • Monetag’s Popunder and SmartLink are the most profitable on the market and show really high CPM rates;
  • We have numerous payment methods.


  • Specially for Brazilian publishers: we have a Portuguese version of our SSPP, plus – can assign a Brazilian manager for you!

In conclusion

Now let’s finalize everything said before and highlight the most important points:

  • Social and organic traffic

Catch your users via social networks (the best scenario – cooperate with micro influencers) and apply some SEO efforts to your website to rank in Google and get organic traffic. Getting high-quality organic traffic and ranking high in Brazil is easy today, so this is your chance. Do it, until the market is overcrowded.

  • Cover topics, not keywords

Avoid the most common SEO mistake to stand out. Make sure your website or blog is filled with semantic content, based on topics and preciseness, not just keywords. 

  • Monetize your website with Monetag

Set Moentag’s Smartlink or stick to our efficient ad formats to make the most of you website traffic. Easy and fast! 

So hurry up and try monetizing Brazilian traffic until it’s hot! Bon voyage! 

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